Allergy Proofing Your Home Office

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Our allergy proofing tips are nothing to sneeze at! 

Spring is a welcome change from winter for most of us, but if you’re a telecommuter and allergy sufferer, this can be rough time of year. Keep your body healthy so you can keep your productivity high by implementing these simple fixes to hold allergens at bay in your home office.

Keep humidity below 50%. If mold is a problem for you, controlling your home office humidity is a good idea. This is especially true for telecommuters with a home office located in a basement. We suggest keeping your home office humidity level low by utilizing a humidifier.

Close the windows. Although the cool, gentle breezes of spring are intoxicating, pollen allergy sufferers should close their windows and rely on air conditioning for a comfortable work space.

Replace your air filter. Speaking of air conditioning, regularly replacing the air filter in your central heating and air unit will clear the air and help keep your home office free of allergy aggravating dust.

Bonus tip: Place cheese cloth over your vents for an additional layer of air filtration.

Remove carpet. Swap the allergen trapping carpet in your home office for easier to clean flooring options, like tile, laminate, or hardwood. If you simply cannot live without a rug, remember to vacuum it weekly, at minimum.

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