June 2020 Remote Jobs Report - Virtual Vocations

June 2020 Remote Jobs Report

The Virtual Vocations June 2020 Remote Jobs Report analyzes current remote hiring trends, telecommuting statistics, telework employment news, and Virtual Vocations company data for U.S. professionals actively applying to flexible, fully virtual, and home-based jobs. 


June 2020 Remote Jobs Report

The Virtual Vocations June 2020 Remote Jobs Report features our examination of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “Employment Situation Summary” for May 2020 as well as Virtual Vocations company statistics from the same month. May marked the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that the Virtual Vocations job board experienced a dip in the availability of remote job openings, which declined by 11.24% from April to May.

CEO Statement on Remote Hiring in May

“Despite the slight decline in remote hiring during May, telecommute-friendly companies still recruited for tens of thousands of remote job openings. We believe the remote hiring downturn evident in our data is a short hurdle that reflects a delayed response in poor spring U.S. hiring numbers, which reached 14.7% unemployment in April, due to COVID-19. Overall, U.S. hiring improved in May and we expect June’s remote hiring statistics to track upward again.

As more employers adopt remote work policies on a temporary or permanent basis, remote-enabled companies solidify their positions as leaders during the phased reopening of U.S. and global economies. Implementing telecommuting policies now will reduce the number of businesses that need to close or issue layoffs later, in the event of future socio-economic events like another national public health crisis or a localized natural disaster. 

—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO and Co-Founder

COVID-19 Tips and Resources for Remote Jobseekers

Since March, Virtual Vocations has emerged as a leader in COVID-19 tips and resources for first-time remote jobseekers, newly remote businesses, and anyone else experiencing economic insecurity because of the coronavirus pandemic. We have compiled our expert advice into an online hub featuring elements like the following:

  • Free telecommuting and remote work downloads like an Employee Checklist and a Telecommuting Business Plan Bundle
  • Links to open telecommuting jobs
  • Career coaching and resume help
  • Advice for remote employees
  • Guidance for managing remote workers
  • Tips for parents working from home with children
  • State-specific telecommuting resources

Discover all of Virtual Vocations’ COVID-19 tips and resources for remote jobseekers and businesses by clicking the button below.


BLS Jobs Report Analysis for Remote Workers

From February to April, the number of unemployed Americans grew by 9.8% or 15.2 million claims. On Friday, June 5, the BLS released its third U.S. jobs report amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented welcome positive hiring news.

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 2.5 million in May, and the unemployment rate declined to 13.3 percent…These improvements in the labor market reflected a limited resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed in March and April due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it,” according to the BLS press release.

June 2020 Remote Jobs Report - Virtual Vocations
Image Credit: BLS, THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION — MAY 2020 News Release

In May, industries like education and health services, construction, retail trade, and leisure and hospitality showed the sharpest gains in employment. This trend is understandable given that these are predominantly hands-on, public-facing career sectors that were shuttered during March and April.

May unemployment numbers improved the most for adult women and Hispanics, and gains were made in reducing the number of temporarily laid-off Americans. Temporary layoff numbers decreased by 2.7 million in May after climbing to 16.2 million in April. Additionally, “part-time workers accounted for about two-fifths of the over-the-month employment growth,” but the number of full-time U.S. workers increased by 2.2 million during May.


Remote Job Search Trends from May 2020

The following job search facts illustrate May trends found in the Virtual Vocations database.

  • Full-time remote job openings were more than five times as prevalent as part-time jobs.
  • Fully virtual remote jobs requiring no travel were available 2.84 times as often as telecommute jobs requiring at least some business travel.
  • Compared to all other levels of education, most May remote job openings required a bachelor’s degree.
  • Virtual Vocations members in Texas, California, Florida, Virginia, and Georgia applied to the most remote job openings.
  • Vermont, Wyoming, and Maine were the contiguous states with the lowest number of available remote jobs in May.


10 Most Applied to Remote Work Industries

Virtual Vocations researches, screens, and posts remote job openings from more than 40 career categories. During May, the following remote work industries were the most applied to by Virtual Vocations members:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Healthcare
  3. Human Resources
  4. Project Management
  5. Marketing
  6. Customer Service
  7. Financial
  8. Writing
  9. Accounting
  10. Graphic Design

Among Virtual Vocations members, information technology and healthcare remained the most applied to remote work industries in May. From April to May, human resources remote job openings surged in popularity with human resources becoming the third most popular remote work industry applied to by our members. The spike in human resources opportunities is likely attributed to the phased reopening of U.S. businesses and the need for more HR staff to help companies post openings, screen applicants, and ensure organizations meet federal, state, and local guidelines related to COVID-19 safety measures.

