Gorgeous Green Home Offices

Looking to transform your dull, drab home office into a warm and welcoming space that inspires you throughout your day? A coat of enlivening green paint just might do the trick.

It’s not surprising that green is associated with growth and freshness, and because of its intense relationship with Earth, green also suggests stability and fortitude. But did you know that green also promotes feelings of emotional safety, encourages productivity and is said to have strong healing power? There’s no denying that green’s good sensations make it an ideal office color.

Source: Choosinginteriorcolor.com
Source: Choosinginteriorcolor.com

Comfortably Cornered

Its vibe: Organized, fresh and on-task

Why this green home office is a winner: Simple and organized, the lucky soul who uses this home office space is sure to stay focused.

We’re especially impressed by how an effective work station was carved out of a tiny alcove, and the earthy green-on-green wall colors add warmth and cohesiveness. This office tucks discreetly into a living room or bedroom.

This is a wonderful home office solution for those who live in small apartments. If your landlord forbids shelving, use a basic bookcase to achieve a similar look.

Source: Interiordesignlv.com
Source: Interiordesignlv.com

Green Apples

Its vibe: Energized, functional and clean

Why this green home office is a winner: Working at home often means sharing your workspace with your family, and that can be challenging.

This green home office ensures familial bliss by incorporating lots of storage to keep office supplies out of the hands of little ones, offering plenty work space for each family member, and supplying task lighting for both sides of the table.

We love how the bold green wall color is carried through to the all-purpose work table and makes the space feel cohesive and grounded.

Source: Hit-decor.net
Source: Hit-decor.net

Funky Fresh

Its vibe: Courageous, hip and creative

Why this green home office is a winner: Sometimes different is good, like in this case with the fearless green wall color of this home office.

Paired with black, the color combination makes a serious statement, yet the unexpected pop of pink found in the rug and Gerber daisies add a bit of whimsy and white window treatments guarantee a wealth of natural light.

Add in a smart ergonomic chair and clutter-free desk and a day of intense productivity is underway.

Source: Zeospot.com
Source: Zeospot.com

Clean and Green

Its vibe: Vivacious, imaginative and stable

Why this green home office is a winner: Pour yourself a cup of tea and pull up a seat – this home office will have you feeling like you can conquer the world.

The powerful Kelly Green wall color gives this petite home office a feeling of stability and strength and the mod office chair offers a fun surprise to the otherwise conservative space.

A stylish filing cabinet with drawer ensures this worker-bee has everything she needs right on hand.

Need more storage? Switch out the top two book rails for book shelves and stock with white cardboard storage containers to conceal your office supplies.

Source: Nabolsi.net
Source: Nabolsi.net

Storage Galore and So Much More

Its vibe: Structured, efficient and calm

Why this green home office is a winner: If you craft from your home office, this workspace is sure to have you drooling.

We’ve fallen for the multiple work stations, large counter top and inclusion of all sizes of containers, drawers and cupboards. There’s no doubt, storage and organization are maximized. Thanks to the light green wall color the office evokes a cheery mood that even the happiest of telecommuters will appreciate.

This tricked-out home office might not be in your budget, but take away a few innovative elements like glass jars-turned- storage containers and you’ll smarten up your workspace in a jiffy.

Which green office would you like to spend your day in?

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