April 2020 Remote Jobs Report

In our April 2020 Remote Jobs Report, Virtual Vocations examines current telecommuting statistics, remote work hiring trends, virtual employment news, and internal company data for U.S. professionals actively applying to flexible and work from home jobs. 


April 2020 Remote Jobs Report

The following report features our analysis of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “Employment Situation Summary” for March 2020 as well as Virtual Vocations company statistics from the same month.

This aggregate of data, as well as insights from remote work news and studies amid the COVID-19 pandemic, showcases the continued growth of flexible and virtual roles. Despite hiring challenges and employment losses as a result of COVID-19, the Virtual Vocations job board saw 6.21% growth in available remote jobs during March.

BLS Jobs Report Analysis for Remote Workers

On Friday, April 3, the BLS released its heavily anticipated U.S jobs report surveying national employment statistics for March.

“Total nonfarm payroll employment fell by 701,000 in March, and the unemployment rate rose to 4.4 percent…The changes in these measures reflect the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and efforts to contain it.”

From travel and healthcare to recreation and employment, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of life for billions worldwide. While the full reaches of COVID-19 into the U.S. job market will not be known for months, signs of the pandemic’s impact on American employment became evident in early April.

The BLS specifies the following about the U.S. employment decline during March:

“We cannot precisely quantify the effects of the pandemic on the job market in March. However, it is clear that the decrease in employment and hours and the increase in unemployment can be ascribed to effects of the illness and efforts to contain the virus.”

U.S. Wages Trending Upward

“In March, average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls increased by 11 cents to $28.62,” according to the BLS, continuing a wage increase of 3.1% that has occurred over the last 12 months. Additionally, the mean hourly wages of nonsupervisory and production employees in the private sector rose to $24.07 in March, an increase of $.10 per hour on average.

Two of the top remote work categories among all career industries are also considered lucrative telecommuting fields. Explore our new remote industry guides for sales and information technology remote jobs to discover companies continuously hiring, income estimates, job application resources, and more.


Virtual Vocations COVID-19 Advice and Actions

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual Vocations has developed expert tips and resources to share with remote workers and employers. From inspiring stories of heroism from telehealth professionals to businesses actively hiring during the pandemic, our COVID-19 hub is the definitive resource for remote jobseekers looking for work at this time as well as for organizations interested in learning more about how remote work policies can benefit their workforce and business practices.


April 2020 Remote Jobs Outlook

Although the state of U.S. employment at the beginning of April was noticeably different than during much of the first quarter of 2020, Virtual Vocations CEO Laura Spawn is confident in the state of remote work and encourages remote jobseekers to remain energized during their job searches.

CEO Statement on Remote Hiring

“The U.S. jobs report for March 2020 is a departure from the recent employment boom, but jobseekers should not be discouraged if they plan to apply for remote jobs in April. Remote-enabled companies are still hiring.

From March 1 to 31 alone, we added 15,786 openings to our job board. And with remote positions available in more than 40 career categories, jobseekers can discover flexible employment options to suit their skills and industry expertise, regardless of their previous remote work experience level.

For jobseekers who have considered home-based employment in the past, now’s the time to apply.”

—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO and Co-Founder

Remote Job Search Trends from March 2020

  • There were four times as many full-time remote jobs available as part-time remote jobs.
  • Permanent positions were more readily available than independent contracting roles.
  • Remote jobseekers preferred 100% telecommute jobs to remote jobs requiring some degree of work travel.
  • 58% more remote information technology jobs were available compared to the next most popular remote work category: healthcare.
  • The majority of remote jobs added to the Virtual Vocations job board required applicants with some degree of professional experience in a given role.
  • Employers were three times as likely to post remote jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree versus only some college experience.
  • Financial positions surged in availability ahead of the traditional tax season, becoming a top 10 remote work industry for March.
  • The contiguous state with the fewest number of available remote job openings was Montana; meanwhile, California had the most remote job openings for the month.


10 States with the Most Remote Job Openings

At the beginning of April, these 10 states emerged as leaders among location-specific telecommute job openings.

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. Illinois
  5. New York
  6. North Carolina
  7. Virginia
  8. Georgia
  9. Washington
  10. Pennsylvania

Top 5 Regions for Available Remote Jobs

Throughout March, full telecommute or 100% telecommute jobs were twice as prevalent as remote jobs that required some level of travel. However, for some remote-enabled positions in top telecommuting industries like healthcare, nursing, sales, and project management, business travel is necessary.

Virtual Vocations’ job search filters allow jobseekers to search for remote job openings by region. At the start of April, these five U.S. regions boasted the most remote job openings. Select any of the hyperlinked region names below to view available remote job openings from that region.

