4 Cool Co-working Spaces You Won’t Believe!

cool co-working spaces

As the results of our Telecommuter’s Tell All Survey proved, telecommuters are masters of living and working on their own terms. But sometimes even the most nomadic among us just needs a desk, a printer, and people nearby of whom we can ask questions and collaborate. This is the exciting world of co-working.

Since telecommuters are prone to taking a more creative approach to work, you’ll be hard-pressed to find co-working spaces that look like typical onsite offices. Rarely will you see fluorescent lighting or cubicles, but instead natural lighting, plants, ping-pong tables, and repurposed furniture. These spaces are fantastic for remote workers who want to network with others, those who need a change of scenery, or the travelling teleworker who desires a secure and relaxed place that’s purpose-built for productivity.

Among the countless co-working hubs that have sprung up in the last decade, there are some that stand out with their unique missions and radical physical spaces. Here, we have charted a few of the most noteworthy among them. We’ll let you know what makes them special, what benefits come included, and how much they cost to utilize.

Brooklyn Boulders

Most co-working spaces don’t require you to sign a waiver prior to entering, but then again most co-working spaces aren’t completely surrounded by climbing walls.

cool co-working spaces

Brooklyn Boulders, a 40,000 square foot complex located in Somerville, Massachusetts, offers every amenity the city-dwelling rock climber desires, from walls of varying pitches and difficulties, to on-site experts and group classes to meet every climbing skill level. And when you’re not top roping or auto belaying, you can ascend spreadsheets in a nearby furnished work space.

Dedicated office areas dot the compound, with communal tables, soft lighting, and sofas. The facility also features yoga instruction, saunas, a cafe, gym, plenty of coffee and free Wi-Fi. Traveling light? You can rent or buy quality climbing gear on the spot. An annual membership to Brooklyn Boulders costs $1,150 with reduced rates for students, while day passes go for $25.


If you’re looking for a tropical getaway that is also a dedicated productivity incubator, check out CocoVivo. Like something out of a movie, this co-working paradise is set on 145 acres of jungle on Isla de San Cristobal—a remote Panamanian island. Unlike a ‘typical’ island resort, CocoVivo puts its focus squarely on telecommuters and freelancers who are looking for a change of pace.

cool co-working spaces

Working alongside others, visitors have at their disposal all of the conveniences of a modern office: Wi-Fi, meeting spaces, kitchens, and a projector. When it’s time for a break, do some snorkeling, wakeboarding, kayaking, or simply explore the island. It’s the perfect way to recharge or to find new creative vistas.

Rooms at CocoVivo range from $85 to $150 a night, which is pretty affordable considering that it might be the world’s most relaxing office.

Hera Hub

Imagine, if you will, that you are a female entrepreneur looking for a haven wherein you might meet like-minded thinkers and share ideas? Hera Hub was built with this spirit in mind as a womens’ co-working environment with a spa-influenced design scheme.

cool co-working spaces

With over 400 members and a growing number of locations on both coasts, Hera Hub carefully cultivates membership to maximize productivity with networking and other events like book clubs, happy hours, writers’ lounges, art shows, and much more.

Members enjoy free coffee, tea, snacks, whiteboards, Wi-Fi and video conferencing. Monthly memberships range from $69 to $369 at their San Diego location, and there are Hera Hubs in Carlsbad, California, and Washington D.C. as well.

Ace Hotel

Are you the type of person who gets a kick out of staying in hotels? Do you feel comfortable lounging in the lobby, sipping coffee, and taking care of business on your laptop? Then look no further than NYC’s Ace Hotel. Located squarely in Midtown Manhattan, the Ace is a luxury boutique inn with a sumptuous lobby that has quickly caught the eye of many a telecommuter in town.

cool co-working spaces

Mosaic tile floors, light fixtures made from telescopes, vintage sofas, and community tables mark the space, inviting any and all to come in and enjoy hours of productive work.

Refills come courtesy of gourmet Stumptown Coffee Roasters. And if you get hunger pangs, the Ace houses the Breslin Bar & Dining Room, where you can have a lamb burger whipped up by a Michelin star winning chef. Working late? Without leaving the lobby, enjoy the nightly DJ or live band.

The Ace Hotel practices an open door policy. Freelancers and free spirits are always welcome to congregate in the hotel’s lobby for work and socialization. And the best part? Access to the Ace’s Wi-Fi is 100% free.

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