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Guide to Remote Project Management Jobs — Jobseeker Resource and Download

The Virtual Vocations Guide to Remote Project Management Jobs is a remote jobseeker resource and action plan for finding and applying to remote project management jobs—one of the top 10 job categories among all telecommuting occupations.

For your convenience and shareability, we have compiled our expert project management tips and jobseeker resources into a project management jobs guide PDF. This career resource and download is accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Follow this link to view and download the Guide to Remote Project Management Jobs PDF or click the button below.

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Guide to Remote Project Management Jobs

Project managers are goal- and detail-oriented leaders. They initiate, plan, manage, monitor, and execute projects, from ideation to completion, with the help of teams they coordinate, finances they procure, and deadlines they set in conjunction with upper management.

Remote project managers perform these duties from a home-based office. While some telecommuting project managers may work from home 100% of the time, most are required to travel periodically or appear on-site at a company headquarters or other job location to oversee project progress.  

Project Management Industry Overview

In 2019, project management ranked sixth among Virtual Vocations’ list of the 10 best industries for remote work, per our 2019 Year-End Report.

From 2018 to 2019, the number of available remote jobs within the project management sector increased by 20%.

Estimated Project Management Industry Job Growth

The Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the leading association for professionals working in project, portfolio, and program management, monitors employment outlooks for the industry. “By 2027, employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles,” according to PMI’s analysis.

Partnering with PMI, Anderson Economic Group (AEG) examined project-related job opportunities across 11 countries considered to be economically developed or growing. The companies’ analysis found that from 2017 through 2027, “job growth is expected to be 33 percent collectively” for project-based career fields.

By 2027, U.S. growth in project-oriented employment is projected to rise by 31%.

Source: Project Management Institute

Expected Education for Project Management Industry Professionals

General project managers are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in business, management, or a similar field. A project manager working within a specific job sector like information technology, healthcare, education, marketing, engineering, or construction should possess a four-year degree relevant to their area of expertise as well as maintain any necessary professional licenses in good standing.

Project Management Certification

Earning a project management certification can strengthen the credibility and professional prospects of project managers.

Project management certifications should only be obtained through transparent, reputable organizations. Associations like the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM), the Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM), and PMI provide a variety of project-related certification programs. Additionally, online project management degrees and certificates may be awarded through some university and college programs.

PMI offers the most widely recognized certification options in project management, program management, business analysis, risk management, scheduling, portfolio management, and more. Furthermore, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can be earned even if “project manager” is not part of your job title; the PMP is for any professional tasked with overseeing project completion. According to PMI, the PMP certification translates to increased earnings. “The median salary for PMP holders in the U.S. is 25% higher than those without PMP certification…”

Remote Project Management Job Options

Visit the Virtual Vocations job board to search for remote project management jobs that suit your skills and professional experience. To jumpstart your remote job search, explore current remote job openings in the following popular categories of telecommuting project management jobs.

Search Remote Project Management Job Openings Now

Remote Project Management Wages Data

As of July 2020, the median annual salary for general project managers is $74,263, according to PayScale. In addition, project managers may qualify for additional earnings from profit sharing, bonuses, and commissions depending on their employers and the terms of their employment contracts. The average bonus amount for general project managers in the U.S. is $4,983.

Top paying U.S. cities for project management positions include the following locations:

  1. Washington, District of Columbia (14% higher than average)
  2. Houston, Texas (11% higher than average)
  3. Los Angeles, California (8% higher than average)
  4. New York, New York (7% higher than average)
  5. Seattle, Washington (6% higher than average)

Regardless of location, higher salaries for general project managers correlate to years of experience in the role.

Project managers with one to four years’ experience earn an average annual salary of $63,961; meanwhile, late-career project managers with 20 or more years’ experience earn average annual wages of $90,743.

Median Annual Wages for Remote Project Managers

  • Project Coordinator (Unspecified/General): $50,070
  • Project Analyst: $59,854
  • Marketing Project Manager: $62,225
  • Operations Project Manager: $73,095
  • Project Manager (Unspecified/General): $74,263
  • Construction Project Manager: $74,907
  • Project Leader (Unspecified/General): $78,013
  • Information Technology Project Manager: $88,822
  • Software Development Project Manager: $89,256
  • Clinical Project Manager: $90,821
  • Technical Project Manager: $92,870
  • Engineering Project Manager: $93,530
  • Project Management Director: $122,944

Common Salary Ranges for Remote Project Management Jobs

When researching and applying to remote jobs, knowing common salary ranges for project management occupations will help remote jobseekers determine the lowest pay they should accept for a remote job in their field, regardless of their location. All of the project management salary ranges listed below were researched via the PayScale Salary Data & Career Research Center; they were compiled based on wages data from July 2020.

  • Project Coordinator (Unspecified/General): $37,000 – $70,000
  • Project Analyst: $45,000 – $82,000
  • Marketing Project Manager: $41,000 – $93,000
  • Operations Project Manager: $49,000 – $111,000
  • Project Manager (Unspecified/General): $49,000 – $112,000
  • Construction Project Manager: $49,000 – $119,000
  • Project Leader (General): $51,000 – $121,000
  • Information Technology Project Manager: $56,000 – $127,000
  • Software Development Project Manager: $56,000 – $129,000
  • Clinical Project Manager: $59,000 – $132,000
  • Technical Project Manager: $61,000 – $132,000
  • Engineering Project Manager: $63,000 – $135,000
  • Project Management Director: $75,000 – $170,000

Remote Project Management Jobseeker Action Plan

Virtual Vocations provides jobseekers with the tools, information, and resources to conduct safe, efficient, and high-quality remote job searches. We also recognize that finding and landing the right remote job takes time.

