Wisconsin Telecommuting Job Resources

It’s the land of dairy, the birth place of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the home of Harley-Davidson. It’s ‘Scansin! In addition to being a wonderful place to cruise beautiful lakes or enjoy a Packers game, Wisconsin is a great state for telecommuting employment. Kick back, grab some cheese, and let Virtual Vocations move you “Forward” in your path toward finding Wisconsin Telecommute Jobs that utilize your skills and professional experience.

Wisconsin-based Companies that Hire Telecommuters
Wisconsinite Telecommuters who want to work for local companies can take pride in the many Wisconsin-based businesses that hire employees seeking flexible work schedules. Whether you want to work from home full-time, part-time, or find a career with travel options, there is a perfect match for you in “The Badger State.” Consider these Wisconsin employers with a history of hiring telecommuters:

Amphion Medical Solutions (Madison) – Medical coding and transcriptions
Chippewa Valley Technical College (Eau Claire) – Degrees, certificates and apprenticeships
Froedtert & Community Health (Milwaukee) – Regional hospital research system
Johnson Controls (Milwaukee) – Automotive interiors and parts manufacturer
Manpower Group (Mikwaukee) – Human capital management and placement
School Specialty (Greenville) – Educational products
Zywave Inc. (Milwaukee) – Technology solutions

National Telecommute Companies that Restrict Wisconsin Workers
We have not identified any national companies that restrict the hiring of telecommute workers from Wisconsin.

Minimum Wage Requirements
As of January 2012, the Wisconsin Minimum Wage is $7.25, which is the same as the Federal Minimum Wage. Unless telecommuters and their employers agree on per post, project-based or commission-based wages, Wisconsin remote and virtual workers should never work for less than the state minimum wage. Beware of companies who want you to agree to insufficient wages.

Wisconsin Telecommute Laws
The rules and regulations outlined in The State of Wisconsin Telecommuting Guidelines 2000 apply to any home worker employed by a state agency. These stipulations explain telecommuter rights and agreements with employers, guidelines for home office spaces, and the approval/monitoring process for hiring a telecommuter or transitioning an employee to a telecommuting role.

Telecommuting and Taxes in Wisconsin
According to Business and Legal Resources, full-time Wisconsin telecommuters employed by out-of-state employers are encouraged to submit a Wisconsin Department of Revenue query to determine if their home office is considered a business location under State law. If it is deemed as such, then any out-of-state employer would need to file corporate taxes in Wisconsin.

Co-working Centers
Wisconsin freelancers who need office space but don’t want to commit to lengthy leases or expensive property purchases should explore the benefits of co-working centers. These collaborative facilities provide telecommuters with workspace and business services including high-speed Internet, printing, fax, phone, scanning, copying, conference space and a professional mailing address. Check out these telework centers located in Wisconsin:

Bucketworks (Milwaukee)
The Docking Station (Green Bay)
Horizon Coworking (Madison)
MadWorks Coworking (Middleton)
Sector 67 (Madison)

Work from Home Scams
The Job Center of Wisconsin warns Wisconsin residents to beware employment scams that pray on citizens’ financial hardships during tough economic times. The Center advises the public to avoid 900 number advertisements, employers who require up-front fees, and mystery shopping traps.

For information on additional work-from-home scams to avoid, review this Forbes list.

Additional Resource(s)
If you would like to view more information about the telecommuting lifestyle, investigate virtual employment work leads and communicate with other remote workers like you, visit our Virtual Vocations forums.