Telecommuting Guidance Counselor Jobs

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Take a look at the latest online guidance counselor positions that let you work from a remote location. Virtual Vocations screens thousands of telecommute job listings, so no matter your needs, we can help you find your dream career.

As a guidance counselor, you help students navigate through their school career by providing both academic and emotional advice. If you work with high school students, you may focus on college planning, while a counselor in an elementary school may concentrate more on emotional and behavioral issues. In an online roll, you may work with students that can’t physically attend meetings or lend additional support to schools that are short staffed. Remote roles are not common in this field. You usually need a master’s degree and the appropriate license for your state.

To succeed as an online guidance counselor, you need exceptional communication skills and a compassionate personality. Specific job titles include Remote High School Guidance Counselor, Telecommute School Counselor, and Remote Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Counselor.