11 Remote Work Perks You Never Knew You Needed

remote work perks

Telecommuters enjoy more than flexible schedules and the freedom to choose where they work. If you’ve been curious about whether working remotely is really all it’s cracked up to be, these surprising remote work perks will seal the deal and make you want to search for telecommuting jobs.

remote work perks

11 Remote Work Perks You Never Knew You Needed

ADP Research Institute studied 19 global workplace trends and found that such trends reflect five core human needs:

  • Freedom
  • Knowledge
  • Stability
  • Self-management
  • Meaning

The ability to work anywhere in the world, from any device, on any desired schedule is the primary driver for workplace trends. Therefore, telecommuting jobs help fulfill our basic needs as humans by offering the flexibility to manage our time and career path.

However, the American workforce has needs beyond ADP’s list. In this article, we reveal surprising, and often humorous, remote work perks you may not have known you needed until now.

1. You Reduce Exposure to External Ick

Let’s be real: Other people can be gross. They’re always coughing on stuff, wiping their snotty noses, biting their nails, belching, and stinking up your personal space. Just once, don’t you wish you could walk the city streets without stepping on gum? Or sit on a chair without thinking, “Why is this chair so warm? Who was sitting on this chair, and what in the world were they doing in it?”

No more.

From now on, there’ll be no more intrusive ick from outside sources. The only dirty tissues you’ll find on your desk are yours. All chairs will be at most room-temperature. Smells will be comfortingly familiar, even if they’re a bit funky.

Tip: Use a diffuser to fill your home office with fresh-smelling essential oils. Try sweet orange, bergamot, lemongrass, or peppermint, which tend to smell crisp and clean. This aromatherapy technique can boost your mood and keep focused throughout the workday.

2. You Can Eat Spicy Food Without Worry

You no longer have to avoid spicy meals in fear of what may follow the next day. The privacy of working at home allows you the luxury to explore a vast culinary landscape without the shame of digestive incompatibilities. So, go ahead and order that Neua Pad Prik or Vindaloo Pork. Add extra chilis. There’s no reason to fear the embarrassment of the aftermath, for you have no officemates to turn up their noses at you.

Tip: Treat your body right by eating nutrient-dense foods and avoiding excess sugar and caffeine. Drink plenty of water to keep your brain sharp and digestive system flowing smoothly. The better you feel inside, the more productive you’ll be while working.

3. You Don’t Have to Pop Your Pimples

For some, acne doesn’t end after adolescence. Adult acne is an annoying burden, and it can really take a toll on self-confidence and social interactions. Even non-acne-prone skin can break out every once in a while. Good thing you don’t have to show your face to the public until those pesky pimples disappear. So quit picking at your skin to prevent further irritation. Keep your face clean and avoid products that clog pores and slow the natural healing process.

Tip: Since no one is around to laugh at you, consider applying a mask with salicylic acid to your face two or three times per week. When you need a break from the computer screen, chase your pets around the house to see how they react to your masked face.

4. You Can Dye Your Hair Pink

Admit it: You always wanted to try a crazy hair color, but you were afraid of what your boss would think. Who decided that rainbow-colored hair is unprofessional? Silence the stereotypes and hit the beauty salon. Get a cut and color that your younger self would applaud. If you participate in an occasional video conference, maybe keep a wig on standby to prevent the questions from coworkers who just don’t understand.

On the flip side, if you’re sick of concealing time’s toll on your tresses, welcome back your natural color and let your roots grow out. Embrace the transition, and grays. As a telecommuter, you’re free to be a silver fox without worrying about potential discrimination.

Tip: If extreme changes make you nervous, even when you work primarily at home, try a temporary dye or get a few hair extensions to experiment without the long-term commitment. If you’re graying, turn your locks of wisdom into your signature style.

5. You Don’t Have to Cover Your Tattoos

Though tattoos are more common and accepted these days, many companies still prefer that you conceal your ink, even if it’s religious or cultural. When you work at home, however, you’re free to express yourself on your skin and honor your cultural heritage. You don’t have to wear long sleeves, long pants, turtlenecks, or scarves to cover up. You can just be you and enjoy the freedom to inscribe your life story as you please.

Tip: Some telecommute jobs require a little bit of travel either to client sites or corporate headquarters. Be mindful of this and either choose employers who don’t consider tattoos unprofessional or be prepared to cover up on occasion.

