25 Home Office Accessories to Make Your Workspace Fierce

home office accessories

Looking for ways to spice up your home office? Check out our list of must-have home office accessories to add some fierce flair to your personal workspace. 

25 Hot Home Office Accessories to Make Your Workspace Fierce

There are two types of telecommuters in this world: those who geek out about designing their own workspace and those who don’t. Regardless of which type you are, you’ll inevitably need to purchase some office supplies at some point.

If interior design isn’t your thing, focus less on style and creative concepts and more on functionality. Think about items that can support your workflow and productivity level. No matter the cost, you may be able to deduct purchases on your annual tax return if you use the items solely for business.

Not sure where to start? Here are 25 accessory ideas for home offices.

1. Low-Maintenance Plants

Our Pick: LECHUZA-PURO Color 20 Self-Watering Planter, $25.99

Plants are a staple in any workplace, as they tend to boost your mood. A study by the University of North Florida demonstrates how exposure to nature reduces perceived stress and health issues related to stress. If you lack a green thumb, go for cacti or low-maintenance plants. If you live in a small space and enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, put a few small pots of rosemary, cilantro, and mint by the window.

Another idea is to strategically place air-purifying varietals to increase your office air quality. If you lack desk or floor space, try hanging planters with fun shapes like sea creatures or planets.

2. Posture Protection Devices

Our Pick: Lumo Lift, $99.99

Working from home often means sitting for extended periods. Avoid the pangs of deskwork by investing in a chair and desk that fits your body and work style well. If you tend to slouch no matter how ergonomic your workstation is, you might consider a technology assistant. Over time, your muscles will strengthen and remember proper posture so that you can sit up straight automatically.

3. Lively Desktop Organizers

Our Pick: Kikkerland Grass Pen Stand, $15

Desktop organizers help keep all your stuff in one accessible place. There’s no need to settle for boring designs, however. Choose from robots, elephants, cartoon characters – anything your heart desires. From the minimalist to the existential artist, there’s something for everyone.

4. Custom Motivational Posters

Our Pick: Create Your Own Motivational Poster by Successories, from $14.99

Remember those amazing motivational posters that Barney from How I Met Your Mother hung in his office? Now you can customize your awesomeness and turn your walls into motivational masterpieces. Find your favorite quote and image or use your original work to keep your confidence soaring.

5. Retro Tape Dispensers

Our Pick: Rewind Desk Tidy Cassette Tape Dispenser by j-me original design, $14.99 on Amazon

Why would remote workers need a tape dispenser that looks like a cassette? The real question is: why wouldn’t they?

The cassette tape is an icon of an era where technology started to become handheld and mainstream. When you find a gem with such functionality and historical significance, you can’t pass it up.

This tape dispenser and office supplies organizer holds up to 30 pens and pencils as well as small items like paper clips and thumbtacks. When the tape runs out, you can easily replace it with a new roll.

6. Minimalist Notebook Planners

Our Pick: At-A-Glance Perfect Bound Weekly-Monthly Planner, $25.49

Planners are helpful for organizing schedules, goals, notes, phone numbers, and more. With all the various sizes and designs out there, sometimes simplicity is best. Try a minimal planner with enough monthly and weekly space to structure your schedule however you want.

7. Reusable Planner Stamps

Our Pick: INKBYJEN’s STMP-4X6-010 – Calendar Clear Stamp Kit for your Journal or Planner, $15 on Etsy

Fancy planners can be pricey. To get more bang for your buck, grab a stamp set to create custom calendars anywhere in your office. You can stamp to do lists, reminders, and dates into blank journals or wall posters to create a functional style that works best for you.

8. Stylish Desk Skins

Our Pick: WRAPPED’s Burst Surface Skin, $42 to $90 sold by Blik

Skins aren’t just for advertising on cars. You can quickly turn a bland desk or table into a centerpiece by applying a creative surface skin. So, go forth and fearlessly purchase that hideously stained writer’s desk at the thrift store knowing you can spruce it up with a stylish wrap.

9. Multifunctional Pens

Our Pick: Jiulyning 6 in 1 Tech Tool Pen, from $9.58 on Amazon

Play the role of James Bond while you work with fancy multifunctional pens. Hang artwork perfectly straight, replace the battery on your old laptop, jot down notes on your tablet, and sign contracts with one tool.

10. Voice Recording USBs

Our Pick: USB Discreet Voice Recorder by Sharper Image, $79.99

USBs are helpful because they’re small and store a lot of data, but how about USBs that collect audio information and transfer it to your computer? Yes, please!

With voice recording USBs, you can quickly record ideas, meeting discussions, interview quotes, and follow-up actions without the need for a notepad or smartphone. When you return to your computer, just plug in and get to work. Pure genius.

This model sports a rechargeable battery good for 13 hours of power and holds 8GB of high-quality audio recordings.

11. Desktop Aquariums

Our Pick: Fluval Spec 7.6 L (2 US Gal), from $48 on Amazon

When you miss having officemates, but aren’t willing to go back to headquarters, how about making friends with a desktop fish? Small, desktop aquariums are relatively low-maintenance and add a lovely sense of life to your space.

12. Portable Color Scanners

Our Pick: Epson WorkForce DS-30 Color Portable Scanner, $149.99

No need to tear off pages from magazines and notepads. Portable color scanners let you digitize photos, book pages, to-do lists, receipts, and more. You can even set up some devices to automatically store data in the cloud so that you can access it anywhere.

