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Nearly a quarter of the way through the twenty-first century, remote jobs span practically every industry. If you want to know what telecommuting jobs are in high demand for the year so far, look no further than this list of 2019 trending remote jobs. 

2019 Trending Remote Jobs: 25 Telework Options for Jobseekers

Virtual Vocations 2019 Trending Remote Jobs PDF

Professionals across a spectrum of occupations, from healthcare to training and graphic design to product management, seek telecommute jobs in their fields in order to excel in their careers and achieve better work-life balance. In fact, “regular telecommuting grew 140% in the past decade, more than 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce,” according to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com.

To develop our list of 2019 trending remote jobs for the year so far, Virtual Vocations examined data on the top 25 Google job search queries that have led jobseekers to search for telecommuting positions in our job board. We grouped these job titles by remote work category and researched data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) concerning average salaries and job outlooks for these 2019 trending remote jobs. Next to each remote job title, we have featured the position’s rank on the 2019 trending remote jobs list.

For your convenience, we have also compiled our list of 2019 trending remote jobs into a PDF download. Please click the image attachment here in this section to view and download the PDF or follow this link.


Top Remote Human Services Jobs

Human services is a broad remote work category that encompasses professionals who assist individuals and families with healthcare, social services, relationships, rehabilitation, substance abuse, and correctional treatment. Jobs in the human services field should increase by 14%, with 371,900 new positions, through 2026. The median salary for this group of 2019 trending remote jobs is $44,960, and can range from $33,750 to $56,310, depending on qualifications and responsibilities.

Remote Autism Resources Care Manager (12)

Autism resources care managers provide services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to help meet the individuals’ needs and goals. Services can include assessments, reviews, behavioral health service coordination, and education to individuals, families, facilities, and providers.

Remote Healthcare Patient Advocate (15)

Healthcare patient advocates help individuals apply for public healthcare services, ensure that patients receive the support and accommodations they need, and provide education and guidance so that patients know their options and legal rights.

Remote Relationship Coach (22)

Relationship coaches help individuals improve their relationship-building skills so they can attract new partners, friends, or professional contacts. They also help boost confidence by practicing social skills and behaviors that help form lasting connections with others.

Remote Community Support Associate (24)

Community support associates usually work with individuals who receive treatment for mental health disorders, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, or physical conditions. They help individuals recover, function independently, and live full, enriched lives.

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Top Remote Information Technology Jobs

The median salary across all information technology (IT) occupations is $86,320 and ranges from $53,470 to $118,370. The BLS predicts IT professionals will not have difficulty finding work, considering the projected 13% increase (or 557,100 new jobs) through 2026 for these examples of 2019 trending remote jobs. Plus, since IT professionals can acquire skills online without formal schooling or degrees, workers have more opportunities to excel and forge successful careers regardless of their education or background.

Remote Analytics Manager (4)

Analytics managers collect and examine data to help inform decision-makers. They have a mix of technical, mathematical, and business acumen and use statistics, software programs, and communication skills to assess and report their findings.

Remote Data and Integration Analyst (10)

Data and integration analysts determine data requirements, recommend solutions and improvements, and perform quality control on data, data storage, and data access. They also ensure data collection and integration occurs effectively and securely.

Remote MySQL Database Administrator (17)

MySQL database administrators design, install, monitor, and maintain a variety of MySQL database environments. They also optimize data storage and performance and ensure data is accessible and protected from unauthorized access.

Remote UX Designer (23)

UX designers combine artistic and development skills to design user interfaces to satisfy functional requirements and provide users with an enjoyable experience. They are strong in both visual design and application development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Top Remote Design and Creative Jobs

Though technology-based skills and positions tend to dictate job growth and earnings potential, employers will always need creative minds to ensure their ongoing success. The BLS predicts art and design occupations will increase by 4% through 2026 and add 33,700 new jobs to the industry. The median salary for these 2019 trending remote jobs is about $46,660 and can range from $27,200 to $92,780 per year.

Remote Style Designer (2)

Style designers, also known as stylists or fashion stylists, typically work with individuals to assess their needs and recommend clothing and accessories. They can also work on photo shoots, for fashion houses and designers, and with television or film production companies to create looks and plan outfits for models and actors.

Remote Illustrator and Concept Artist (5)

Illustrators and concept artists develop designs and visuals for websites, books, magazines, video games, movies, marketing initiatives, and other products and forms of media. Their primary strength is their creativity and artistic expression, though employers also seek individuals who understand their audiences and can evoke a particular response from the viewer.

Remote Senior Graphics Designer (18)

Senior graphics designers create visual content, such as logos, templates, blog images, infographics, and advertisements, mainly for branding and marketing purposes. They leverage both technical and artistic skills to transfer sketches into digital masterpieces.

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Top Remote Education Jobs

Teachers, trainers, and library professionals should see employment increase by 9%, adding about 888,900 new jobs through 2026. Education administrators, such as elementary school principals and academic deans, can also expect increases in job growth within these 2019 trending remote jobs. The median annual salary for teachers is around $49,700 and varies based on their specialty, grade level, and public or private employer. For example, post-secondary teachers tend to earn higher salaries than high school teachers.

Remote Mathematics Teacher (11)

Mathematics teachers provide classroom instruction and prepare lessons, quizzes, tests, handouts, and other learning materials. Subject matter expertise and qualifications depend on the grade level, school requirements, and state certification criteria.

