Pennsylvania may have been the second state to become a member of the United States, but Virtual Vocations will put your PA telecommute career first!
Our virtual employment resources and tools will help you find the remote job that best utilizes your skills and experience. Whether you want to freelance or work as a regular employee on a full-time or part-time basis, our database of Pennsylvania Telecommute Jobs will change your state motto from “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence” to “Virtual, Liberating, Independent Contracting!”

Pennsylvania-based Companies that Hire Telecommuters
Are you as loyal to working for a “Keystone State” company as you are to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Celebrate local pride and prosperity by working for a Pennsylvania-based business. Apply for a position with one of these Pennsylvania companies that have a history of hiring telecommuters.

Bayer Corporation (Pittsburgh) – Scientific research company with the aim of benefiting global quality of life
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (Johnstown) – Nonprofit focused on applied scientific research, professional services, and management and technology-based solutions
ModCloth (Pittsburgh) – Vintage clothing retailer and independent style company
Yoh (Philadelphia) – Workforce solutions

National Telecommute Companies that Restrict Pennsylvania Workers
We have not identified any national companies that restrict the hiring of telecommute workers from Pennsylvania.

Minimum Wage Requirements
As of January 2012, the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, this amount is the same as the Federal Minimum Wage.

Pennsylvania Telecommute Laws & Tax Considerations
Virtual Vocations has not uncovered any general restrictions or specialties pertaining to telecommuting employment laws or tax filing in Pennsylvania.

Co-working Centers
Working from home does not mean you can’t go to work. If telecommuting from the same location everyday has become tedious, consider enlisting the services of telework centers in your area. These collaborative facilities provide members with business products and perks like a professional mailing address and phone number, computer and Internet access, as well as fax, copy and print services. You can select a membership plan or rental agreement to suit your telecommuting needs at one of these Pennsylvania co-working centers:

Hive 4A (Allentown)
Independents Hall (Philadelphia)
Schell CoWorking (Lower Bucks County) – Coming soon
The Beauty Shoppe (East Liberty)
The Candy Factory (Lancaster)
Venturef0rth (Philadelphia)

Work from Home Scams
We have not discovered any notable work from home scams that have victimized citizens of Pennsylvania. However, the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General warns Pennsylvanians to beware work from home scams that promise high pay for little effort. Additionally, citizens should avoid job offers for envelope stuffers, medical bill processors and product assembly workers. If you believe that you are the victim of an online job scam or have been contacted by a fraudulent company, contact a Better Business Bureau Office in Eastern Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania or Pittsburgh.

For information on additional work-from-home scams to avoid, review this Forbes list.

Additional Resource
If you would like to view more information about the telecommuting lifestyle, investigate virtual employment work leads and communicate with other remote workers like you, visit the Virtual Vocations forums.