A similar trend is evident in increased applications to openings within the financial sector, which was the seventh most popular telecommuting career category applied to by Virtual Vocations members. An improving economy means more financial jobs. Accounting and tax firms are also hiring seasonal and contract workers ahead of the revised Tax Day deadline for filing 2019 income taxes, which now falls on July 15, 2020. Lastly, management and administrative remote jobs were not as often applied to in May as they were in April. Instead, graphic design and accounting positions were more popular in May and replaced management and administrative jobs on the top 10 list of most applied to remote work industries by Virtual Vocations members.


10 States with the Most Remote Job Openings

Due to job requirements, business needs, and state employment laws, some remote jobs are location-specific. Throughout May, these 10 states had the most location-specific remote job openings.

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. New York
  5. Virginia
  6. Georgia
  7. North Carolina
  8. Illinois
  9. Arizona
  10. Pennsylvania

From April to May, California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Georgia remained the top six U.S. states with the most remote job openings; in fact, all of April’s top 10 states made May’s list, but there were some notable differences in placement on the bottom half of the list. For example, North Carolina rose from 10th to 7th while Pennsylvania dropped from 7th to 10th. Illinois and Arizona also swapped positions during May with Illinois edging out Arizona to become the state with the 8th most available number of remote job openings in May.

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Top 5 Regions for Available Remote Jobs

Job search filters within the Virtual Vocations database allow remote jobseekers to query for job openings by region. At the beginning of June, these five U.S. regions featured the most remote job openings within the Virtual Vocations job board. Click on any of the hyperlinked region names below to view available remote job openings from that area.

  1. East Coast
  2. West Coast
  3. Midwest
  4. Northeast
  5. East


10 Industries with the Most Remote Job Openings

10 Industries with the Most Remote Job Openings - June 2020 Remote Jobs Report - Virtual Vocations


Virtual Vocations sources thousands of remote job openings each month. From May 1 to May 31, the most telecommuting job openings were found among these 10 remote work industries in the Virtual Vocations database:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Healthcare
  3. Education
  4. Sales
  5. Customer Service
  6. Financial
  7. Teaching
  8. Human Services
  9. Marketing
  10. Project Management

For all the remote job industries named above, we have highlighted trending remote jobs that may be found on the Virtual Vocations job board as well as each category’s projected job growth estimates through 2028.

1. Information Technology

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 12% growth

Trending Information Technology Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Information Technology Technical Specialist
  • Telecommute Information Technology Storage Administrator
  • Remote Information Technology Project Manager
  • Remote Information Technology Operations Manager
  • Telecommute Information Technology Professional Services Consultant

View All Information Technology Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


2. Healthcare

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 14% growth

Trending Healthcare Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Healthcare Patient Advocacy Manager
  • Telecommute Healthcare Digital Services Account Director
  • Virtual Healthcare Provider Network Contract Manager
  • Telecommute Licensed Healthcare Customer Service Representative
  • Virtual Healthcare Industry Solutions Analyst

View All Healthcare Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


3. Education

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 5% growth

Trending Education Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Education Coach
  • Telecommute Special Education Teacher
  • Remote Professional Development Services Education Leader
  • Online School of Education Adjunct Faculty Member
  • Remote Education Campaign Manager

View All Education Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


4. Sales

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): Little to no growth

Trending Sales Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote B2B Sales Representative
  • Telecommute Sales Enablement Manager
  • Remote Enterprise Sales Specialist
  • Telecommute Sales Trainer
  • Remote E-Commerce Managed Services Sales Associate

View All Sales Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


5. Customer Service

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 2% decline

Trending Customer Service Remote Jobs: 

  • Telecommute Outbound Customer Service Representative
  • Remote Customer Service Agent
  • Virtual Customer Service Representative
  • Remote Customer Service Manager
  • Telecommute Customer Service Specialist

View All Customer Service Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

6. Financial

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 16% growth for Financial Managers; 7% growth for Personal Financial Advisors; 6% growth for Financial Analysts

Trending Financial Remote Jobs: 

  • Telecommute Corporate Financial Analysis Manager
  • Remote Senior Financial Planning Analyst
  • Telecommute Real Estate Financial Services Account Representative
  • Remote Chief Financial Officer
  • Remote Financial Management Bookkeeper

View All Financial Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


7. Teaching

BLS Industry Outlooks (2018–2028): 3% growth for kindergarten and elementary teachers; 4% growth for high school teachers; and 11% growth for postsecondary teachers

Trending Teaching Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Gifted Teacher
  • Telecommute Secondary Math Teacher
  • Online ESL English Teacher
  • Remote High School Science Teacher
  • Telecommute Advanced Placement Certified Teacher

View All Teaching Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


8. Human Services

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 13% growth

Trending Human Services Remote Jobs: 

  • Remote Health and Human Services Government Grant Writer
  • Telecommute Human Services Instructional Designer
  • Remote Human Services Contracting Specialist
  • Remote Human Services Digital Care Advocate
  • Virtual School Speech-Language Pathologist

