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  • Cinder Staffing

    Cinder Staffing is a staffing agency based in Oregon that specializes in helping their clients find experts in a variety of tech fields. Cinder was voted as a top 10 staffing agency in 2014 by Portland Business Journal. Cinder Staffing hires work-from-home professionals into various tech-related positions.

  • Doherty Staffing Solutions

    Doherty Staffing Solutions is a premier staffing agency based in Edina, Minnesota. Doherty Staffing Solutions specializes in on-site staffing, light industrial staffing, payrolling, and call center staffing. Doherty Staffing Solutions offers a wide variety of positions, including human resources assistant and technician, with the opportunity to work remotely.

  • Credential Medical Staffing

    Credential Medical Staffing is a staffing agency that seeks to bless the lives of Nurses and Doctors by providing them with the jobs that meet their wants and needs. Believing strongly in the law of reciprocity, Credential Medical Staffing is an industry leader in recognizing and engaging top ranked Nurses and Doctors. This staffing firms provides remote and onsite job opportunities across the nation.

  • Talener Technology Staffing

    Talener Technology Staffing is a premier staffing agency that focuses primarily on all manners of IT jobs. They match their clients with the right candidates to fill the position, which leads to more frequent long-term success. Talener Technology Staffing will hire remote workers in a wide range of tech positions.

  • X4 Group (X4 Tech Staffing)

    X4 Group (X4 Tech Staffing) is a technology-based staffing agency in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2008, X4 Tech Staffing has been providing progressive information technology-based staff recruitment for a variety of businesses. X4 Tech Staffing has offered remote-option positions in the past including Bluetooth developer.

  • INFOSEC Staffing

    INFOSEC Staffing is a California-based staffing agency that works primarily in the information technology industry. This agency works to place extremely specialized candidates in appropriate positions for a wide range of commercial IT companies. This employer will hire qualified remote workers for a variety of roles including cybersecurity specialists.

  • Prestige Staffing

    Based out of Atlanta, Prestige Staffing is a staffing agency with nearly 20 years of experience in the business. They operate primarily in the IT and healthcare industries. This employer will hire quality candidates to work remotely in a wide range of IT and healthcare positions.

  • Zeroin Staffing

    Zeroin is a different kind of staffing agency. Zeroin Staffing offers several different types of job opportunities like temporary staffing, contract to hire staffing, permanent staffing, payroll process outsourcing and recruitment process outsourcing. This company offers specialty recruitment in telecommunications, information technologies, and engineering. Zeroin Staffing provides onsite and telecommuting job positions.