Telecommuting Test Rater Jobs

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Browse the latest online test rater jobs that let you work from a remote location. The Virtual Vocations staff can help you find your next telecommute position, and we screen thousands of listings to bring you the best.

The title of “test rater” can cover a lot of positions, however, the most common position is one in which you score standardized tests, such as SATs. Most employers actually prefer job titles like “test scorer,” so you may need to search for additional terms. There are plenty of online and remote positions, but some employers may ask for a relevant degree or even some teaching experience. You may be able to gain some scoring experience as a volunteer or as a side gig while you teach. This may not be required, but experience is beneficial.

To succeed as an online test rater, you need an eye for detail and general knowledge related to the subject of the test. Current job offerings include Remote TOEFL Rater, Remote Performance Assessment Rater, and Virtual Internet Rater.

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