Finding Spare Space for Your Home Office

home office

Concerned that you don’t have enough space in your home for a home office? We’re showing you where to find the spare space you need. 

Under the stairs. The recess under your stairs is an underutilized home office gem. Outfit the space with shelves and drawers, a smooth desk top, and an ergonomical chair and you’ll be on your way to achieving a productive work-at-home lifestyle in no time!

Spare bedroom. For many telecommuters, having an entire room available to devote to a home office is a luxury. If you are one of the lucky ones with a bedroom to spare, capitalize on this space for a high-function, private home office. Keep in mind that a home office with a locking door is often an essential requirement for consideration in remote case management, nursing, and administrative work where confidentiality is a top priority.

Closet. If you don’t have an extra bedroom to spare for a work space, convert a hall or bedroom closet into a home office. This home office location is ideal for telecommuters living in tight spaces because they can close the closet door when their work day is done; out of site, out of mind.

home office

Kitchen nook. A kitchen alcove is prime home office real estate you can fit with a desk armoire and transform into a home office. If you don’t have a kitchen alcove, consider swapping your breakfast nook for home office space, especially if you already have a dining room or eat-in kitchen.

Attic. With a few simple touches, your dusty old attic can easily be converted into a fresh, private home office oasis. Remember to properly vent your attic home office and utilize fans as needed so that your calming work oasis doesn’t turn into a desert.

Basement. Basements are a practical choice for telecommuters who need a home office but don’t have spare space to utilize upstairs. Help your basement home office feel more homey and less horror movie by adding warm personal decor, like an area rug, framed photos, and pet bed for your favorite furry friend.

home office

Garden shed. Think outside the box and consider moving your home office to the shed in your garden. You can be close to nature while you’re working. It’s the best of both worlds.

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