Why December Could Be the Best Time to Find a Job

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If you wanted to find a new job before the end of 2014, don’t wave the white flag on your job search just yet. December isn’t over!

Here’s why December could be the best time for you to find the job on your wishlist:

Many job seekers take December off. Between shopping for gifts and attending family functions, December is a busy month for everyone. Thanks to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you will most likely encounter less competition if you apply for work during December.

Hiring increases in January. Companies want receive applications in December so that they know who will be filling open positions at the start of the year. If you send in your resume now, you may move yourself to the front of the interview line in January.

Holiday parties double as networking. Don’t just go to holiday get-togethers for the spinach dip, use them as networking opportunities! While we’d never suggest bombarding party guests with your resume and wearing a sign around your neck that says “HIRE ME,” we do recommend casually discussing your job experience and professional skills if your qualifications can be worked into conversation. Sometimes job opportunities arise from surprising situations.

It’s easier to contact hiring managers in December. HR professionals aren’t as busy in December because employees take vacations and there are fewer work meetings around the holidays. You may have better luck contacting hiring managers over the phone during the month to feel out job leads.

It’s a great time to look for temporary work. Many companies need extra hands to help manage a bump in seasonal business, end of year reports, and other tasks that are temporary. December is a prime time to earn extra money to pay off holiday debts, not to mention that temporary work often leads to permanent job placement.

Most people are happy around the holidays. No one wants to seem grumpy this time of year, and that means you may be able to get a meeting with that HR manager you’ve been trying to see for months.

It’s hard to get motivated in January to hunt for work. If you take the month of December off from the job search, it will be difficult to get back into the swing of job hunting come January. Maintain your momentum so you don’t have to struggle to start again once the holidays are over.

Volunteering opportunities increase during December. Volunteering can be a great way to gain contacts that lead to a new job. This time of year it also feels good to help people who need it. Sign up at a local shelter, help sort donations for families, put together a drive for a charity, or serve food at a soup kitchen. Mention to your supervisors that you’re looking for work and ask for help with leads. Your good deed may help you land a job.

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