Virtual Vocations - Q3 2021 Employer Partners Report - Remote Jobs on the Rise

Remote Jobs on the Rise: 2021 Q3 Employer Partners Report

The Virtual Vocations Q3 Employer Partners Report for 2021 provides an overview of the remote jobs on the rise for the third quarter of the year. We name the top 15 companies hiring remote workers, list new Employer Partners that joined our program during the quarter, and highlight the top locations and industries for remote jobs posted by our Employer Partners during July, August, and September.

The Employer Partner Program

Members of the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program are businesses and organizations that use our services and resources to connect their home-based or virtual job postings to millions of eager, experienced remote jobseekers in more than 40 career fields ranging from information technology and project management to human services and graphic design. During 2020 alone, 179 Employer Partners posted a total of more than 700 remote job openings to the Virtual Vocations job board. Halfway through 2021, Employer Partners have already posted more than 450 remote job openings via the Virtual Vocations job board, which means Employer Partner Program hiring is on track to exceed 2020’s pace.

Become a Virtual Vocations Employer Partner

New Employer Partner Program members must undergo a vetting process to ensure the business meets Virtual Vocations’ quality standards. Once approved for the program, Employer Partners enjoy benefits like the following:

Free job postings on approved telecommute jobs
Ability to submit jobs individually or through feeds
Employer Dashboard to easily manage remote job listings
Access to application tracking stats like CTR and views
Features that allow applicants to apply by email or direct company link
Posted jobs featured in email alerts to more than 500,000 remote jobseekers
Permanent Company Profile page researched and written by Virtual Vocations staff
Dedicated account manager to assist with hiring needs
Immediate registration and job submissions access

Q3 Employer Partners for 2021— Remote Jobs on the Rise

Virtual Vocations - Q3 2021 Employer Partners Report - Remote Jobs on the Rise - Remote Jobs Statistics

CEO’s Statement on Remote Hiring Trends for Q3

“Historically, hiring slows during summer months as employees take vacations and enjoy paid time off, which has been needed now more than ever due to the tense, ongoing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. While we did see a slight dip in Employer Partner hiring activity from July-September, annual data comparisons prove that 2021 has been an even stronger year for remote hiring than 2020.

During Q3 of 2021, we saw a 25.00% increase in new Employer Partner Program members compared to new member onboarding in Q3 2020, and remote hiring climbed as well. Q3 2021 marked an 18.87% rise in late summer hiring compared to the third quarter of 2020.”

—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO & Co-Founder

Top 15 Employer Partners for Q3 of 2021

The companies were ranked according to the number of remote job postings they published to the Virtual Vocations job board during Q3. These top 15 Employer Partners for July, August, and September 2021 all offered job openings for remote jobs on the rise.

Virtual Vocations - Q3 2021 Employer Partners Report - Remote Jobs on the Rise - Top 15 Employer Partners for Remote Jobs

Our top 15 list below includes each business’s headquarters location as well as a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile. These researched profiles feature valuable job search details like the company’s mission and overview, links to the company’s website, social media profiles, and RSS feed, as well as insight into what it’s like to work remotely for that employer and a list of any currently available remote job postings from that business.

1. Achieve Test Prep (Wayne, New Jersey)

2. Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, California)

3. SMC National (Roseville, California)

4. Uscreen (Washington, D.C.)

5. Working Solutions (Plano, Texas)

6. TTEC (Englewood, California)

7. eXp Realty (Bellingham, Washington)

8. Virbela (La Jolla, California)

9. API Heat Transfar (Buffalo, New York)

10. ContentBacon (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

11. Managed Care Advisors (Bethesda, Maryland)

12. Sofatutor (Berlin, Germany)

13. Appfire (Burlington, Massachusetts)

14. TorkLaw (Irvine, California)

15. Content Cucumber (Bloomington, Indiana)

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“We all witnessed the 2020 remote hiring boom ushered in by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some speculated that the abrupt shift in remote jobs on the rise would be a temporary trend to offset pandemic conditions, data shows that the remote work boom is anything but temporary.

With more than 70 new companies added to our Employer Partners Program this year so far, remote and virtual hiring within our program is already on pace to eclipse last year’s record.”

—Erin Feldman, Remote Employer & Business Partnerships Specialist

25 New Employer Partners Added During Q3 of 2021

During the third quarter of 2021, we welcomed 25 new businesses and organizations to our Employer Partner Program. The companies outlined below—all of which became new Virtual Vocations partners in July, August, or September—are listed in order by which they became Employer Partner program members during the quarter. Our new Employer Partners list includes details about each business’s headquarters location, core business mission or services, and a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile.

Virtual Vocations - Q3 2021 Employer Partners Report - Remote Jobs on the Rise - New Virtual Vocations Employer Partners

1. Sofatutor (Berlin, Germany), an education company that develops videos and interactive modules to provide educational content for K-12 students.

2. 3Play Media, Inc. (Boston, Massachusetts), a transcription and translation company that provides video accessibility solutions including audio descriptions, closed captions, and translations and transcriptions.

3. PlaneTree Health Library (Los Gatos, California), a non-profit organization that provides consumers with access to free and accurate health and medical information.

4. Woven Legal LLC (Atlanta, Georgia), a law firm management company that provides ongoing support to legal businesses via software implementation, streamlined processes, and personnel and solutions management.

5. Springboard Collaborative (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), an education company that helps close the literacy gap by coaching teachers, training family members, and cultivating good reading habits.

