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  • ADA Transcription

    ADA Transcription is a full service transcription company that converts audio and dictation files into text documents. The company works with everyone, from individual students with a one-time project to large firms requiring recurring monthly work. Transcription assignments range from interviews and focus groups to workers' compensation reports and hearings. All transcriptionists work from a home office.

  • Quick Transcription Service (QTS)

    Quick Transcription Service is a transcription company that provides multiple services to their customers beyond transcriptions including captioning, translation, and typing. The company was founded in 2008 and is currently headquartered in New York City, New York. Quick Transcription Service hires telecommute workers as needed for positions such as virtual transcriptionists.

  • KeyStrokes Transcription

    KeyStrokes Transcription is a medical transcription service located in the suburbs of Chicago that employs approximately 500 transcribers, and growing. KeyStrokes is a telecommute-friendly company and regularly offers medical transcription positions for U.S.-based remote Transcribers. Telecommuting Transcribers with KeyStrokes Transcription are issued W-2 tax forms and receive benefits.

  • Daily Transcription, Inc.

    Daily Transcription, Inc. provides legal, corporate, academic, and market research transcription services. They also offer multi-language translation services. Daily Transcription, Inc. offers jobs for part and full-time, on-call, freelance Transcriptionists. These positions are suited for entry-level or professional Transcriptionists, and can be performed remotely.

  • The Audio Transcription Center

    The Audio Transcription Center is a transcription company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1966, The Audio Transcription Center transcribes for oral historians, government agencies, financial services companies, StoryCorps, the Federal Reserve, NASA, and educational institutions. The Audio Transcription Center hires transcriptionists who can type over 75 words-per-minute for remote opportunities.

  • Pioneer Transcription Services

    Pioneer Transcription Services, founded in 1990, provides digital online transcription services including interview transcription, legal transcription, podcast transcription, dictation transcription, focus groups, and more. They specialize in transcribing witness interviews, dictated legal documents and summaries. Pioneer Transcription Services offers the opportunity of providing legal transcription services from your home. These positions are for independent subcontractors, and require subcontractors to have their own equipment, including computers, word processing software, and transcription software and hardware.

  • GMR Transcription Services, Inc.

    GMR Transcription Services, Inc. was founded in 2004, and operates out of ten locations throughout the United States, with headquarters in Tustin, CA. The company specializes in transcription services, but also offers translation, editing, proofreading, and interpretation services. They take pride in their 98% accuracy rate, and serve more than 6,400 clients. GMR Transcription Services, Inc. offers remote, U.S. based positions for Transcriptionists, Interpreters, and Certified Translators.

  • Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc.

    Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc. is a medium-sized transcription company that concentrates on providing quality and innovative technology solutions to the healthcare industry. Founded in 1988, Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc. employs healthcare document specialists that are well-informed and possess a full complement of interpretive skills with ESL authors. Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc. is a telecommute-friendly company that is always on the lookout for hard-working, dependable transcriptionists residing in the United States