Telecommuting It Project Manager Jobs

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Browse the latest remote and online IT project manager jobs. The Virtual Vocations staff screens thousands of telecommute job listings, so no matter what you need out of a new flexible career, we can help you find it.

As an online IT Project manager, you help a company initiate a new technology project. You also oversee the project from start to finish, usually managing a team of entry to mid-level employees. The projects you oversee can vary significantly, so your duties can change between projects. You need qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in computer science, but since you delegate most of the hands-on duties, your management skills are more important than your technical abilities. Expect to work your way up through lower-level IT positions before landing a project management job. Remote jobs are becoming more and more common, but you may need to occasionally come in to work with hardware or train non-technical employees.

To succeed as an online IT project manager, you need strong leadership and communication skills to motivate employees you do not see in person. Job titles include Telecommute IT Project Manager, Remote Federal IT Project Manager, and Telecommute Senior IT Project Manager.