Howdy, Texas! From Abbott to Zunkerville, Virtual Vocations is the destination for Texans who want to begin a new work from home career or utilize or professional resources. Our database of Texas Telecommute Jobs will connect you with remote opportunities that will make the best use of your skills and experience. Take the bull by the Longhorn and start your telecommute career!

Texas-based Companies that Hire Telecommuters
Everything’s bigger in Texas, especially telecommuting! In the same way that you don’t have to leave home to go to work as a freelancer, you don’t have to venture beyond Texas to find telecommuting employment with a reputable company. Consider working for one of these Texas-based businesses with a history of hiring workers seeking remote, virtual and flexible schedule employment.

Bazaarvoice (Austin) – SaaS company
BMC (Houston) – Business services and application management IT company for cloud and virtual environments
Dell (Plano) – Personal computer products and services
Igloo Products Corporation (Katy) – Coolers and accessories
Texas Health Resources (Arlington) – Faith-based, nonprofit health organization
Worry Free Labs (Austin) – Web design firm

National Telecommute Companies that Restrict Texas Workers
You’ll be happier than an armadillo with a plate full of ants to know that we have not identified any national companies that restrict the hiring of telecommute workers from Texas.

Minimum Wage Requirements
As of January 2012, the Texas Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Texas law does not establish current dollar minimums, but instead takes on the Federal Minimum Wage amount, which is currently set at $7.25.

Texas Telecommute Laws & Tax Considerations
Texas telecommuters can enjoy living in a No Income Tax state, along with residents of Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming.

Co-working Centers
Telecommuting in “The Lone Star State” doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. Co-working and telework centers give telecommuters the opportunity to vary their atmosphere, gain fresh perspective, and share workspace with likeminded individuals. These collaborative spaces provide members with access to business products and amenities like a professional mailing address, phone and fax service, high-speed Internet and print and copy services. Visit one of these Texas co-working centers today!

ATX Hackerspace (Austin)
Brainstorm Coworking (Austin)
Caroline Collective (Houston)
CoHabitat (Dallas)
Conjunctured Coworking (Austin)
Cospace (Austin)
Dallas Makerspace (Dallas)
Geekdom (San Antonio)
GoLab (Austin)
Link Coworking (Austin)
The Creative Space (Bryan)
Plug & Play (Austin)

Work from Home Scams
In July 2010, the San Antonio Division of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas received the filing of a Federal Trade Commission judgment against Abili-Staff, Ltd. This fraudulent company deceived consumers into believing that if they paid a fee of up to $89.99 they would receive a list of jobs that would lead to guaranteed work from home employment. Per a court order, beginning in December 2011 the Federal Trade Commission issued refunds totaling more than $700,000 to U.S. consumers.

For information on additional work-from-home scams to avoid, review this Forbes list.

Additional Resource
If you would like to view more information about the telecommuting lifestyle, investigate virtual employment work leads and communicate with other remote workers like you, visit the Virtual Vocations forums.