Why Telecommuting Is Perfect for Summer Lovers


Love summer? Then you’ll love telecommuting!

For those of us who value working hard and playing hard, telecommuting is the perfect marriage between professional success and personal fun! If you love summer, here are five reasons why you should consider working remotely:

You’re home while your kids are out of school. Telecommuting will give you more quality time with your children during those precious summer months that your kids are on break from school. You can plan fun family outings and activities during your work breaks and adjust your schedule to complete a few hours of work before your children wake in the morning and after they retire for the evening.

You’ll have greater flexibility for summer travel. Scheduling flexibility is telecommuting perk that’s invaluable to summer lovers. As a telecommuter, you can rearrange your schedule to work one or two days per week to free up vacation days or take your laptop, tablet, and smartphone along with you on a working vacation.


You can work from your porch or patio. As long as you have wireless Internet access, you can spend your mornings outside sipping coffee or tea, answering emails, and enjoying a relaxing start to your work day. Doesn’t that beat hectic mornings stuck in summer rush hour traffic?

You’ll have more three-day weekends. With the greater professional independence that telecommuting elicits, you can enjoy more three-day weekends during summer. Work independently and efficiently for four days of the week, then devote three days to summer fun with family and friends.

You won’t have to neglect your garden. If you love summer, chances are you love yard work. Working from home and eliminating your morning commute will give you time to tend to your garden first thing. Additionally, starting your day with a non-work related activity, like gardening, will give you a productivity boost, and having access to fresh vegetables for lunch, instead of eating out like many onsite workers, will help keep you healthy.


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