6. You Can Work in Your Birthday Suit

Pants? Who wears pants while working from home? The days of being forced to baste in your sweat under suit jackets and thick slacks are over. Even if you host video conferences, all you need to do is throw on a button-down and brush your hair. Just don’t leave your seat or be sure to side-scoot out of your chair to avoid showcasing the goods.

Tip: When you feel unmotivated or have a hard time staying put in your chair, get cleaned up and throw on something business casual. Sometimes, wearing professional clothes helps you get back into your groove.

7. You Can Stay in Your PJs All Day

What’s the next best thing after working without pants? Staying cozy in your pajamas and bunny slippers. When you’re feeling under the weather, or when the weather is under your standards, grab your laptop and work from bed all day. Demanding that family members serve you coffee and meals in bed is not recommended, however.

Tip: Get up and active for at least 30 minutes every day. Working from home can quickly lead to a sedentary lifestyle unless you make an effort to exercise. Are you already worried about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle? We have food and fitness tips to help.

8. You Don’t Have to Shower Every Day

It’s confirmed: Virtual Vocations members pay more attention to their careers than their hygiene. In our Telecommuter’s Tell All Survey, over half of respondents admitted that they skipped showering at least occasionally. Can you blame them?

Why waste so much clean water on washing the scum away? All that money you spend on soap and scrubs just slip-and-slides down the drainpipe anyways. Save time, cash, and our earth’s resources by bilking the bath and embracing nature’s stinky symbiosis.

Tip: Avoid the spiral slope of feeling down in the dumps by maintaining your appearance enough to feel proud. Just because you don’t go into an office every day doesn’t mean you should completely let yourself go. Maintain your dignity by taking good care of yourself inside and out.

9. You Don’t Have to Chitchat

Come on, everyone’s got that one coworker they try so desperately to avoid. You know the one who chitchats your ear off about extraneous things that don’t impact your life in any capacity. If you ever found yourself thinking, “I really don’t need daily updates on your cat’s kidney stones” or “I don’t care how much you saved at the grocery store last week,” then thank your boss for letting you work from home.

On a serious note, chatty coworkers are a major productivity inhibitor within office settings. According to the latest Staples Workplace Survey, 47% of respondents attributed talkative coworkers as a predominant workplace distraction. When you work remotely, however, you bypass the blather and can get more work done.

Tip: As a telecommuter, you have a different set of distractions to manage. Turn off cell phone notifications and work in a separate space away from the common areas. Make sure family members know when you’re working so that you can complete your tasks without interruption.

10. You Don’t Always Have to Mind Your Manners

Sorry, Emily Post, but there’s no need to mind your manners during lunch breaks anymore. Grunt and snort and do all the things your mother taught you were impolite. Chew with your mouth open. Salute your ham sandwich with a burp. Keep your elbows on the desk, and by all means, eat your dessert with a dinner fork.

However, it’s always good to mind your Ps and Qs when communicating with remote teammates and clients. You still want to give the impression that you work in a super professional office with a clean desk and neatly pressed slacks, right?

Tip: Don’t eat or sip coffee during virtual meetings. The sound of chewing and slurping may annoy your coworkers just as much as their chattiness annoys you. At least mute your microphone to spare your teammates of the audio details.

11. You Might Actually Love Your Job

Mark Murphy, author and founder of Leadership IQ, shared survey results where 45% of telecommuters said they loved their jobs. Compare that to the 24% of traditional workers who claimed to love their jobs. It seems that telecommuters who work primarily at home are almost twice as likely to enjoy their careers than corporate office dwellers.

This data should come as no surprise, as telecommuting is the equivalent of the chocolate and vanilla swirl soft-serve ice cream cone. You don’t have to choose flavors! You can enjoy both! Likewise, working from home allows you to combine your work and home life. You don’t have to pick one over the other. You can balance your career and personal time more smoothly under one cone, er, roof.

Tip: Time management is critical for work-balance. Take charge of your schedule so that you don’t work longer than necessary. The point of telecommuting is to have more time outside of work. So, leverage that freedom by creating efficient workflows and clocking out at the end of each day.

Become a Telecommuter and Enjoy These Remote Work Perks

If you crave the freedom to dictate your schedule, work from wherever you want, and complete tasks without talking to anyone all day, telecommuting may be your holy grail. We know searching for a new job isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but Virtual Vocations is here to help make the process as easy and effective as possible. And if you become discouraged by your job search, remember that in the remote workplace pants are optional, you can freely express your personal style, and dealing with the general public is completely unnecessary.

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