Telecommuting Professor Jobs

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Take a look at the latest online professor jobs that let you work from a remote office. The Virtual Vocations staff screens thousands of job listings, so we can help you find your dream telecommute career.

As an online professor, you teach a college level class through a virtual platform. You may record video lectures, live stream with your students, or lead the class through written documents. Many full-time online professors also teach in-person classes, but you can also exclusively telecommute. For most schools, you need at least a master’s degree. However, universities may expect full-time professors to have a doctorate. Especially if you teach other classes, remote in this case may only refer to the location of the students.

To succeed as an online professor, you need strong communication and leadership skills and the ability to keep students on track. Offerings include Telecommute Ecotheology Professor, Remote Cultural Theology Professor, and Telecommute Conservation Ecology Professor.