New Hampshire Telecommuting Job Resources

The New Hampshire State motto is, “Live Free or Die.” While we don’t recommend taking a cue from the John McClane school of life, Virtual Vocations’ home employment tools and resources will have New Hampshire residents adopting a new motto: “Live Free by Freelancing!”
If you are tired of searching for work-from-home jobs and coming up without any legitimate prospects, access our database of New Hampshire Telecommute Jobs. With our vetted and validated partial and full telecommute job listings, your chances for telecommute success in “The Granite State” will be as solid as a rock!

New Hampshire-based Companies that Hire Telecommuters
Telecommuters frequently find work with local businesses in their home state, and New Hampshire is no exception. During your employment search, consider working for one of these reputable, New Hampshire-based companies with a track record of hiring telecommute, remote and flexible schedule workers. Landing a job with one of these New Hampshire businesses will make your telecommute career as hearty as a State pumpkin!

Hypertherm (Hanover) – Industrial plasma cutting products and tools
SkillSoft (Nashua) – E-learning and performance support solutions
Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (Exeter) – Online high school

National Telecommute Companies that Restrict New Hampshire Workers
Prepare to be as happy as a white tail deer bounding through the forest, because we have not identified any national companies that restrict the hiring of telecommute workers from New Hampshire.

Minimum Wage Requirements
As of January 2012, the New Hampshire Minimum Wage is $7.25, which is the same amount is the Federal Minimum Wage. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, if New Hampshire’s hourly minimum wage is lower than the national standard, then the State automatically institutes the Federal Minimum Wage.

New Hampshire Telecommute Laws & Tax Considerations
Virtual Vocations has not uncovered any general restrictions or specialties pertaining to telecommuting employment laws or tax filing in New Hampshire.

Co-working Centers
Telecommuting in New Hampshire doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work from home all the time, or at all. A change in atmosphere and/or working entirely out-of-residence is possible for New Hampshire’s virtual employees, thanks to co-working centers like The Idea Greenhouse (Durham) and Alpha Loft (Portsmouth). These collaborative spaces allow remote, telecommute and freelance workers to rent adequate office-style, table or desk space on a daily, weekly, part-time or full-time basis. Some of the member benefits of a co-working or telework facility include:

• Wi-fi access
• Use of office equipment (scanner, printer, copier, fax)
• Business mailing address
• Conference areas

Work from Home Scams
We have not discovered any notable work-at-home scams that have victimized New Hampshire citizens. However, if you believe you have been contacted or victimized by a fraudulent company or scam artist, please contact the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau.

For information on work-from-home scams to avoid, review this Forbes list.

Additional Resources
If you would like to view more information about the telecommuting lifestyle, investigate virtual employment work leads and communicate with other remote workers like you, visit Virtual Vocations forums.