13. Handheld Manual Shredders

Our Pick: MUJI Handy Shredder, $15

Since everything is the cloud these days, a supped up shredder in your home office may be excessive. However, for the occasional sensitive documents, you can whip out a handheld, manual shredder to tear those papers to pieces.

14. Solar Power Chargers

Our Pick: Wildtek Source 21W Waterproof Solar Charger Panel with Dual USB Ports, $69.99

For all the nomads out there, solar power chargers are mobile office staples. Go ahead and work poolside for the day. Bring your tablet with you on a 10-day backpacking excursion and plug in to document your discoveries. Solar power chargers are also nice to have at home to save a few cents on electrical bills.

15. Serious Sticky Notes

Our Pick: To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet by Knock Knock, $12

If you’re going to write reminder notes, why not do so on fun notepads that inspire you to stay productive? Companies make stickies of everything these days: flowers, animals, cartoon characters – you name it and some thoughtful designer created it. We prefer funny yet functional stickies that help facilitate high-quality work.

The sticky notes sold in this packet of six pads will motivate you to remain action-oriented. Each pad is designed with a specific color corresponding to each note’s theme. This will help you save time when you need to quickly make a note. You’ll know to grab the blue pad for shopping list items, then look for that note color later when grabbing your list before heading to the grocery store.

16. USB Port Hubs

Our Pick: AUKEY’s Metallic 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub, $13.99 on Amazon

Let’s take a quick inventory. You have your wireless mouse USB, phone charger USB, backup external hard drive USB, mini desk vacuum USB – do you have enough ports on your computer for the essentials? If not, try a snazzy USB hub for an attractive way to connect all your devices.

17. Computer Cord Organizers

Our Pick: Yamazaki Large Adhesive Web Cable Holder, $4.99

If you don’t need a full USB hub, go with simple chord clamps that fit on the tops, bottoms, and sides of desks and other surfaces. They help contain the chord chaos so that you can plug and unplug with ease.

18. Sit-Stand Convertible Workstations

Our Pick: VERIDESK Pro Plus 30, from $375

You may have heard that standing desks have physical health benefits, but did you know they can also help boost productivity? A Texas A&M study found that call center representatives were 45% more productive after using standing workstations for six months. If you want to give working while standing a try, but you don’t want to invest in a completely new desk, consider a convertible workstation that easily adjusts in height.

19. Business Card Cabinets

Our Pick: Tech Tool’s Mini File Cabinet Business Card Holder 3-Drawer, $19.95 on Amazon

Telecommuters love staying cozy at home, but it’s important to get out and meet people face to face. When you network in person and collect a bunch of business cards, file them away in a cute miniature cabinet. Of course, it may make more sense to send electronic business cards or keep contacts in the cloud. However, little organizers like these can give an old-fashioned appeal and remind you that people still exist in the physical world.

20. Comfy Foot Hammocks

Our Pick: Geekfactory Mini Office Foot Rest Stand Desk Feet Hammock, $12.99 on Amazon

Why not put your feet up while you work? The foot hammock hangs underneath your desk to elevate your legs off the floor, improving ergonomics when your desk and chair don’t fit your body well. However, cat owners beware! Kitties love snoozing in little hammocks so your new footrest may end up being your cat’s favorite place to rest.

This mini hammock is made of canvas and features an adjustable rope to raise or lower the level of your feet depending on whether you are lounging or working. It attaches to your desk using hooks and two metallic clips.

21. Portable Humidifiers

Our Pick: Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Travel Humidifier, $29.99

Does your office get dry in the winter season? Aside from a scratchy throat and dry eyes, research shows air moisture can reduce the survival rate of viruses such as influenza. If you don’t want to purchase a humidifier for your entire home, try a USB attachment that works with water bottles. For aromatherapy benefits, use a diffuser and add a few drops of essential oil to energize or calm your workspace.

22. Adorable Desk Dusters

Our Pick: ModCloth’s Particle to Play Llama Duster, $15.99

Cleaning is serious business. Keep your desk dust-free with friendly, fuzzy critters. Not only do they help you stay tidy, but they also make excellent companions so that you don’t have to talk to yourself all day. However, your pet’s may feel jealous and plot to steal and tear your new assistants to shreds.

23. Projectable Bluetooth Keyboards

Our Pick: Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable, $129.99

If you want to travel light but still work diligently, projector keyboards might be the bee’s knees. No need to carry extra equipment or worry about having enough space for a keyboard. You can skim down to just your smartphone and leave the laptop and tablet behind.

24. Flexible Desk Lamps

Our Pick: Omnihome Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, $33.99

For those late nights and gloomy days, you need an excellent desk lamp to illuminate your workspace. You can choose from fun and creative to traditional or futuristic styles. We like versatile lamps with different brightness levels that make adapting to different environments easy.

25. Washable Waterproof Equipment

Our Pick: Seal Shield’s Cleanwipe Waterproof Keyboard, $69.99

Do you spill coffee and tea on your desk way too often? It might be worth your while to invest in a medical-grade, washable, waterproof computer keyboard and mouse. Just think, the next time you have a major catastrophe, all you do is disconnect the detachable cord, rinse your keyboard in the sink and presto! Good as new.

In addition to being washable, this silicone keyboard is antimicrobial—perfect for work-at-home parents and telecommuters with pets who like to hang in their home offices. The keyboard also comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Create Your Ultimate Workspace

One of the perks of working from home is that you can design your office however you like. So, if you’re going to buy office supplies, you might as well have fun with it. Let your personality shine. Create the perfect environment that balances comfort and focus. So long boring cubicle, hello tyrannosaurus rex staple remover.

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