6. Saige Partners LLC (West Liberty, Iowa), a staffing agency that provides talent solutions for clients in the engineering, information technology, clinical and scientific, transportation and logistics, and professional services sectors.

7. Peachtree Versatile Assistants (Atlanta, Georgia), a business services company that provides on-demand operations teams and assistants, visual design services, and social media marketing.

8. Reliable PSD (Portland, Oregon), a web design services company that provides PSD to WordPress, PSD to email, and PSD to HTML as well as Sketch to HTML coding services for web designers.

9. Delta Dental (San Francisco, California), an integrated dental plan system and benefits carrier that aims to advance dental health and access.

10. AssistPro (Greenville, South Carolina), a business service provider that specializes in virtual assistance services to help clients achieve good work-life balance.

11. Southleft, LLC (New Orleans, Louisiana), a web development and design company that creates websites for progressive organizations and digital teams.

12. Wonderlic (Vernon Hills, Illinois), a pre-employment cognitive assessments developer that designs and creates tests to help employers assess candidate aptitude and personality.

13. Zayed Law Offices (Joliet, Illinois), a legal company specializing in catastrophic personal injury, vehicular negligence, wrongful death, defective products, and medical malpractice cases.

14. Burns & Farrey (Boston, Massachusetts), a law firm that tries cases and argues appeals in both state and federal courts in New England.

15. CallingWorks (Needham, Massachusetts), a market research company that provides business-to-business teleservices for marketing, advertising, sales consulting, and sales training as well as inside sales and market research services.

16. ELEVATE (Bristol, England), an account-based marketing and sales generation company that offers outsourced and outbound lead generation services to businesses worldwide.

17. Scooters ‘N Chairs (Atlanta, Georgia), a healthcare consumer products company that sells mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, hospital chairs, and chair lifts.

18. OptimuMedicine, LLC (Las Vegas, Nevada), a healthcare provider and ambulance company dedicated to improving prehospital and interfacility transport services.

19. Paychex (Rochester, New York), a human capital management solutions provider that offers technology services to simplify business operations; services relate to payroll, insurance, human resources, and benefits for small- to medium-sized businesses.

20. Wonder Shuttle Media Inc. (Markham, Ontario, Canada), an editorial services company specializing in content development and educational business services as well as branding strategy services.

21. API Heat Transfer (Buffalo, New York), an industrial engineering company that designs and delivers energy-efficient heat transfer products.

22. Hamiltro Website Design (New York, New York), a digital agency that provides web design, branding, e-commerce, performance analytics, SEO, social media, writing and editing, and email marketing services.

23. APS Medical Billing (Toledo, Ohio), a revenue cycle management company providing consulting, practice reporting, credentialing help, and accounts receivable follow-up; APS serves pathology, emergency medicine, and radiology practices.

24. Content Cucumber (Bloomington, Indiana), an on-demand writing services company that provides clients with custom content and writing services to help business owners grow their brand with quality website content and blog posts.

25. Equipment Radar (Miami, Florida), a computer software company that developed a marketplace for construction, agriculture, transportation, and material handling equipment.

Top 10 States for Employer Partner Remote Job Postings

Among all Employer Partner remote jobs on the rise published to the Virtual Vocations job board during Q3 most job openings were for remote jobseekers living in these 10 states. Explore the Virtual Vocations Remote Work Resources by State Directory to learn more about working from home in your state or click any of the hyperlinked state names below to learn more about remote work options in those locations including companies hiring remote workers.

1. Delaware

2. California

3. Florida

4. Michigan & Georgia

6. Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Connecticut, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas*

*State rankings marked by an asterisk were in statistical ties for those positions based on the number of remote jobs posted over the quarter for those locations.

Top 10 Categories for Employer Partner Remote Jobs on the Rise

Virtual Vocations posts remote job openings across forty-seven career fields. From July through September, most remote jobs from Employer Partners represented these 10 job industries.

1. Management

In Demand Remote Management Job Titles:

View All Remote Management Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

2. Sales

In-Demand Remote Sales Job Titles:

View All Remote Sales Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

3. Education

In-Demand Remote Education Job Titles: 

View All Remote Education Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

4. Customer Service

In-Demand Remote Customer Service Job Titles:

View All Remote Customer Service Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

5. Writing

In-Demand Remote Writing Job Titles:

View All Remote Writing Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

6. Human Resources & Marketing

*The marketing and human resources remote job categories were in a statistical tie for sixth place among the Top 10 Categories for Employer Partner Remote Job Postings, which resulted in no 7th place award.

In-Demand Remote Marketing Job Titles:

View All Remote Marketing Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

In-Demand Remote Human Resources Job Titles:

View All Remote Human Resources Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

8. Engineering

In-Demand Remote Engineering Job Titles:

View All Remote Engineering Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

9. Project Management & Business Operations

*The project management and business operations remote job categories were in a statistical tie for ninth place among the Top 10 Categories for Employer Partner Remote Job Postings, which resulted in no 10th place award.

In-Demand Remote Project Management Job Titles:

View All Remote Project Management Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

In-Demand Remote Business Operations Job Titles:

View All Remote Business Operations Jobs on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

Contact Information for Remote Jobs on the Rise 2021 Q3 Employer Partners Report

Inquiries about the Virtual Vocations Q3 for 2021 Remote Jobs on the Rise Employer Partners Report can be made to Michelle Rawlings, Public Relations Specialist, at michelle (at) virtualvocations (dot) com or via phone at 1-800-379-5092 EXT. 703.

Please visit Virtual Vocations social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for additional remote work content and conversations.

Image credits: Canva; Virtual Vocations images by Kimberly Back

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