Telecommuting Legal Assistant Jobs

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Browse the latest online legal assistant jobs that let you work from a remote location. The Virtual Vocations staff has screened thousands of telecommute job listings to help you find the perfect next step in your career.

As a legal assistant, you help a law firm or attorney with a variety of tasks, ranging from basic office work to legal research. This is not the same thing as a paralegal, but many of your duties overlap. Some employers may even expect you to be a certified paralegal. Educational qualifications range based on how much legal work you do, but all employers expect you to have some background knowledge or experience in the legal field. Online positions are available, but this may impact the kind of work you do. For example, a remote legal assistant may focus more on research than administrative work.

To succeed as an online legal assistant, you need strong research skills and familiarity with the American legal system. Job offerings include Remote Legal Executive Assistant, Remote Legal Assistant, and Telecommute Legal Administrative Assistant.