View All Human Services Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


9. Marketing

BLS Industry Outlook (2018–2028): 8% growth

Trending Marketing Remote Jobs: 

  • Telecommute Marketing Consultant
  • Remote Digital Marketing Manager
  • Remote Product Marketing Expert
  • Telecommute E-Commerce Visual Marketing Designer
  • Remote Marketing Sales Manager

View All Marketing Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board


10. Project Management

Project Management Institute (PMI) Industry Outlook (2017–2027): 31% growth

Trending Project Management Remote Jobs: 

  • Telecommute Senior Healthcare Project Manager
  • Remote Project Manager
  • Telecommute IT Audit Project Manager
  • Remote Construction and Maintenance Project Manager
  • Remote Web Project Manager

View All Project Management Remote Job Openings on the Virtual Vocations Job Board

Employer Partners with the Most Remote Job Openings in May

The Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program provides remote-enabled companies with a vehicle to conveniently and safely post their telecommuting job openings while simultaneously reaching more high-quality, experienced applicants. In 2019, our Employer Partner Program grew by 66%. Members represent businesses and organizations in top telework fields like insurance, information technology, healthcare, education, and government.

The top five Employer Partners that shared the most remote job openings during May have been profiled below. We have also provided Virtual Vocations company profile links to 15 additional Employer Partners that filled remote jobs in May and are known for regularly hiring remote workers. Virtual Vocations company profiles include business descriptions and key information, links to each company’s social media profiles, a graph of recent hiring trends, and links to any of the employer’s available remote job openings in our job board.

1. Achieve Test Prep


A training and education company founded in 2008, Achieve Test Prep provides training and instruction for students and professionals seeking better lives and careers. The company also specializes in credit-by-examination offerings which allow students to test out of classes in certain fields.

Achieve regularly fills remote positions for recruiters, instructors, sales representatives, customer service professionals, and more. Achieve Test Prep is one of the Virtual Vocations Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2020.

Explore Achieve Test Prep Remote Job Openings in the Virtual Vocations Database


2. VirBELA

virbela employer partner

Since 2019, VirBELA has developed software tools used in distance learning and collaboration for remote teams. The company aims to refine work connections, planning, and processes through virtual reality experiences that allow companies to improve growth as well as reach and hire the best talent regardless of location.

VirBELA fills telecommuting positions for game testers, product release specialists, software engineers, community leads, technical and game artists, and more.

Explore VirBELA Remote Job Openings in the Virtual Vocations Database


3. Uscreen

Washington, D.C. based Uscreen is a video hosting and streaming service. Uscreen’s software-as-a-service provides video creators with avenues to share, monetize, and distribute their content to broader audiences.

Uscreen hires remote workers for jobs in sales, marketing, customer service, writing, and more.

Explore Uscreen Remote Job Openings in the Virtual Vocations Database


4. eXp Realty

Remote Jobs at exp Realty

This 100% virtual business is a major proponent of remote work, relying on a fully remote company model to reduce fees for their clients and expand their talent pool. As a full-service real estate brokerage firm, eXp Realty’s agents and brokers are independent and build their own businesses.

Recruiters, financial analysts, brokers, and support coordinators are hired by eXp realty for remote positions. The company is one of Virtual Vocations’ Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2020.

Explore eXp Realty Remote Job Openings in the Virtual Vocations Database


5. UltraViolet

UltraViolet is a non-profit organization created to address women’s issues like sexism and inclusion. The company’s community includes more than one million members and leverages news, politics, and culture to mobilize them to quickly address current events and immediate issues.

As a 100% virtual organization, UltraViolet fills positions like organization advancement vice-president, associate campaign directors, and more.

Explore UltraViolet Remote Job Openings in the Virtual Vocations Database


6. ResultsResourcing, LLC
7. Sataware Technologies
8. Apiary Digital
9. UniversalGiving
10. Millennia
11. CustomerBloom
12. Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.*
13. Kynetec
14. AlgoSeek
15. Pedago
16. Transcom Group
17. ttcInnovations
18. Instructional Connections, LLC
19. CodeWizardsHQ
20. FA Client Machine

*Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. is also one of the Virtual Vocations Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2020. Read the complete list of Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2020 on our blog. The report also includes a downloadable PDF, Employer Partner testimonials about how the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner program has improved their remote hiring experiences, and interviews with recruiting representatives from K12 Inc., TTEC, and Net Transcripts, Inc.


Virtual Vocations in the News

In recent weeks, Virtual Vocations and our CEO, Laura Spawn, have been featured in a number of top careers, business, and financial publications. Below is a sampling of some of our most recent and newsworthy digital media appearances related to remote work, technology, training, hiring, digital marketing, and COVID-19 business tips.

Published Content from CEO Laura Spawn




Forbes Human Resources Council Mentions


Press Mentions

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