Washington Remote Work Resources

With its deep roots in business and technology innovation, “The Evergreen State” is a popular location for remote jobseekers. If you’re interested in finding out more about this telecommute-friendly state, use these Washington Remote Work Resources as your guide.

About Washington

As the only state in the union named after a former United States president, the area is stereotypically known for four things: rain, mountains, flannel shirts, and beards. However, there is more to Washington than meets the eye. The Puget Sound region of the state is also very pro-business, with a legacy of nurturing many global enterprises, including technology giants Amazon and Microsoft, aviation and aerospace company Boeing, and retail powerhouses Costco and Starbucks.

But there is more to Washington than business and enterprise. Located in the Pacific Northwest, it is surrounded by pristine rainforests, diverse geography, and beautiful scenery. Outdoor lovers and adventure-seekers can enjoy hiking and camping along the Pacific Crest Trail or one of over 100 state parks.

For music lovers, it is also the birthplace of Grunge, an alternative rock genre and subculture from the 90s. Want to experience less rain and more farmland, gardens, museums, and parks? Then a visit to Spokane in Eastern Washington might be what you are looking for.

For the city slicker looking for more metropolitan activities, Seattle is rapidly becoming a foodie lover’s dream. Plus, with areas such as Pike Place Market quickly becoming known for its fresh seafood and innovative culinary delights, any sweet or savory morsel is readily available.

Love museums? Then the Museum of Glass in Tacoma might be more your style. Want to see people wearing lederhosen as they stroll on by? Then head on over to the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, an old logging town that reinvented itself after local lumber mills closed. No matter what you love to do, chances are Washington has your back.

“There’s nothing greener than Washington state. They have the most beautiful vegetation on the planet. And the water is so clean.” – Fabio Lanzoni, actor and model

Five Fast Facts About Working in Washington

Washington Mean Wages

According to a 2019 study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage for the State of Washington is $62,020, with the mean hourly wage of $29.82. By location, the area with the highest mean salary wage is the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan area, with $68,460 with a mean hourly wage of $32.91.

The sectors with the strongest potential for wages rising above six figures in the state include professions in healthcare, business management professionals, aviation professionals (pilots, copilots, flight engineers), computer and information systems managers, natural science managers, architectural and engineering managers, financial and sales managers, and mathematicians.

Remote Work Incentives in Washington

Thanks to its pro-business stance, Washington does offer some incentives for remote work via tax credits. Originally designed to help encourage fewer people to commute to work, to alleviate congestion in urban areas and ultimately to help reduce carbon emissions, state Senator Kevin Van De Wege, introduced a bill aimed to encourage businesses to offer workers the option of telecommuting.

Senate Bill 6016 grants Washington-based businesses $250 in tax credits for each remote employee with a maximum credit of $10,000 per year for each employee that works remotely at least 12 days out of the month per year. The credit is available only if the employer of the teleworker is within the state. Work arrangements must be made by employers for employees and exclude the self-employed.

Remote-Enabled Companies with Hubs in Washington

Thanks to a pro-business economy and telecommute-friendly policies, the following Washington-based companies offer work from home jobs in a variety of roles and industries. Don’t forget to check these companies out more thoroughly on our Virtual Vocations Company Database to help you find your ideal remote job!


Amazon.com, Inc. (Amazon)

Headquartered in Seattle, Amazon.com, Inc. is a global e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence company. Originally operating as an online bookseller, the company has expanded to become a major merchandise retailer and fulfillment company.

Bulletproof 360

Bulletproof 360, Inc.

Bulletproof 360, Inc. is a food and beverage company that provides dietary supplements, health coaching, and a diet book. The company created Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet and is dedicated to focusing on helping users increase their body’s performance. Based in Seattle, this company offers qualified individuals benefits and provides store discounts and credit.


Expedia Group, Inc.

Expedia Group, Inc. is a global travel technology company. This company enables users to book airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages via their platform. Headquartered in Bellevue, this company offers a comprehensive array of benefits, perks, and amenities to workers and offers telecommute-friendly jobs to qualified individuals.



Logic20/20 is a business and technology consulting firm. This company helps the client by providing guidance, resources, systems, and solutions to solve business-strategy challenges or mission-critical technology demands. Located in Seattle, this company offers remote-friendly jobs to qualified professionals.


Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a computer software and technology company that manufactures and sells personal computers and consumer electronics. This company does business in 170 countries and is dedicated to helping customers to thrive. Located in Redmond, this company provides telecommute-friendly jobs in a wide variety of roles and may include a travel requirement or geographic restrictions.


Moz, Inc.

Moz, Inc. is an internet services company. The company offers a variety of inbound marketing and marketing analytics software to aid with search engine optimization. Headquartered in Seattle, this company is a results-oriented workplace where self-motivated workers may thrive.


Pathable, Inc.

Pathable, Inc. is a Seattle-based software development firm dedicated to increasing meaningful engagement and boosts conference revenue. This company specializes in developing business web and mobile applications for conference management, events, associations, and trade shows.



Based in Seattle, Redfin is a residential real estate brokerage firm. This company provides an alternative to traditional brokerage firms, by providing an online real estate database and employing agents directly and paying them a salary instead of relying on a commission-based compensation structure.

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates is a winemaker and retail company. This company owns more than 3700 acres of vineyards across the west coast and sells popular wine from Washington state. Based in Seattle, this vineyard offers qualified professionals telecommute-friendly jobs with flexible schedules and roles requiring travel or geographic restrictions.


Zillow Group, Inc.

Zillow Group, Inc. is a Seattle-based real estate technology company. This company develops an online real estate platform that enables users to buy, sell, and rent their homes. Zillow is dedicated to helping users make more informed decisions when home buying or selling.

Washington Coworking Centers for Remote Work

Because transitioning to a telecommuting-lifestyle can be jarring for workers used to onsite employment, the boom of coworking centers is a godsend for remote workers. This is especially true in rural areas, where lackluster internet connectivity isn’t reliable enough to sustain full-time telecommuters. Outfitted with everything (or almost everything) a remote worker needs and some extras, these coworking centers enable professionals to advance their careers while enjoying the freedom that comes with a telecommuting lifestyle.

With childcare, petcare, full kitchens, conference rooms, networking events, mailbox services, cafes, and more, these centers provide options and services that are not available to work-from-home individuals. For Washington-based remote workers, the availability of coworking centers spans across the state. If you are interested in adopting a telecommuting lifestyle, here are a few coworking centers to help you with your new lifestyle.

You’ll find even more Washington remote work resources and stats in our infographic below! You may also view the Washington Remote Work Resources Infographic as a PDF, which will allow you to access the URLs hyperlinked throughout the image as well as the links attached to the Virtual Vocations logo and social media icons.


Washington remote work resources infographic

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