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Virtual Vocations has been a leader in remote work since 2007, helping over 4 million jobseekers with their goals to work from home. During this time, we have been honored to provide our expertise, insight and statistical information in regards to remote work and jobseeker trends to trusted media outlets and publications for use in spreading awareness and support for the remote work movement.

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Successful, But Still Feel Empty? A Happiness Scholar and Oprah Have Advice for You 

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge Virtual Vocations Job Satisfaction Survey

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge cites Virtual Vocations job satisfaction survey report in their article about happiness advice.

Virtual Vocations Studies: 88% Workers To Apply For A Fully Remote Job

HR Tech Series Virtual Vocations NWFM Survey Results

HR Tech Series highlights Virtual Vocations’ eighth annual National Work and Family Month survey results from November 2023.

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Toolbox: 92% of Employees Prefer Remote Jobs

Toolbox | hr goes into detail about the pulse on remote work featuring Virtual Vocations’ sixth annual year-end report.

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  • Remote work statistics
  • CEO statements from Laura Spawn regarding remote work
  • Certified expert quotes on resumes and career strategy
  • Remote job search and career advice
  • Remote management insight (100% remote company)
  • Benefits of remote work for employees and employers
  • Environmental benefits of remote work