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Hurricane Dorian Telework Plan, August Jobs Report, & More — Remote Work News

Hurricane Dorian - Virtual Vocations - Remote Work News - VVFriday5

A Hurricane Dorian telework plan providing accommodations for federal workers, the August jobs report, and the environmental benefits of remote work are some of this week’s top remote work news stories. 

Top Remote Work News Stories for September 6, 2019: Hurricane Dorian Telework Plan, August Jobs Report, & More

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1. OPM announces Hurricane Dorian telework plan

With an estimated 345,000 federal workers in the path of Hurricane Dorian, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has issued a memo reminding federal workers of the flexible options available to them during the storm. The OPM reminds federal workers of “…options for workers who can’t make it to their worksite, telework policies, evacuation payments to help with travel expenses, and instructions on how employees can donate leave time to co-workers in need of extra time off,” writes Courtney Bublé for Government Executive.

Federal employees who are unable to safely travel to their offices and work on-site are eligible for paid time off via weather and safety leave. Although telecommuting federal employees are not usually eligible to receive this benefit, federal agencies can approve weather and safety leave during Hurricane Dorian on an individual basis. As part of their emergency planning, the OPM would like federal agencies to promote emergency planning measures that include remote and flexible work options.

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2. August jobs report does not meet expectations but is still positive for remote jobseekers

The August jobs report from the U.S. Department of Labor contains a mixed bag of news for the economy and jobs market, according to Jeff Cox with CNBC. While job growth fell short of expectations, average earnings increased by 0.4% during the month. The biggest gains for the month are related to career fields that lend themselves to telecommuting. Healthcare, finance, and business services represent three of the industries with the highest job gains for August. These career sectors are also consistently among the top job industries for remote work.

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telecommuting and the environment - Hurricane Dorian - Virtual Vocations telecommute and remote jobs

3. Telecommuting is good for nature and the nature of today’s workforce

“Working from home, even for part of a workweek has the potential to drastically cut traffic congestion, reduce emissions, and improve employee productivity and happiness.” —Kay Vandette

Studies from Reuters, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Global Workplace Analytics, and others all recognize the growth of telework and the positive impact that working from home can have on reducing traffic and emissions. In her analysis for Earth.com, Vandette examines these studies and explores how remote work is a viable solution for improving the health of the planet as well as that of the employees doing the work.

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4. Working from home with a partner can have hilarious effects

Working full-time from home requires strong organization, prioritization, and self-motivation skills. Couple this with, well, coupledom and the challenges of remote work increase, but often in hilarious ways.

In her post for MadameNoire—a comprehensive lifestyle publication for African-American women—Julia Austin shares her insightful and entertaining takes on working from home with a partner. From accidentally walking past her partner’s Skype meeting while wearing her underwear to the choreography of sharing one desk space and the embarrassment of hearing each other getting reprimanded over phone calls with their bosses, Austin gets real about the realities of coworking in her own home.

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5. Writing agency CEO shares essential tips for freelancing success

Entrepreneur contributor and Millionaire Writers Agency CEO Toby Nwazor wants freelancers to not only survive but also thrive. In order to succeed in the heavily saturated global freelancing market, Nwazor says freelancers should consider strategies like focusing on their niche, prioritizing client retention, and promoting themselves.

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