Pennsylvania Remote Work Resources


Abundant in American history, lavish in landscape, chock-full of chocolate, unceasing in superstition, and booming with business, Pennsylvania enchants entrepreneurs and remote jobseekers alike. Use these Pennsylvania Remote Work Resources to find a work-from-home role in this remarkable state. 

About Pennsylvania

One of the original 13 American colonies, Pennsylvania is a historic gem. Humorous traditions such as Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-obsessed groundhog whose legend has been around for over 150 years balance with the more serious historical and political moments forever entwined with Pennsylvania’s history. 

For example, Philadelphia was the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, guaranteeing the freedom of citizens from tyranny. Just years later, a contingent of patriots signed the Constitution—a document that’s forever changed the course of modern politics. Pennsylvania is also where President Lincoln called for unity and freedom for all in his Gettysburg Address, as well as the place where Betty Ross sewed the first American flag. 

Another pillar of Pennsylvanian culture is Hershey, also known as the Chocolate Capital of the United States. Just east of the state capital in Harrisburg, Hershey is home to The Hershey Story Museum and Hershey Park. From learning the history of Milton Hershey to trying your hand at making your own chocolate, the onsite museum gives visitors a new perspective on chocolate and an American company icon. Only a day trip to New York City and other major cities on the East Coast, Pennsylvanians can easily explore the Northeast to their leisure.

Yet with so many attractions and oddities, citizens shouldn’t need to venture far for some entertainment. Coudersport, Pennsylvania, the tiny town that hosts Cherry Springs State Park was named the best city in the U.S. for viewing meteor showers. Less than an hour away, Pine Creek Gorge stretches 50 miles and is up to 1,000 feet deep. Magnificent waterfalls, deep limestone caverns, and a “river of rocks” are among other stunning scenery all available within state lines. 

“Pennsylvania is home to some of the hardest-working, toughest, most decent people in America.”  – Bob Casey, Jr., senior U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania

Five Fast Facts About Working in Pennsylvania 


Pennsylvania Mean Wages 

Workers in Pennsylvania earn an average salary of $51,340 or $24.68 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Physicians, engineers, financial and marketing managers make up the top tier of earners, while university professors, veterinarians, and transportation managers all earn well above six figures as well. 


Remote Work Incentives in Pennsylvania 

While Pennsylvania does not offer any direct remote work incentives, it does provide a range of other incentives that may be of interest to small business owners. For example, the state has created tax credit and grants for areas such as job creation, technology investment, and video game or film production. 


Remote-Enabled Companies with Hubs in Pennsylvania 

With several major cities and Fortune 500 companies, Pennsylvania is at the forefront of the remote work revolution. From large corporations to small- or medium-sized businesses, the Keystone State has plenty of opportunities for the aspiring telecommuter.


A Fortune 500 company, AmerisourceBergen provides pharmaceutical products and business solutions. Employing more than 21,000 associates, the company has been named one of Forbes World’s Best Employers in 2018.



Established in 1963 in Philadelphia, Comcast connects manages a portfolio of brands: Sky (European Entertainment),  Comcast Business, Comcast Ventures (for Startups), Comcast Technology Solutions, EffectTV (for advertisers), Comcast Spectator (sports, entertainment, and hospitality). Its mission is to create incredible “technology and entertainment that connects millions” to the “moments and experiences that matter most.” Comcast—a Fortune 500 industry leader—advocates a culture of innovative ideas and positive collaboration of team members, with the goal of providing the personal support of a small company with the possibilities of a global industry.


UnitedHealth GroupUnitedHealth Group 

Although based out of Minnesota, UnitedHealth has a strong presence in Pennsylvania and other states, employing over 320,000 workers nationwide. These team members are allied in their mission to help people live healthier lives and make the healthcare system better and more affordable for everyone. UnitedHealth supports a can-do culture and often provides employees with leading-edge technology.


Erie Insurance GroupErie Insurance Group

Founded on the Shores of  Lake Erie in 1925, Erie Insurance Group now has over 5,000 employees and 12,000  independent agents. Erie, another Fortune 500 in Pennsylvania, sells property, vehicle, personal, and business insurance. In nearly 100 years since its inception, Erie has stressed its consistent intent of following the Golden Rule and plan to do so in the future.  The company’s CEO holds a 97% approval rating on Glassdoor, and employees have praised Erie benefits packages as well as its pension plan.  


Delegate SolutionsDelegate Solutions (100% Remote Company)

Delegate Solutions offers premium-level virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs. Every hire begins their role with more than 50 hours of hands-on training and undergoes additional training annually to maintain certification. Delegate Solutions primarily hires virtual assistants.  The company’s CEO was named a Top 50 Remote Employer by Forbes.


Pennsylvania Coworking Centers

Urban Pennsylvanians have their choice among a myriad of coworking centers, as these collaborative spaces continue to pop up throughout the state. As an innovative startup, a freelancer, or even a full-time member of a distributed team, you can offset some of the downsides of working from home by investing in a membership at a Pennsylvania coworking space. 

From networking opportunities and offices for client meetings to opportunities to learn organically from those around you, coworking centers provide you  a diverse professional space that forces you to get out of your bubble and offers everything an office does without the binding lease. Amenities such as ultra-high-speed internet, closed-door offices, on-site fitness facilities, a professional mailing address, and cafes with snacks and coffee at your fingertips. If you’ve never explored or used a day pass at a coworking facility, consider inquiring about spaces in your area and how they can be an asset for you. 

You’ll find even more Pennsylvania remote work resources and stats in our infographic below! You may also view the Pennsylvania Remote Work Resources Infographic as a PDF, which will allow you to access the URLs hyperlinked throughout the image as well as the links attached to the Virtual Vocations logo and social media icons.


Pennsylvania Remote Work Resources


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