Home Office Inspiration: Adding a Touch of Americana

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With the Fourth of July on the horizon, we’re showing you how to incorporate patriotic décor into your home office.

Inspired by the Oval Office – the ultimate home office – here are three ways to add a touch of Americana charm to your work space just in time for Independence Day.

Old Glory

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While displaying the Stars and Stripes is tops when it comes to expressing your American pride while you work, you don’t have to flank your desk with flag polls. You can purchase American flags in a variety of sizes and styles and transform one into wall art. It’s easy to frame a flag yourself or have it done professionally at a local framing shop. For a little throwback flavor, showcase the flag of the original 13 colonies.

Red, White & Blue

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Here’s a home office that proves you can combine red, white, and blue without creating an office space fit only for Betsy Ross. By using lighter shades of the traditional flag colors, as well as pops of light yellow, this home office shines as a clean, modern space that evokes classic American style.

Antique Furniture

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Add some old world charm to a contemporary home office by bringing in a piece of antique furniture. A bold, statement piece, like an antique desk or a rustic side table and chair, set among a modern office will add the perfect amount of whimsy to your work space.

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