Virtual Assistants Webinar from Worldwide101 and Virtual Vocations – Coming Soon!

virtual assistants webinar

We are pleased to announce Virtual Vocations, Inc. has partnered with premium virtual assistant company Worldwide101 to host a virtual assistants webinar on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. EST to help administrative-minded jobseekers translate their professional skills into virtual assistant roles.

Virtual Vocations screens and posts an average of 1,500 Administrative Telecommuting Jobs per year including openings for virtual assistants (often abbreviated as VAs)—telecommuters who work as personal or administrative assistants for management and executive level professionals.

Vacancies for virtual assistants are readily available because the work naturally lends itself to telecommuting across small, medium, and large organizations in practically every job sector. For jobseekers interested in virtual assistant positions, the Worldwide101 and Virtual Vocations webinar—”Translating Your Professional Skills to a Virtual Assistant Role”—will serve as a platform for potential virtual assistants to embolden their candidacy for future job openings.

“Virtual Vocations not only makes thousands of human-screened job openings readily available to jobseekers, but also likes to encourage jobseekers to educate themselves about the job opportunities available within a telecommuting capacity. We are proud to partner with other companies, like Worldwide 101, who are working to promote telecommuting and the benefits of this flexible work model.”

—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO

Virtual Assistants Webinar Features

In partnering with Worldwide101 to create the virtual assistants webinar, the Virtual Vocations Employer Research and Relations Manager created content designed to aid jobseekers in their quest to learn more about and discover virtual assistant jobs including:

  • Telecommuting benefits
  • Career projections for virtual assistants
  • Industries hiring virtual assistants
  • Experience needed as a virtual assistant
  • Improving your marketability as a virtual assistant
  • Virtual assistant tools needed for success

“From information on virtual assistant job prospects and the boom of the virtual assistant telecommuting role to ways to hone your skillset to become a top virtual assistant job candidate and the income you can expect to earn as a virtual assistant, if you want to learn more about becoming a virtual assistant, this webinar is for you!” 

—Sarah Hill, Virtual Vocations Employer Research and Relations Manager

How to Register for the Virtual Assistants Webinar

Registration for the upcoming Worldwide101 and Virtual Vocations virtual assistants webinar is completely free and available to anyone.

Follow the link ahead to complete your virtual assistants webinar registration. You’ll only need to provide the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

For additional updates on the Worlwide101 and Virtual Vocations virtual assistants webinar, follow both companies’ social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Do you plan to participate in the Worldwide101 and Virtual Vocations virtual assistants webinar? Share your answer when you connect with Virtual Vocations on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! 

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