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Job Summary
Full-Time Remote position for a Client Intake Specialist (Law Firm) - TIME ZONE - EST

The Client Intake Specialist (CIS) is a non-attorney who handles the client intake and sales for the Firm. The primary functions are to pre-qualify and screen leads, conduct initial consultations with prospective new clients, convert them to clients, and successfully onboard the new client for the legal team.

The CIS may work with a designated assistant or the receptionist to schedule prospective new clients for initial consultations, make appointment-reminder calls, and make win-back calls.


The CIS is a hybrid position: Intake Coordinator and Salesperson.

Intake Coordinator

1. The ultimate outcome/output of the Intake Coordinator is moving the potential client forward to their Goals & Planning Conference, and initiating the pre-engagement glide path to boost sales.

2. The intake phase screens out unqualified leads through a series of questions designed to identify if the matter falls within the firm's practice area and jurisdiction - and then screens for conflicts as well.

3. When a qualified lead is moved forward from intake to their Goals & Planning Conference, the CIS is responsible for initiating the pre-engagement glide path to create/foster a sense of urgency about engaging the Firm.

4. The CIS should also be sure everyone who contacts the Firm for help is better off for their effort. This may take the form of a referral to an appropriate firm or professional contact, sharing free resources produced by the firm, or some other assistance.

5. The CIS is responsible for updating the Firm's Lead Conversion System, Rainmaker, and providing daily reports on required key metrics.

6. The CIS is also responsible for keeping up on all predetermined tasks, emails, and PNC follow-up calls at the time intervals set within Rainmaker.

7. Other initial call-related tasks as assigned

Sales/Solutions Specialist

1. Once moving the potential client forward from their initial call, the CIS will conduct in-depth, telephonic, in-person, and/or Zoom meetings with qualified Prospective New Clients (PNCs). During these meetings the CIS will:

a. Collect information about the PNCs and the matters for which they are seeking the Firm's help; show compassion for their troubles while maintaining urgency to help the PNC move forward.

b. Provide a general description of the Firm's services in the area that the PNC needs help; assuring the PNCs that the Firm's team will be able to help them.

c. If appropriate, send informational materials after the conclusion of the meeting.

2. In accordance with the ethical rules governing lawyers, the CIS will not provide legal advice. The CIS may share a retainer fee that has been determined by the Owner, and the CIS will prepare prospective clients for entering into an engagement agreement with the Firm by obtaining the client's signature and payment.

3. The CIS will oversee the client onboarding process:

a. Send emails to appropriate parties within the Firm to start a new case and convert a potential client file from Rainmaker into a matter file in Clio.

b. Follow up with clients 3-5 business days after the client meets their legal team at their Strategy Session. CIS is checking in to ensure a smooth transition, and flag any concerns that have come up after the Strategy Session.

c. Continued checkpoint calls throughout the matter are conducted to ensure the client is receiving great support and answer any of their current concerns. All client feedback is noted in Clio and shared with the legal team.

4. The CIS will keep detailed records in Rainmaker and Clio about the PNCs and clients, including G&P Conference, and any additional information gathered in the subsequent follow-up GAS Calls .

5. Prepare for and attend the weekly review of a recorded sales call with Owners and Director of Operations.

6. Other sales tasks as assigned.

Common Duties for both Intake and Sales

1. The CIS will stay in contact with leads who do not move forward to keep the door open for them when they are ready.

2. The CIS will attend daily stand-up meetings with their team and actively engage in dialogue with management regarding the quality of the leads; offering constructive feedback.

Education & Experience

2 years of experience in sales of products or services, luxury or high-end products and services are preferred. A proven track record using a consultative sales approach is required.

Education and/or work experience equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree.

A strong interest in consultative solutions selling.

Experience with a CRM, particularly reporting, required.

Knowledge of the legal industry is an asset.

Real life experience & a few battle scars to give you empathy and understanding is an asset. Experience overcoming a major obstacle in life and making an important change in your life, so you know at your core that others can do it too, is a plus.

Ability to have tough conversations; helping people choose to move forward towards a solution.

NOTE: Non-attorney support staff are prohibited from practicing law by the ABA's Rules of Professional Conduct and State Bar Association rules. All client-focused work done by the CIS must be in support of and under the supervision of an attorney. In dealing with clients and potential clients, the CIS must be careful not to inadvertently slip into the unlawful practice of law. This would include answering client questions about what will happen in their case or recommending that a client undertake a certain course of legal action during their case. In accordance with Bar rules, the CIS does not give legal advice, approve client engagements or share fees with the Firm.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $25.00 per hour


Dental insurance
Health insurance
Paid time off

8 hour shift
Monday to Friday

Requires a love for client interaction, a professional and empathetic demeanor, and a love for sales. We are looking for an individual who is humble, hungry, and smart.


Bachelor's (Preferred)


Sales: 3 years (Required)

Work Location: Remote