What Your Home Office Color Says About You

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You may have known that color influences your mood, but did you know that the color of your home office can indicate which telecommute career is your best match?

Scroll down to discover what your home office color conveys about your professional personality and your ideal telecommute job.


home office
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Telecommuter Traits: Ambitious, determined, resourceful

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: AdministrativeManagement, Executive Level


home office
Image credit: Flynninsideout.com

Telecommuter Traits: Enthusiastic, creative, proactive

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations


home office
Image credit: Architectureholic.com

Telecommuter Traits: Cheerful, optimistic, intelligent

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Customer Service, Hospitality, Travel


home office
Image credit: BenjaminMoore.com

Telecommuter Traits: Balanced, self-reliant, observant

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Human Services, Non-ProfitAccounting


home office
Image credit: ElitDesignHome.com

Telecommuter Traits: Trustworthy, confident, loyal

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Account Management, Consulting, Sales


home office
Image credit: HomeMyDesign.com

Telecommuter Traits: Creative, imaginative, inspiring

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Creative Design, Graphic DesignWriting


home office
Image credit: HouseInspirations.com

Telecommuter Traits: Compassionate, insightful, non-threatening

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Customer Service, Nursing, Education


home office
Image credit: Home-Designing.com

Telecommuter Traits: Dutiful, stable, orderly

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Product Management, Quality AssuranceData Entry


home office
Image credit: GreenUpHouse.com

Telecommuter Traits: Responsible, practical, impartial

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Legal, Technical Support, Project Management


home office
Image credit: Home-Designing.com

Telecommuter Traits: Encouraging, protective, reflective

Telecommute Job Categories to Consider: Cyber Security, Medical-HealthTeaching

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