Remote Programming Senior Manager K-8 (14)

Programming senior managers for grades K-8 help teachers deliver effective education by evaluating products and services and managing programs to align classroom activities with high-level learning objectives.

Remote Chemistry Teacher (20)

Like mathematics teachers, chemistry teachers develop learning and testing materials and present lessons for students. Some teachers provide general chemistry instruction, while others specialize in a single chemistry focus.

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Top Remote Editing Jobs

The median salary for editors is $59,480; the BLS does not expect the number of editing jobs to change much in the immediate future. As digital information continues to rule the media industry, there is less demand for print publication editors and many software and web applications automate an editor’s typical duties. Therefore, modern-day editing professionals may need to expand their skillsets to stand out in the competitive job market surrounding 2019 trending remote jobs.

Remote Copy Editor QA Specialist (8)

Copy editor quality assurance (QA) specialists review content for errors and inconsistencies and to ensure it coincides with a company or brand’s preferred style and tone.

Remote Editor (19)

Editors proofread content for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, tone, and other elements of writing. Some editors also manage teams of writers and publications, such as magazines or blogs, and plan publication themes, topics, and schedules.

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Top Remote Legal Jobs

Just like there will always be a need for healthcare and education professionals, the world will forever need legal counsel from experienced professionals. Legal occupations are expected to increase by 9% through 2026, adding 116,200 new jobs to the market. The median salary across all legal professions is $80,810, with lawyers in the top echelon at $120,910 and paralegals hovering around $50,940.

Remote Real Estate Attorney (6)

Real estate attorneys oversee real estate transactions, help negotiate terms, and draft contracts and other documentation. They also provide legal representation for their clients during litigations.

Remote Administrative Law Attorney (16)

Administrative law attorneys provide legal support for government agencies. Their responsibilities vary depending on their job function but can include writing laws, providing legal counsel, evaluating documents and claims, and representing a government agency in court.

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Top Remote Administrative Jobs

The median salary for office administration professionals is $35,760, and the BLS does not anticipate much job growth through 2026. Instead of hiring multiple workers to perform specific jobs, more employers seek multi-talented administrative workers who can perform bookkeeping, accounting, data entry, customer service, and administrative assistant duties all in one shift.

Remote Executive Assistant (9)

Executive assistants provide scheduling, bookkeeping, travel planning, project coordination, research, and other administrative services for executive leadership. They may also perform various support functions related to customer service, social media marketing, procurement, and human resources.

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Top Remote Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs offer a median salary of $33,750 (or $16.23 per hour) and should increase by 5% through 2026. Though online help portals, artificial intelligence, and machine learning drive many business models, employers will always need humans to complete the customer experience and provide services that computers cannot handle.

Remote Customer Service Representative (13)

Customer service representatives help with customer accounts, billing, payments, products, services, and sales. Depending on the size of the company, some may specialize in a department or area, such as billing or technical troubleshooting.

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Top Remote Healthcare Jobs

Just about any occupation in the healthcare industry provides job stability for years to come, as healthcare employment is expected to increase by 18% through 2026. Practitioners and technicians earn a median salary of $66,440, and support roles bring in a median of $29,740 per year.

Remote Clinical Reviewer (1)

Clinical reviewers evaluate clinical information, such as planned health service requests, treatment records, and medication, to ensure continuity of care and help healthcare teams make informed decisions.

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Top Remote Engineering Jobs

Engineers can earn more than many other occupations, and their education and expertise requirements are proportionally higher. The median salary for all architecture and engineering occupations is $80,170, and employment should expand by 7% through 2026.

Remote Mechanical Field Engineer (7)

Mechanical field engineers work on site to help design, develop, implement, and manage solutions, as well as troubleshoot and resolve problems. They provide support, prepare engineering drawings, assess project sites, and other engineering and project-related duties.

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Top Remote Marketing Jobs

As long as companies need to make money by promoting their products and services, marketing professionals will never be short of jobs like those found within this section of 2019 trending remote jobs. Specifically, public relations (PR) specialists earn a median salary of $60,000 and can expect to see employment increase by 9% through 2026.

Remote PR Marketing Assistant (3)

PR marketing assistants provide public communication support, especially through social media platforms. They help compose, relay, and evaluate public messages and prepare official communications, such as announcements, press releases, and advertisements.

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Top Remote Real Estate Jobs

Real estate is another relatively stable industry, as individuals, families, and businesses continuously seek places to live and work. The median salary for real estate brokers and sales agents is $50,300, and employment is expected to increase by 6% through 2026.

Remote Real Estate Sales Agent (21)

Real estate sales agents guide buyers and sellers, negotiate deals, and facilitate the purchase and sale processes. Some workers focus on residential properties, while others favor commercial or industrial real estate.

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Top Remote Writing Jobs

Employers in all industries value written content and continuously hire professionals who can help promote a brand, educate customers, and craft compelling narratives. The median salary for writers and authors is $62,170, and employment is expected to increase by 8% through 2026 for this category of 2019 trending remote jobs.

Remote Game Guide Writer (25)

Game guide writers compose informative and educational narratives, user guides, and other written documentation for video games. They may also produce marketing-related pieces, such as blog articles, to build a following and entice more users to play.

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