  1. East Coast
  2. Northeast
  3. West Coast
  4. West
  5. Midwest


10 Industries with the Most Remote Job Openings

Virtual Vocations sources thousands of remote job openings each month. At the start of April, across the more than 40 industries represented in the job board, the most telecommuting job openings were found among these 10 remote work industries:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Healthcare
  3. Education
  4. Sales
  5. Human Services
  6. Account Management
  7. Project Management
  8. Customer Service
  9. Financial
  10. Marketing

For each remote employment industry, we have highlighted trending remote jobs that may be found on the Virtual Vocations job board as well as projected job growth estimates through 2028.

1. Information Technology

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 12% growth

Trending Information Technology Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Information Technology Service Manager
  • Virtual Information Technology Project Manager
  • Online Information Technology and Computer Science Faculty Member
  • Telecommute Information Technology Consulting Practice Lead Subject Matter Expert
  • Remote Quality Assurance Information Technology Engineer
  • Telecommute Information Technology Industry Recruiter

View All Information Technology Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


2. Healthcare

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 14% growth

Trending Healthcare Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Behavioral Healthcare Advocate
  • Virtual Utilization Review Healthcare Specialist
  • Remote Healthcare Research Collaborator
  • Telecommute Healthcare Regional Business Office Manager
  • Remote Healthcare Program University Director
  • Telecommute Healthcare Patient Access Central Unit Representative

View All Healthcare Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


3. Education

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 5% growth

Trending Education Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Special Education Teacher
  • Virtual Professional Education Tutor
  • Telecommute Education Services Instructional Designer
  • Remote Education Sector Management Training Coach
  • Online General Education Instructor I
  • Remote Curriculum Development Director

View All Education Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


4. Sales

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): Little to no growth

Trending Sales Remote Jobs: 

  • Telecommute Technical Sales Engineer
  • Virtual Inbound Sales Agent
  • Remote Sales Development Representative
  • Telecommute Lead Sales Operations Consultant
  • Remote Senior Technical Sales Manager
  • Virtual SaaS Software International Sales Representative

View All Sales Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


5. Human Services

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 13% growth

Trending Human Services Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote School Psychologist
  • Virtual Bilingual School Speech Language Pathologist
  • Online K Through 12th Grade Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Remote School Based Occupational Therapist
  • Telecommute Substance Use Treatment Psychiatrist
  • Remote School Counselor

View All Human Services Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


6. Account Management

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): Little to no growth

Trending Account Management Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Technical Account Manager
  • Telecommute Financial Services Account Manager
  • Remote Membership Community Account Manager
  • Telecommute Commercial Insurance Account Manager
  • Remote Specialty Pharmaceuticals Account Manager
  • Telecommute Amazon Account Manager

View All Account Management Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


7. Project Management

Project Management Institute (PMI) Industry Outlook (2017–2027): 31% growth

Trending Project Management Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Digital Project Manager
  • Telecommute Senior Technical Project Manager
  • Remote Solutions and Services Project Manager
  • Virtual Senior Fintech Project Manager
  • Remote Construction Project Manager
  • Telecommute ERP Implementation Project Manager

View All Project Management Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


8. Customer Service

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 2% decline

Trending Customer Service Remote Jobs: 

  • Telecommute Customer Service Advocate
  • Remote Promotional Products Order Resolutions Specialist
  • Telecommute After Hours Insurance Customer Support Representative
  • Remote Customer Happiness Manager
  • Virtual Desktop Support Consultant
  • Remote Gaming Player Support Agent

View All Customer Service Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


9. Financial

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 16% growth for Financial Managers; 7% growth for Personal Financial Advisors; 6% growth for Financial Analysts

Trending Financial Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Financial Wellness Associate
  • Telecommute Financial Services Salesperson
  • Remote Financial Writer
  • Telecommute Financial Specialist
  • Remote Financial Application Operations Manager
  • Telecommute Financial Underwriting Representative

View All Financial Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


10. Marketing

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): BLS Industry Outlook: 8% growth

Trending Marketing Remote Jobs: 

  • Telecommute Marketing Vice President
  • Remote Associate Paid Media and Audience Growth Director
  • Telecommute Partner Marketing Manager
  • Remote Facebook Ads Manager
  • Telecommute Social Media Manager
  • Remote SEO and Outreach Specialist

View All Marketing Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


Virtual Vocations in the News

“Especially during this time of uncertainty, it is important that employers and employees alike have access to reliable information about transitioning to remote work, and that jobseekers seeking remote roles can find sources of advice they know they can trust.

From offering tips for business owners who are new to developing telecommuting policies to sharing ways jobseekers can improve their resumes, members of the Virtual Vocations team have been grateful for opportunities in recent weeks to share their expertise in remote work with experienced telecommuting professionals as well as those jumping into the practice for the first time.”

—Michelle Rawlings, Virtual Vocations Public Relations Specialist

Published Content from CEO Laura Spawn


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Despite unemployment and employment insecurity challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of remote jobs is expected to remain constant in the coming months. In fact, telework plans continue to be encouraged by world governments and healthcare institutions. The April 2020 remote jobs outlook is a positive one.

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