7 Tall Tales About Freelancing


Edited: June 16, 2016

If you’ve been thinking about freelancing, odds are you’ve come across some conflicting information about what it’s like to work from home as an Independent Contractor.

Move over, MythBusters! We’re setting the record straight on these common myths about life as a freelancer:

1. “People only freelance because they can’t hold a real job”

WRONG. Whether it’s to achieve better work-life balance, spend more time with the kids, work on diverse projects, or earn a little extra cash, freelancing is a lifestyle choice.


2. “You can make a ton of tax-free money as a freelancer”

Oh how lovely this would be. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as tax free income – at least not that we’re aware of. When you freelance, you’re responsible for paying your own income tax, health insurance, Social Security, and Medicare.

3. “You can make a lot of money but do less work”

Freelancers have to work harder than most traditional employees. In addition to doing the work itself, freelancers have to market their talents, find and pitch clients, manage client expectations, and handle all areas of billing.

4. “Freelancing is perfect for people who don’t like people”

If you don’t play well with others in a traditional office, odds are you may not get along with your clients, which is a Dementor’s Kiss for freelancers.

5. “Freelancers have it made in the shade”

Working on the beach with a laptop and fruity drink is a fantasy. It takes a lot of discipline and internal motivation to work independently as a freelancer. The freelancers who get paid are the ones who do the work.


6. “Freelancers are happier because they’re doing what they love”

Even if you’re doing something you’re passionate about, it’s still a job and you’ll have to do things you wouldn’t necessarily choose to do, like pitching yourself to clients or chasing them down for payment.

7. “You have to start a business if you want to freelance”

While some people decide to turn their freelancing jobs into a business, many happily remain Independent Contractors working for other companies. You can explore telecommute-friendly employers known for hiring remote workers via Virtual Vocations’ Telecommute Companies Database. It’s searchable by company name, industry, or keyword – try “freelance.”

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