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professional resumé review

Think your resumé isn’t critical to your success? Think again. Before you apply to job openings, submit your resumé for a Virtual Vocations Professional Resumé Review. 

A resumé is a vital pillar for your career. It tells the story of your education, experience, and skills. It also demonstrates your ability to communicate meaningful information concisely and accurately. Your resumé says a lot about you as a professional and is often the first impression you make on potential employers.

In the telecommuting world, intelligently constructed written communication is essential. It’s less common to find remote work through face-to-face business networking, as most telecommuting positions are advertised via online job boards and recruiting websites. Though some employers receive employee referrals, many initial conversations for telecommuting jobs take place over email or an online portal. Thus, telecommuters must be skilled at marketing themselves through written communication, especially the resumé.

Virtual Vocations Professional Resumé Review Overview

Whether you’re a professional writer or language arts dropout, it’s helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes review your resumé. At Virtual Vocations, our team of human resources and resumé writing experts provides a one-of-a-kind resumé review service to help you land your next telecommuting job. This service is more than simple proofreading or style advice. Virtual Vocations’ Professional Resumé Review is a comprehensive analysis of your most critical career document and the overall impression it presents.

Here are some of the major areas that the review team addresses:

Key Resumé Components

Though resumés may change in appearance as new technologies and trends emerge, their purpose remains the same: to communicate your knowledge, skills, and experience and prove that you are a perfect fit for a job. Therefore, your resumé must contain the essential components that employers use to evaluate your qualifications.

You probably already know to include your work experience and education, but you may ask questions like:

  • Should I have a summary or an objective section?
  • Should I list my graduation dates and GPAs?
  • How far back should I go when listing my work experience?
  • Should I include my home address?
  • Where should I list my certifications?

Our experts help you determine which key resumé components are appropriate for telecommuting jobs in your industry. They also provide guidance on optimizing each section to make every word count. Since job applications are sometimes submitted online through an applicant tracking system (ATS), our team helps you structure your resumé to ensure the ATS reads your resumé correctly.


Whether you submit your resumé through an ATS, upload it to a website, or send it by email, you want to include keywords specific to your industry and job category. Keywords are individual words and phrases that employers look for to determine whether your resumé matches the job description and requirements. ATS software also uses keywords to scan your resumé for specific qualifications. However, it’s easy to overdo it and use keywords incorrectly. For example, you don’t want to randomly list a bunch of corporate buzzwords at the end of the document, especially if they’re unrelated your skills and experience.

When applying for telecommuting jobs, you also want to include keywords that demonstrate your telecommuting experience or that you’re capable of working from home. Though the nature of remote work is often the same as in-office work, telecommuting requires some additional skills. For example, you need strong self-management skills to adhere to business hours, avoid distractions, stay on task, and meet deadlines. No one is physically looking over your shoulder, so you need to be your own personal manager and hold yourself accountable.

Our experts provide guidance on how to use keywords effectively throughout your resumé. They can pinpoint sections that need more keywords to draw an employer’s attention and help your resumé get filtered through an ATS. They also encourage you to tailor your targeted keywords to each job description. Though tailoring your resumé may sound daunting, nothing attracts success more than good old fashion hard work. Lucky for you, our team is here to spot you during the heavy lifting and nudge you in the right direction.

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Formatting and Style

The first thing that employers notice is how your resumé looks overall. If the font is too small or if the content is visually unorganized, you might begin your job application on the wrong foot. Keep in mind, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for resumé formatting and style. Therefore, you want to have a couple of versions tailored to different job categories and company types.

For example, if you’re applying for a job related to design and creativity, you may want to fancify your resumé to show off your skills. A stunning, colorful document that flows well and represents your uniqueness may impress startups, contemporary small businesses, or companies that seek innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers. However, if you’re applying for a job with standardized business tasks and processes, a simple and direct document may be more appropriate. Conventional organizations may also prefer a plainer resumé devoid of color, social media icons, and nontraditional fonts.

