General Questions

Virtual Vocations is a job service that provides job-seekers with hand-screened remote jobs leads that offer real pay for real work. From account management to writing, the job openings we bring you cover more than 65 career categories. Instead of spending hours searching the web for legitimate online jobs, let Virtual Vocations save you the time and hassle by providing you with all remote jobs, all in one place.

We specialize in work from home jobs. As a 100% remote company for the past six years, we have earned first-hand insight into the world of remote employment, including knowing what is reasonable pay and responsibilities for a given position, how to spot a scam, and where to find the hidden-gem job listings.

And we don’t stop there. In addition to bringing you fresh daily remote job listings that you can apply to right away, daily job alert emails, online storage for resumes and cover letters to help speed-up the application process, a convenient account management area that lets you save jobs and track job application history, and dedicated customer service eager to help in your job search.

We understand if you’re hesitant to pay for a subscription to our service. The golden rule when looking for a remote job is “never pay an employer for a job” and we couldn’t agree more!

When you become a paid subscriber to Virtual Vocations, you’re not paying for a job – you are paying for a safe, fast, and easy way to find, track, and apply to new remote job leads. We shield you from scams, low-paying gigs, pricy business opportunities and unscrupulous offers so time spent using our service increases your productivity in finding a job.

Our service is designed with you in mind. We don’t answer to executive boards, advertisers or employers – we answer to YOU and we have come to understand that our low-cost subscription service provides us the best way to serve our members versus a more traditional employer-based or advertising revenue model.

Yes! We understand many job-seekers don’t have unlimited disposable income while looking for a job, which is why we offer a free registration option. Free registration grants you partial access to our database of recent remote job leads. Free jobs are randomly selected job from our database and you can apply right away. If you don’t find any jobs that are free to begin with, keep checking back – we add new jobs hourly, Monday through Saturday.

If you want to explore our site and services before purchasing a subscription, registration is free and provides you with a number of benefits.

Your free registration to Virtual Vocations service, provides the following benefits:

  • Gain access to apply to hundreds of free remote job leads
  • Personalized email job alerts based on job-search preferences
  • Save jobs to apply later
  • Create personalized notes on saved jobs
  • Confidential upload and storage of resume and cover letters to quickly apply to new jobs
  • Job History to easily track jobs you already applied to
  • Free telecommuting handbook
  • Access to members-only job updates
  • Exclusive discount offers on paid membership

Purchasing a Virtual Vocations subscription not only saves you time and frustration, your paid subscription provides the following benefits:

  • Instant access to thousands of remote job leads the moment they are posted to our site
  • Access to remote companies database
  • Create a personalized portfolio of work samples
  • Personalized email job alerts based on job-search preferences
  • Save jobs to apply later
  • Create personalized notes on saved jobs
  • Confidential upload and storage of resume and cover letters to quickly apply to new jobs
  • Job History to easily track jobs you already applied to
  • Free telecommuting handbook
  • Exclusive online courses and action plans to help in your job search

Our team of trained and dedicated researchers visit hundreds of online job resources, including remote-friendly employer websites, industry and specialty job boards, blogs, social media streams, and direct employer listings to bring you the newest remote jobs available.

Yes! We verify the legitimacy of every job posted to our site. Our staff of committed job researchers and summarizers personally screen every job opening and only approve jobs that meet our high standards. We only posts jobs that offer guaranteed payment such as salary, hourly, or project-based.

We do not post fee based, solely commission based, ad typing for Internet sites, or “start your own business” opportunities. We recommend you never pay a fee for “employment” or give out your bank account information to receive payments.

We dedicate a lot of time researching job postings to ensure they are legitimate, but please note Virtual Vocations is a small family-owned and operated company and we simply don’t have the manpower to personally contact every single employer regarding the jobs we find and post to our website.

While we do try our best to screen the positions, once in a while we mess up! Please bear with us if you come across a job lead that doesn’t seem quite right, and PLEASE let us know through our contact page so we can remove the posting promptly and investigate.

Business opportunities and commission-only jobs typically have unrealistic performance expectations and grandiose promises of future income without paying out a dime for your hard work. We believe people should be paid a fair wage for the work they perform. Virtual Vocations only lists jobs from established businesses that are looking for employee or 1099 Independent Contractor.

All jobs listed on our site are less than 30 days old from the date the employer originally posted it. Our staff posts job leads every day, Monday-Saturday to ensure you have access to the latest remote job leads that have been posted by employers within the last 24-72 hours. We make every effort to provide new job leads so you don't waste your time applying to positions that were filled weeks ago.

The time takes each person to find a remote job varies, as do skills and qualifications. We believe that each person has skills in an area that can benefit another person or company, so keep applying and you will have success!

No. We currently do not allow employers to post their own job listings directly to our site. Employers who want to post a job opening on our site must contact us directly so we can ensure the company is legit, the job listing is legal and valid, and the position offers a fair wage.

Virtual Vocations provides a risk free, money back guarantee to all of our members who pay for services. If you are not satisfied with our service, simply cancel your subscription and request a refund within 30 days of signing up. We will promptly process a refund of your payment. Each member is entitled to only one refund under these terms during the lifetime of the Virtual Vocations website. Refunds will be given by crediting the PayPal account or credit card that was used for purchase. No cash or check refunds will be given. Members who have received a completed resume assessment are no longer eligible for a refund.

Absolutely. Virtual Vocations uses an industry standard SSL certificate to encrypt your data. We will never sell or share your email address with any other person/company. Read our privacy policy here.

Paid Subscription Questions

You are more than welcome to subscribe and apply to the positions on our site. It is up to the individual employers to decide whether they will hire internationally. Some employers communicate applicants must live in a specific area while others are completely virtual. Whenever possible we include that information in the job listing.

Virtual Vocations primary goal is to provide you, the job-seeker, with legitimate and current remote job openings. While we do provide the job postings, we are not directly affiliated with the employer and do not have any contact with employers regarding who they do or do not contact for interviews. If an employer has interest in hiring you, they will contact you directly via your email address.

Your profile contains a Job History area where you can see all of the jobs you’ve applied to through our website. Log into your account and click the “Profile” tab, then select the “Job History” tab to view all of the jobs you have applied to.

All subscriptions are recurring. You can select the frequency of your subscription and you can cancel your subscription at any time. To avoid a cancelation request refund, please be sure to cancel your subscription before the next due date to avoid upcoming charges. After you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to our paid subscription area and its features for the remainder of the time you have already paid for.

You can either cancel your subscription by logging into your PayPal account, or contact us via email or phone at least 2 business days before your next payment is due and we will cancel it for you.

You can cancel through your VirtualVocations’ account by logging into your account, clicking the ‘Profile’ tab, then the ‘Subscription’ tab. Click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ link.

Technical Support Questions

Usually the problem has to do with cookies being disabled in your browser. Our site requires the use of cookies, so they need to be enabled in your browser to use most of the functionality of this site. You should also check and make sure your computer is set to the correct date and time.

There is a “password reset” section when logging in. If you have forgotten your password or cannot login, please use this feature so a new password will be emailed to your email account. You should then log in and change your password to one you will remember.

Your payment is sent through PayPal, which automatically activates your subscription with us as soon as your payment clears. If you paid by echeck or from a bank account through PayPal instead of drawing funds from a PayPal balance, it may take up to 24 hours or until your check clears your account to activate your membership.

If you purchased a subscription through PayPal using a credit or debit card and you are not able to log in and apply to jobs after 24 hours, please email us through our customer support contact form.

If you have additional questions or comments, please use the Contact Us feature and we will return your email within 24 hours or the next business day if submitted on a weekend or holiday. Thank you!