Find out if the ability to work from anywhere as a remote worker can change your career plans.

Does the Ability to Work From Anywhere Change Your Career Plans?

In this guest post, Kane Carpenter, the Director of Marketing for Clarke Caniff Strategic Search and Employment BOOST, discusses how the ability to work from anywhere as a remote worker can have a profound effect on your professional aspirations and career plans.

In the blink of an eye, the definition of work around the world changed in 2020. The middle of March signaled a dramatic shift in global workforce conditions as companies left and right began allowing staff members to work from home as the COVID virus triggered an economic crisis across the world. But what was an initial shock to workforce dynamics has slowly become an arrangement that many companies have adjusted to and are looking to keep in place long-term. As organizations adjust to inevitable productivity and workflow changes, many companies are recognizing the sustainable nature of the work-from-home arrangement. This is especially true when firms can look at the bottom-line implications, including a lack of overhead costs on the balance sheet.  So, what are the second-order effects of an enduring work-from-home environment? And more interestingly, how does this new setting affect career plans?

More Job Opportunities

An immediate positive is the opening-up of the potential job market. In the past, an individual’s job options were limited to a certain geographic area. But with work from home jobs and arrangements, individuals can consider out-of-state jobs due to the remote nature of the position.

“Music was always a big part of my life, and the audiophile in me would have loved to have worked for a company that manufactured speakers. Given my location, that really wasn’t an option during the early years of my career. But today, given work-from-home, that is an option for many people as a large portion of the workforce can work from anywhere.

We often want to work for companies we believe in or have a passion for. To work for a brand you love would make your professional purpose even greater. The issue before was many of those companies you love weren’t local. Now with so many working from home or working from anywhere, you can go chase that dream.”

James Philip, Founder, Heavy Hitter Holdings

For the right employer and job, work from home can be translated as work-from-anywhere. This opens up even greater opportunities for those individuals who have the discipline, work ethic, and skillset to excel in an autonomous work environment.

“It’s harder for recent graduates, but for experienced professionals who have really developed a skill set over years of ‘traditional’ work, work-from-anywhere could mean that those dreams of a job getting paid to write on a beach in Cabo could be a reality. The new work environment could be a really interesting change of pace for those with the ability to capitalize.” 

Kristen Fowler, Practice Lead, Clarke Caniff Strategic Search

The Pursuit of Passions, Hobbies, and Side Hustles

Another second-order effect of the work-from-anywhere shift in 2020 is the unlocking of time for individuals to pursue hobbies, side hustles, and passion projects—provided they use their time effectively.

“Where we once could give ourselves the excuse of not having enough time in the day to pursue those projects we always wanted to, work-from-home means that without the commute time there is a lot of time we have gotten back. There really hasn’t been a better time to begin that side gig or business you’ve always wanted to start.” 

Kristen Fowler, Practice Lead, Clarke Caniff Strategic Search

According to the US Business Formation Statistics, the number of new business applications in the US has steadily increased every year since 2009. The 2020 COVID epidemic accelerated this trend with more than 1.5 million new business applications filed in just the third quarter alone (versus roughly 880,000 in the 2nd quarter of 2020). The combination of more free time for those who are still gainfully employed and those still looking for work has catalyzed enormous energy behind the launch of new ventures.

“Traditionally, individuals who transition between entrepreneurship and corporate careers can have a harder time translating accomplishments onto a resume. 2020 could really alter the way hiring managers feel about seeing entrepreneurship on a resume. Where once it may have been viewed as a flight risk, we may well see a shift in perspective to ‘staying productive’ during a challenging year.” 

Ryan Miller, Client Success Manager, Employment BOOST

What Will Career Plans Look Like Moving Forward?

Over the next few years, interesting shifts in career trajectories for a large portion of the US workforce will become more common. The trend around matrixed careers and job-hopping every couple of years could see a change in momentum—with more employees choosing to stick with one company for longer for the security. On the flip side, we could see the opposite dynamic come to fruition, with more people jumping in and out of the workforce to pursue their own passion projects and side hustles as the definition of work changes.

Kane Carpenter is the Director of Marketing for Clarke Caniff Strategic Search and Employment BOOST. In this role, Kane is responsible for driving market awareness across the entire JMJ Phillip Holdings portfolio of companies. Kane is currently pursuing an MBA degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, and is Google Advertising Certified.

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