Now, stylized resumés are great for uploading to recruiting sites and sending over email, but you still need a format-free version tailored to ATS software. Think about it: How many times have you copy and pasted individual lines of your resumé to an employer’s online application portal? After creating a beautifully designed resumé, it’s always discouraging to remove your stylized content and manually enter your information line by line. Fortunately, some ATS’s offer the option to upload your resumé, and then the software fills in all the fields. However, you don’t want to upload a fancily formatted resumé because the software might not decode the data correctly. Instead, you want to create a separate version from which the ATS can accurately extract information.

Our reviewers will recommend specific formatting and style elements that make your resumé stand out while adhering to industry standards. They also provide guidance on how to format your resumé specifically for an ATS, which will spare you time and frustration.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Consistency

Though formatting and style help make a first impression, appearance only goes so far. If your award-winning resumé design contains basic spelling and punctuation errors, looks don’t mean squat. No matter what type of job you’re seeking, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of writing, construct sentences correctly, and maintain consistency throughout a document. For example, you want to maintain an active voice and use consistent verb tense, tone, and capitalization. You also want to write clearly and concisely to communicate your qualifications within the recommended page limit.

Our review experts will identify glaring spelling and punctuation issues; however, make sure you run a spelling and grammar check before submitting. It’s also helpful to read your content aloud to make sure it sounds right and catch anything your spellchecker may have missed. Our team may also point out major inconsistencies in the way you describe your work achievements and responsibilities. Even if you’re an expert writer, a second opinion is always helpful to sharpen your document.

Gaps in Employment, Education, or Skills

If you are rejoining the workforce or transitioning to a new industry, your resumé may contain gaps in employment, education, or skills. Though employers may be understanding and willing to accommodate your individual needs, they still need straightforward evidence that you’re fit for the job. There’s no need to worry, however. Your past life choices and circumstances don’t dictate your future success. Upon request, our pros can offer tips for filling in the gaps without embellishing or sounding inexperienced.

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Common Resumé Mistakes

From misspellings to vague phrases and disorganized structure – we’ve seen it all. Many job applicants make the same mistakes over and over, and they wonder why they can’t land their dream job. Employers don’t intentionally look for faux pas, but it’s hard not to notice them and subsequently question the integrity of the applicants. For example, when employers catch multiple inconsistencies in a resumé, they may think:

  • Is this person careless? They didn’t seem to proofread their application thoroughly.
  • Is this person unreliable? Will they perform this way when they work for me?
  • Is this person negligent? Will this person overlook essential details while working with my team?

Remember, your resumé represents who you are as a professional. A well-constructed resumé can be your meal ticket, but a sloppy one with lots of mistakes can leave you hungry and out of work. Our experts can quickly identify where you’ve committed a common resumé no-no and provide insight and resources to help you amend the error. The more you know what not to do, the closer you are at creating a winning resumé.

Ready to Launch Your Telecommuting Career?

If you’re looking at your resumé with uncertain eyes, it’s probably time to summon the pros. Our Professional Resumé Review service is available to free members and premium subscribers. Simply sign up for a Virtual Vocations membership, navigate to Additional Services, and add the Professional Resumé Review to your cart. Keep in mind, if you choose our premium subscription, you receive a generous discount on the review. Once you activate the service, upload your document to the Resumé Review section in your account. In two to three business days, you’ll receive a write-up from one of our expert reviewers with tons of information to help you succeed.

Don’t have a resumé or need to start over from scratch? No problem. When you join as a paid Virtual Vocations subscriber, you’ll have access to the free Create a Winning Telecommuting Resumé eCourse, which is five-day, self-directed tutorial sent directly to your email account. The course walks you through the resumé creation process and helps you tailor your resumé to telecommuting jobs. You can also download templates and guides from our Telecommuting Toolkit. Once you have a solid base, request a professional review from our expert team. We will show you how to polish your resumé so that you feel confident applying to new jobs.

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Not sure whether a professional review is valuable? Consider how badly you want your next big job and how important it is to find a telecommuting position. Think about all the benefits of working from home and the type of lifestyle remote work provides. If achieving your career goals is crucial for living your preferred lifestyle, then it’s worth investing in yourself and getting additional help from our telecommuting specialists.

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