From the Great Smoky Mountains to the expansive beaches to the high-energy cities, the attractions of North Carolina are remarkable. Due to advances in technology, residents are free to locate anywhere in the state when they pursue a remote career. So, whether you want to live on an island, at the top of the mountain, or in downtown Raleigh, here is a round-up of North Carolina remote work resources.


About North Carolina

Residents of the Tar Heel State are passionate about where they live, and for good reason. In addition to famously blue-smudged vistas and serene coastal lowlands, there are tons of historic, cultural, and entertainment attractions throughout. So, if you are dedicated to pursuing a career in remote work in North Carolina, your hardest decision may be where to live.

Luckily, thanks to the state’s strong economy and the forward-thinking corporations that are based there, you can take your pick of great places to live. The job market is hopping with rapidly expanding opportunities in aerospace, biotechnology, and post-secondary education. If you don’t live here already, join the crowd! North Carolina is growing fast and attracting new residents who want to come experience the Southern hospitality they are so rightly famous for.

“In my mind I’m gone to Carolina

Can’t you see the sunshine?

Can’t you just feel the moonshine?

Ain’t it just like a friend of mine

To hit me from behind?

Yes, I’m gone to Carolina in my mind.”

– James Taylor, “Carolina in My Mind”

Five Fast Facts about Working in North Carolina

  • North Carolina is home to many of the country’s most prestigious post-secondary education institutions hosting 205+ colleges and universities. Top-ranked examples include North Carolina State, the University of North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Duke.
  • The unemployment rate in North Carolina as reported by the U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics (BLS) is just slightly higher than the U.S. average of 3.5%, reporting at 3.6% as of February 2020.
  • North Carolina ranked 8th in the top 10 states for remote jobs according to the Virtual Vocations 2019 Year End Report.
  • The same report found the State’s top 5 industries for hiring remote workers are 1) Information technology, 2) Healthcare, 3) Sales, 4) Project management, and 5) Customer service.
  • According to U.S. News & World Report, North Carolina ranks 11th in business growth and 22nd in employment opportunities.

North Carolina Mean Wages

Mean wages in North Carolina according to the BLS are $22.69 per hour and $47,200 annually. These wages are slightly lower than the national averages of $24.98 per hour and $51,960 annually.

The metropolitan area of Raleigh-Durham offers the highest wages in the state and they are growing rapidly. In Raleigh, located in Wake County, weekly wages grew 11.9% in 2018 to $1,252. This level far above the national average of 3.2% growth and places county wages 57th in the U.S. Durham had slower growth of 5.4%, however, and weekly wages are $1,357, placing it 37th in the country.

Strong weekly wage growth also occurred in the Fayetteville (6.8%) and Asheville (5.2%) areas. While wage growth was strong, these areas report weekly wages less than the national average of $1,144. In fact, other than the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill metropolitan area and the Charlotte area, all counties in North Carolina reported weekly wages less than the national average.

Remote Work Incentives in North Carolina

Although research did not turn up any incentives offered by state agencies, the Government of North Carolina does have a program that permits agencies to allow employees to work at home. The reasons are to promote work efficiencies, provide competitive advantages, and meet budgetary and environmental challenges in the future.

Remote-Enabled Companies with Hubs in North Carolina

Perhaps not surprisingly considering the proliferation of advanced education institutions, many companies that offer remote job opportunities in North Carolina are based on emerging technologies. However, the industries using those technologies vary from healthcare to fabric printing.


Health Decisions, Inc.

Located in Durham, Health Decisions is a medical contract research organization (CRO). The company specializes in the clinical development of women’s health and diagnostic tests, efficiently and safely bringing them to market. Occasionally, Health Decisions offers remote jobs, although some may be location-specific.


IEM, Inc.

IEM, Inc. is a global security consulting firm that works for government agencies and private sector organizations to improve disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The company creates science-based tools, technology, and strategies designed to save lives, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve decision making. Headquartered in Morrisville, IEM is telecommute-friendly although travel may be required for some jobs.



Formerly Quintiles IMS Holdings, Inc., IQVIA is a CRO located in Durham that offers integrated technology solutions for healthcare. The company designs solutions for data management, multi-channel marketing, clinical content management, sales force management, and customer relationship management.


Headquartered in the United States in Morrisville, North Carolina, Lenovo is a Chinese Fortune Global 500 company with operations in 180 countries. The company manufactures and distributes personal computers, smartphones, and smart televisions, building the world’s most complete portfolio of smart devices and infrastructure.

Organic Clicks

Organic Clicks is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping clients promote their business and improve their presence online. With offices in Charlotte, the company provides SEO tools and techniques to boost the quality and quantity of online traffic.

Ply Gem

With facilities in Cary, just outside Raleigh, Ply Gem manufactures exterior building products for sale to residential builders, remodelers, and architects. The company’s products include windows, siding, stone, roofing, doors, gutters, and fencing.

Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat, Inc. is a multinational technology firm specializing in open-source software development. The firm’s products include Linux platforms, JBoss middleware, cloud computing tools, storage options, a mobile platform, and a management application. Red Hat is headquartered in Raleigh.

Valiant Solutions, LLC

Valiant Solutions, LLC is an information technology company in Henderson that specializes in security solutions for government and commercial clients throughout the U.S. The company’s solutions include program management, consulting services, risk management, and compliance.


VocoVision offers therapy and educational services for children using mobile and online applications to provide access to specialized professionals regardless of location or disability. Although headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, the company fills positions for multiple school districts in North Carolina that require state licensing and residence.

Weaveup, Inc.

Located in Durham, Weaveup, Inc. is an online marketplace that allows users to choose or create custom-printed decorator fabrics. The site also enables artists to sell their own designs on the site. Weaveup offers some telecommuting job opportunities for a variety of roles. While candidates can be based anywhere in the United States, travel may be required for some jobs.

North Carolina Coworking Centers for Remote Work

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean working in isolation. Joining a nearby coworking space offers the opportunity to get productive without incurring the expense of renting office space. Whether you want community, dedicated workspace, or just a change of scenery, there is a coworking space for you. Some coworking spaces also offer access to equipment like 3D printers or host educational programming in addition to other services. As with many other parts of the country, these membership-based communal workspaces have sprung up all over North Carolina. Below is a selection of popular options to get you started on your research.

You’ll find even more North Carolina remote work resources and stats in our infographic below! You may also view the North Carolina Remote Work Resources Infographic as a PDF, which will allow you to access the URLs hyperlinked throughout the image as well as the links attached to the Virtual Vocations logo and social media icons.


North Carolina Remote Work Resources


How Virtual Vocations Can Assist You in Your North Carolina Remote Job Search

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