5 Signs You’re a Workaholic

You love working at home, but you find yourself needing to justify that you’re just as productive as an employee who sits in an office building for eight hours every day. While delivering top-notch work to your boss or client is never a mistake, if family and friends start asking if you’ve ever seen the show Intervention, or they threaten to remove the door from your office, it might be time for a reality check.

Save that spreadsheet, close your email, and remove your headset long enough to read the following to see if you’re at risk. It doesn’t count if you have someone read this aloud as you continue working.

You might be a work-at-home workaholic if…

1. You Consider Family a “Work” Category
You recognize the importance of family, so you have a special color on your Outlook calendar for them. You have your family email you to schedule ‘face time’ so you can efficiently pencil them in during your day. They know they aren’t allowed to open the door to your home office without an appointment.

2. You’re Never Apart from Your Laptop
You consider sporting events, weddings, dining out, and even bed (while your partner sleeps) as perfect multi-tasking opportunities. All family photos show you with your “precious.” In fact, you can accurately date photos by which model laptop is with you in the picture.

3. New Technology = More Work
You seek out every opportunity to improve the speed, efficiency, and workflow of your home office. The release of a faster processor, news of FIOS becoming available in your neighborhood, or an upgrade to Skype brings tears of joy to your eyes. This isn’t because so you have more time to relax with friends or family. You’re excited because you can now get more work done.

4. You Have a Spreadsheet for Your Spreadsheets
Do you count emails or perform Excel calculations at night to help you fall asleep? If you track your every possible billable moment or make your grocery list in a spreadsheet, chances are you may be a work-at-home workaholic.

5. The Neighbors Forget What You Look Like
If the police come to your door about a suspicious stranger spotted prowling around your house only to discover the prowler fits your description, you may be spending just a tad too much time behind the computer.

If two or more of the above scenarios describe you, you may be a work-at-home workaholic. If you’re anxious about losing three minutes of productivity because you read this article, it may be time for an intervention.

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About the Author:
Mare is a Registered Nurse with a BS in Business Management, and is a social media fanatic. She’s had 18 years of experience working from home, and can be found at LiveWorld, where she’s a moderation manager. Mare found a position through Virtual Vocations back in 2007, and has been a fan of the site ever since.