Telecommuting Curriculum Specialist Jobs

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Take a look at the latest remote and online curriculum specialist jobs. Whether you want a full-time telecommute job or just more flexible hours, Virtual Vocations can help.

As an online curriculum specialist, you are responsible for developing lesson plans and materials for an educational course. You may develop short courses or work with the curriculum for an entire department. You can work for a traditional school, a virtual learning platform, or an employee training program. Especially on the digital side, it’s easy to find remote work in this field. However, many employers expect you to already have some curriculum design experience. You also need a degree in education or a field related to the curriculum.

To succeed as an online curriculum specialist, you need a passion for education and strong written communication skills. Current job listings include Remote Toyology Curriculum Specialist, Remote Lead Trainer and Curriculum Development Specialist, and Remote Senior Curriculum Developer.