The following action plan outlined here in our Guide to Remote Project Management Jobs will provide remote project management jobseekers with actionable steps they can take now to move their job searches forward.

Identify Core Skills for Your Remote Project Management Career

Universal Skills for Remote Work

When applying to remote project management jobs, ensure your employment documents, like your resume and cover letter, focus on highlighting universal remote work skills that every employer seeks in a job applicant.

  1. Self-discipline
  2. Re-engineering
  3. Collaboration
  4. Online Research
  5. Positivity
  6. Computers
  7. Flexibility
  8. Networking
  9. Writing
  10. Creativity

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Comprehensive Skills for Remote Project Management Jobs

In addition to universally required skills for remote work, project management professionals should possess comprehensive skills relevant to their responsibilities. Remote project management jobseekers should showcase these top five skills as they apply to telecommuting jobs in project management:

  1. Leadership: From assembling a team to developing an idea into an executable plan, project managers should be able to take charge of an entire project life cycle.
  2. Critical Thinking: It is essential for project managers to be able to see the big picture of a project, theorize and mitigate any potential problems or delays, and think ahead on how the project will evolve over time.
  3. Budgeting: Money management is an essential skill for project managers since they are responsible for securing project financing, creating and implementing project budgets, managing team salaries and vendor payments, and resolving cash emergencies.
  4. Organization: To successfully manage a project from inception to completion, project managers must be highly organized professionals capable of succinctly determining the who, what, when, where, how, and why of every project step.
  5. Communication: Effective communication is the cornerstone of project management. Whether negotiating project terms, documenting project plans and progress, engaging and updating stakeholders, or resolving conflicts among team members, project managers must be communication experts.

Include Core Skills in Your Resume and Cover Letter

A well-written, keyword-optimized resume and cover letter will help set you apart from the competition. When crafting these employment documents, it is essential to include core skills. Here are some examples of how to showcase your core project management skills in a resume and cover letter.

Example of Core Project Management Skills Showcased in a Cover Letter

Examples of Core Project Management Skills Showcased in a Resume

Explore Remote-Enabled Companies Continuously Hiring in Project Management

Virtual Vocations researched remote-enabled companies known for hiring telecommuting project managers and compiled them into a helpful list for remote jobseekers. For each employer, we provided examples of remote jobs those employers are known to fill as well as a link to the employer’s Virtual Vocations company profile.

Any available remote project management job openings with these employers are linked within their company profiles. The company profiles also contain a researched company summary and quick-access links to the employer’s website and social media pages.

PRA Health Sciences

Examples of remote jobs with PRA Health Sciences that have been found in the Virtual Vocations database include Remote Clinical Trial Manager, Remote Oncology or NASH Clinical Trials Project Manager, Remote Real World Solutions Late Phase Services Project Manager, and Remote Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Clinical Trials Project Manager.

View PRA Health Science’s Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

ICON plc

Examples of remote jobs with ICON plc that have been found in the Virtual Vocations database include Remote Women’s Health Senior Project Manager, Remote CNS Rare Diseases Project Manager, Telecommute Biotech Project Manager, and Remote Senior Clinical Project Manager.

View ICON plc’s Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


Examples of remote jobs with Notarize that have been found in the Virtual Vocations database include Telecommute Enterprise Onboarding Project Manager, Telecommute Integrations Technical Project Manager, and Remote Real Estate Customer Success Manager.

View Notarize’s Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


Examples of remote jobs with Scopic that have been found in the Virtual Vocations database include Remote Software Project Manager, Work from Home Project Manager, Remote Business Intelligence Specialist, and Remote DevOps Software Engineer.

View Scopic’s Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

WunderLand Group

Examples of remote jobs with WunderLand Group that have been found in the Virtual Vocations database include Remote Digital Project Manager, Telecommute Mobile Product Manager, Telecommute Packaging Project Manager, and Telecommute Marketing Operations Director.

View WunderLand Group’s Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

Use Virtual Vocations Jobseeker Resources

Virtual Vocations is here to help jobseekers who want to work from home in project management roles. Remote project management jobseekers can utilize the following Virtual Vocations jobseeker resources to maximize their hireability and improve their job search prospects.

Career Services

The Virtual Vocations Career Services department provides the following expert services for mid-level and C-level remote jobseekers:

E-Courses for Remote Jobseekers

Sign up for the following Virtual Vocations e-courses via the Telecommute Toolkit page of your Virtual Vocations account.

Telecommute Companies Database

The Virtual Vocations Telecommute Companies Database is filled with more than 20,000 researched company profiles of businesses and organizations known for hiring remote workers. In addition to the remote-enabled employers featured in this Guide to Remote Project Management Jobs, remote jobseekers can find current openings from all project management employers by clicking the button below or following this link to explore project management employers.

Remote Jobseeker Blog Content

Project management jobseekers should not miss the following relevant blog posts about successfully preparing for a remote job search:

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Virtual Vocations Jobseeker Success Stories

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