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Motivated Remote Editor With a Plan Triumphs in Her Online Job Search

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Finding the perfect remote job can be difficult, however, setting goals and taking advantage of all the resources available with Virtual Vocations can help make the process easier. Joanna I. developed a plan and ultimately found a job as a remote editor at Understood.org, an organization that provides tools, support, and a community for people with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD.

Joanna’s VV Victory: Motivated Remote Editor With a Plan Triumphs in Her Online Job Search

Telecommuting was not a new concept for Joanna. Already a veteran of remote work with a career history with companies such as Pearson Publishing, Citation Labs, The Lightstream Group, and Hero_Digital, this Pennsylvania native was motivated by the need to have more control over her personal time. Seeking a role with more flexibility, she decided to find a new telecommute-friendly job using Virtual Vocations job search service.

With a background in marketing and content strategy, more than six years of remote work experience under her belt, two master’s degrees, and an earnings goal, Joanna began by applying to 10 to 15 jobs per week.

The Right Tools Can Make A Difference in a Job Search

In less than three months of using Virtual Vocations and making good use of several of our tools and services such as job email alerts, career industry downloads, and blog, Joanna found a job lead that met her specific prerequisites and piqued her interest. She applied to the remote editor position at Understood.org by responding to one of our job leads posted by Mondo.

A recruiter got in touch with me after reviewing my resume and within a day of our conversation, I had my first interview.

Things moved fast after this point for Joanna. One week later, she had a second interview and the following morning received a job offer and signed the contract for her new telecommute-friendly editing job.

Setting Goals for Success

Although she didn’t encounter many of the common frustrations that come with job searching, setting goals helped Joanna not to get too distracted by a job that didn’t meet all of her prerequisites.

I talked to many different potential clients and employers. But I set a specific earnings goal and some opportunities—while interesting—didn’t meet that goal.

Virtual Vocations Tools That Helped Joanna Find Her New Remote Editor Job

Joanna made the most of her subscription and used many of Virtual Vocations’ tools and resources to land her new role as a remote editor. Let’s look at these services more in-depth:

Job Email Alerts

The job email alerts are a helpful tool that allows users to get access to the newest and freshest telecommute job leads on the Virtual Vocations database. Because the phrase “The early bird catches the worm” applies perfectly to the remote job search process, getting notifications whenever job leads that meet the jobseeker’s requirements are posted inevitably gives the users a head start in the application process. Conveniently, the job email alerts can be scheduled for daily delivery or less.

These alerts can be customized by location, job categories, telecommute level, job titles, education level, career level, travel requirements or any of the other available filters. They can also be curated based on the user’s search history. Using this feature helps eliminate the need to spend hours on the job database searching for new positions and digging through jobs that may not meet all the jobseeker’s requirements.

Career Industry Downloads

The Virtual Vocations website has a variety of PDF downloads for jobseekers searching for background information on a specific industry or for tips on how to prepare for and land a remote job. This section of the Telecommute Toolkit also provides a variety of job interview resources, resume and cover letter templates, industry guides, and a telecommuting proposal packet that helps onsite workers approach their current employers with a plan to transition their current role into something more telecommute-friendly.

A vital PDF for jobseekers searching to transition to a remote work lifestyle includes “The Telecommuting Handbook,” a downloadable document that provides vital information to beginning remote workers on how to set up a home office and how to balance work and home. This document also provides information on how to create an online portfolio, as well as how to spot telecommute job scams and find legitimate remote jobs.

Blog Content

The Virtual Vocations blog contains a plethora of information that helps the remote jobseeker in their journey to find the perfect telecommute job for their needs. The blog contains articles with telecommuting lifestyle advice, job search tips, industry news, remote work statistics and surveys, employer alerts, and telecommuting job resources. According to Joanna, “The blogs were helpful!”

Many of our blog posts also contain information on popular job categories and leading remote employers by state and industry. Our employer alert blog posts also contain links to open positions directly submitted by telecommute-friendly employers. With so many available resources regarding popular or new career paths for remote workers being included, it would behoove jobseekers to dig into this treasure trove of information during their job search.

Job Search Database

The job search database is our pride and joy and the main feature of Virtual Vocations. The company publishes hundreds of human-screened telecommute-friendly jobs that enable jobseekers to work virtually at least 20% of the time. Because all job leads are reviewed and vetted by multiple Virtual Vocations staff members before being posted on the job board, users can save a significant amount of time during the job search process. The company is dedicated to doing the grunt work in filtering out any scam-like jobs, MLM-type or ‘build your own business’ opportunities, and cryptocurrency-only or equity-only jobs.

The job search database also enables users to search, find, and apply to remote jobs that meet their individual requirements for flexibility and experience level via advanced search filters. The filters allow users to narrow down their query results to make the job search experience faster and more productive and ultimately help them find the perfect job that will fit their skill set, lifestyle, and career goals.

Virtual Vocations is glad to have been such a helpful resource during Joanna’s journey to finding her new job.

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