Telecommuting Benefits: 40 Reasons Why Remote Work Rocks!

telecommuting benefits

For day five of Virtual Vocations’ Telecommuting & Remote Work Celebration Week 2017, we’re expanding on the remote work perks outlined earlier this week on the blog to provide our readers with the best of telecommuting benefits. From telecommuting benefits for remote workers and employers to ways telecommuting helps the environment and features you can unlock via Virtual Vocations’ services offerings, read on for 40 reasons why remote work rocks! 

Telecommuting Benefits for Remote Workers or Employers

1. Job Flexibility

Greater control over their work schedules and time is consistently ranked by telecommute job seekers as the number one remote work perk.

2. More Time Spent with Immediate Family

Most telecommuters cite the desire to spend more time with family as the top reason they seek telecommuting jobs.

3. Reduced or Eliminated Commute Time 

While some telecommuters choose partial telecommuting jobs that require them to travel or work from an onsite location some of the time, other telecommuters have the freedom to work from home 100% of the time; either way, working remotely reduces the amount of time they spend commuting.

4. Money Saved on Work Expenses 

Through our Virtual Vocations 2016 Year-End Report survey, we found that more that 83.5% of telecommuters have experienced reduced spending on traditional work related costs like gas, eating out, and business attire. In fact, we learned that more than 74% of telecommuters elect to wear casual, everyday clothes while working from home.

5. Healthier Eating Habits

Speaking of eating out, did you know telecommuters are more likely to opt for eating healthy snacks when they feel hungry while working? Virtual Vocations’ 10-year anniversary survey about the telecommuting benefits remote workers love most showed that 76.8% of telecommuters choose healthy snack foods over packaged, processed snacks, takeout menu items, and sweets.

6. Greater Work-Life Balance 

89% of Virtual Vocations’ National Work and Family Month survey participants consider greater work-life balance to be one of their primary motivators for seeking telecommute jobs.

7. Care Plan Flexibility 

Thanks to alternative work arrangements like telecommuting, the majority of professionals are able to utilize care plan flexibility in tending to the needs of their children or elderly family members in their homes.

8. The Ability to Extend Work Years or Start a Second Career Later in Life

Telecommuting appeals to professionals with decades of work experience. Approximately 48% professionals who utilize Virtual Vocations’ tools and resources during their job searches are 50 years of age or older.

9. Good Paying Jobs 

Telecommuters earn comparable or better salaries than their onsite counterparts working the same or similar jobs. During 2016, nearly 40% of Virtual Vocations members reported earning salaries of $71,000 or more per year in their remote jobs.

10. Telecommuters Are Well Educated 

Over 80% of telecommuters have a post-secondary degree or diploma, and more than one-third hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

11. Employers Have Access to Experienced Home Based Professionals 

More than half of active telecommuters have a minimum of five years’ experience in working from home, according to our “Telecommute Job Seeker Survey.”

12. The Virtual Vocations Employer Portal

Telecommute-friendly companies can post an unlimited number of telecommuting job openings using the newly launched Virtual Vocations Employer Portal. Learn more about the Employer Portal in our press release: “Virtual Vocations Launches New Employer Job Portal for Companies Looking to Hire Remote Workers.”

Telecommuting Benefits for the Environment 

13. More Environmentally Conscious Professional Populations 

As a result of telecommuting, 92.1% of telecommuters actively consider the environmental benefits of telecommuting and are influenced by the “green” nature of remote work, according to Virtual Vocations’ 2017 telecommuting benefits survey.

14. Smaller Amounts of Space and Energy Needed by Businesses

By allowing employees to telecommute at least on a partial basis, employers simultaneously save on their overhead costs and save the environment. Smaller work spaces are less expensive to rent and maintain; they don’t use as many resources to heat and cool, and they save on electrical output, thereby shrinking the business’ carbon footprint.

15. Fewer CO2 Emissions

The Carbon Disclosure Project reports that companies adding teleconferencing and tele-presence to their work space can “cut CO2 emissions by nearly 5.5 million metric tons in total…and achieve total economy-wide financial benefits of almost $19 billion, by 2020.”

16. Reduced Paper Usage

By engaging in e-correspondence versus sending paper mailers and opting for Cloud storage over hard copy files, telecommuters help protect the environment by reducing paper waste. Businesses also need less storage space for expensive copy paper, scanning, printing, and copying equipment, because workers are using digital resources to create, edit, and save documents.

17. Less Equipment Waste

In order to create a stronger distinction between their professional and personal time, telecommuters typically turn off their computers and other business equipment at the end of the work day, thereby increasing equipment longevity. Additionally, since telecommuters are most often responsible for providing their own professional electronics, accessories, and software, remote workers are diligent about caring for and maintaining their equipment. Through taking better care of equipment and replacing it less often, telecommuters contribute to fewer monitors, computers, and printers ending up in landfills.

Telecommuting Benefits Included in Virtual Vocations’ Services

18. Telecommute Jobs Database

At any given time, the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Jobs Database is packed with more than 10,000 active telecommuting job openings that have been vetted by Virtual Vocations’ team members to ensure those jobs are current openings with real employers offering real pay.

19. New Telecommuting Jobs Added Daily

We don’t simply host a telecommute job board, the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Jobs Database is updated daily with hundreds of new telecommuting job leads to maximize job seekers’ exposure to the most current telecommuting jobs in fields of interest to them.

20. Customized Email Alerts

Virtual Vocations members enjoy email alerts, which can be customized to their job search preferences and filtered based on keywords, the job seeker’s location, telecommuting job categories, and more.

