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Top 5 Telecommute-Friendly Industries Projected to Grow

It’s no secret that telecommuting is on the rise in the United States, but did you know job growth is rising faster in some industries than others?

We analyzed the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) “Economic and Employment Projections” news release on employment industries with the most projected job growth through 2022 to find whether U.S. career fields with the strongest projected hiring growth are also telecommute-friendly industries.

By comparing the BLS’ report against our own Telecommute Jobs Database, we discovered the majority of jobs with the highest projected growth are telecommute-friendly industries that correspond to current remote job vacancies in our database.

The results of our investigation into national telecommute job growth include lists of the top five telecommute-friendly industries projected to grow through 2022 (ranked from greatest to least annual job growth), telecommute-friendly companies hiring in each industry, and common telecommute job titles for positions available in these fields.

Click on any of the company names shown below to view a company profile of that employer, which contains valuable information and resources about the company and its hiring trends.


Annual Job Growth Rate through 2022: 2.6% 

Telecommute-Friendly Companies Hiring in This Industry:

Healthcare Telecommute Job Titles:

  • Home Based Chart Reviewer and Collector
  • Telecommute Nurse Case Manager
  • Remote Medical Director
  • Telework Clinical Research Associate
  • Work at Home Medical Reviewer
  • Partial Telecommuting In-Home Registered Nurse
  • Virtual Pharmacist

Annual Job Growth Rate through 2022: 1.9%

Telecommute-Friendly Companies Hiring in This Industry:

Education Telecommute Job Titles:

  • Online Tutor
  • Virtual Student Mentor
  • Home Based Undergraduate Adjunct Instructor
  • Telecommute K-12 Teacher
  • Remote Course Writer
  • Telework Academic Performance Manager
  • Work at Home Instructional Designer
Business Operations 

Annual Job Growth Rate through 2022: 1.8%

Telecommute-Friendly Companies Hiring in This Industry:

Business Operations Telecommute Job Titles:

  • Telecommuting Business Process Outsourcing Advisor
  • Remote Senior Business Consultant
  • Telework Business Management Director
  • Home Based Capacity and Performance Analyst
  • Telecommute Supply Chain Delivery Director
  • Partial Telecommute Operations Manager
  • Virtual Office Assistant

Annual Job Growth Rate through 2022: 0.9%

Telecommute-Friendly Companies Hiring in This Industry:

Financial Telecommute Job Titles:

  • Remote Financial Advisor
  • Telework Banking Compliance Staff Consultant
  • Virtual Underwriter
  • Work from Home Full-Charge Bookkeeper
  • Telecommute Accountant
  • Home Based Retail Pricing Collector
  • At-Home Mortgage Loan Processor

Annual Job Growth Rate through 2022: 0.9% 

Telecommute-Friendly Companies Hiring in This Industry:

Travel Telecommute Job Titles:

  • Virtual VIP Travel Consultant
  • Work at Home International Travel Counselor
  • Remote Group Air Coordinator
  • Telecommute Reservation Concierge
  • Telework Global Travel Manager
  • Online Cruise Sales Professional
  • Work from Home Luxury Travel Coordinator

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