21. Telecommute Companies Database

In addition to the Telecommute Jobs Database, Virtual Vocations also curates the Telecommute Companies Database—an online storehouse of more than 4,000 profiles of telecommute-friendly employers known for hiring qualified candidates to work from home. Each profile features researched company details like a description of the employer’s business and mission statement, links to the company’s website, social media profiles, and other critical webpages, a graph of the employer’s most recent hiring trends, an RSS feed of company news, and links to active telecommute jobs from that employer found within Virtual Vocations’ Telecommute Jobs Database.

22. Telecommute Toolkit

This popular Virtual Vocations resource features elements like e-courses showing job seekers how to “Create A Winning Telecommute Resumé” and “Telecommute Job Searching For Mid-Level & Professional Job Seekers.”

23. Telecommuting Handbook and Interview Guide

Once you register with Virtual Vocations, you will be granted access to download the exclusive Virtual Vocations Telecommuting Handbook and Interview Guide—free resources to strengthen your candidacy as a telecommute job seeker and better navigate the world of remote work.

24. Customer Service Support

Virtual Vocations is proud to have a team of experienced customer service professionals ready to answer your questions about utilizing Virtual Vocations during your telecommute job search via phone at 1-800-379-5092, email at, and Live Chat Support on our Homepage

25. Telecommuting Blog 

With new content arriving weekly, telecommute job seekers can gain valuable remote work expert insight and job search advice reading the Virtual Vocations blog. Every week, through our Employer Alert segment, we highlight telecommuting job leads submitted by top telecommute-friendly employers that job seekers can apply to using a free Virtual Vocations registration.

26. Budget-Friendly Subscription Options 

For job seekers interested in accessing the full spectrum of Virtual Vocations benefits, we offer a range of budget-conscious subscription plans. Through tomorrow, Saturday, March 25— the final day of our Telecommuting and Remote Work Celebration Week 2017—you can unlock a 20% discount on a new Virtual Vocations subscription. Visit the Virtual Vocations Services page for more information.

Telecommuting Benefits Unlocked by Virtual Vocations Members

Don’t simply take our word on the telecommuting benefits you can experience through Virtual Vocations’ services. Read these testimonials from satisfied Virtual Vocations job seekers who found remote work using our site and learned for themselves that remote work rocks at Virtual Vocations!

27. Telecommuting Job Openings as Good as or Better Than Traditional Onsite Positions

“What a great investment! I found a better paying job with better benefits working from home. I am thrilled!” 

—Amy M.

28. Job Search Filters for Focusing on Your Employment Needs

“I have been working with several telecommuting focused sites over the past six months and found yours the easiest to work with. The search and filtering capabilities are excellent and it’s very easy to apply for jobs.”

—Teresa D.

29. Job Vacancies Sourced by Experienced, Trained Staff

“Thank you so much for this site. I have had so many interviews and I received an offer! There are organizations I have never even heard of on this site and it is just fantastic. Thank you again.”

—Tina M.

30. Location Flexible Work Opportunities

“Great service! I will definitely use you again next time I’m looking for work, as in my profession and where I live I pretty much need to work remotely. I’ve told lots of people about you, including the local Oregon unemployment agency.”

—Katharine M.

31. Options for Diversifying Your Résumé

“I am an attorney who was looking for a part time virtual job using my legal degree, but not necessarily practicing law. Found a job writing for a legal publishing website within weeks of signing up. It’s a great match and the pay and time commitment are just what I was looking for. Totally pleased, and I’m cancelling at this time, just wanted to let you know how perfect this worked for me.”

—Judy D.

32. Job Leads Spanning More than 40 Career Fields

“I had searched for weeks on sites like Monster and Indeed, but at Virtual Vocations I was able to quickly find so many more legitimate telecommuting positions in diverse fields.”

—Jane M.

33. Less Time Spent Searching for Remote Jobs

“VV does the sifting through of all the thousands of telecommute jobs out there and sends you real job leads suited to your qualifications. Already being a busy professional, I really appreciated that! Thanks again!”

—Lisa W.

34. The Comfort of Knowing Virtual Vocations Is Always Here for You

“You have always helped me find a job, and you did it again. Thank you.

—Althea H.

35. Quality AND Quantity of Real Telecommuting Jobs

“Your site has the largest list of real at home jobs that I have seen and I would definitely consider you again in any future job searches.”

—Robin S.

36. An Alternative to Recruiters

“I was more than satisfied with your services. In fact I found the services to be superior to many of the standard sites used for job searches. I found more jobs to apply for through Virtual Vocations than working with two recruiters.”

—Mary M.

37. More than Just a Job Board

“I love the access to openings for legitimate work at home or telecommuting jobs, the advice on the blog, and the features for organizing my search.”

—Kat B.

38. Retirement on YOUR Terms

“I am nearing the end of my career and just wanted to say how delighted I am with the ability you offer to find jobs I can do remotely never thought possible in the past. This may allow me to change when and how I retire and I can now look at one place not like a needle in a haystack in the other job boards.”

—Mary D.

39. Repeat Success Stories

“I have used Virtual Vocations for years. Periods of time may go by, but I always come back to it. I love searching this service. I tell everyone about it!”

—Alison S.

40. Virtual Vocations’ Personal Support

“Thank you so much…for checking in to see how things are going with my job search. It is very refreshing to have an online business owner who checks in on customers to make sure that they are using the site properly and/or benefiting from using their service. You are the best!”

—Robin S.


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