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How to Build a Strong Resumé When You Lack Experience or Education

Think you don’t have enough education or work experience to land a telecommute job? Think again. Many telecommute-friendly companies post entry-level positions that require little or no educational background or experience. All you need to do is create a strong resumé that showcases your best attributes.   How to Build a Strong Resumé When You […]


CV vs. Resumé: Is There a Difference?

Is a CV the same as a resumé? Do you need one or both documents to apply for remote jobs? In this article, we dig into the differences between a CV and resumé as well as how you can leverage both to build a solid telecommuting career. CV vs. Resumé: Is There a Difference? Telecommuting […]

ATS software

Top Tips for Writing Resumés That Will Pass ATS Software

Did you know recruiters use software programs to process resumés and pre-screen applicants? To get past the robots and get noticed by employers, you need to learn about applicant tracking system (ATS) and how they affect your telecommuting job search. Top Tips for Writing Resumés That Will Pass ATS Software How many times have you […]

Create a Winning Resumé Virtual Vocations e-Course Overview

Does your resumé need a makeover? Whether you’re new to telecommuting, changing careers, or climbing up the ranks, you need a resumé that meets current hiring expectations. Virtual Vocations offers premium members an exclusive resumé writing e-course to help you get through automated recruiting software and catch employers’ eyes. Create a Winning Resumé e-Course Overview […]

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Are There Differences in Resumés for Remote Jobs Versus Onsite Jobs?

Changes in the nature of work in our society stipulate that there will also be changes in the way professionals seek out work and establish their personal brands. In today’s marketplace, it is vital to think beyond a single document such as a resumé. Are There Differences in Resumés for Remote Jobs Versus Onsite Jobs? […]

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Telecommuting Cover Letters: Are They Obsolete in 2018?

Given the variability of the job market and workplace norms, it can be difficult to keep track of expected job search etiquette. When exploring virtual positions, do you still need to add a custom cover letter? Virtual Vocations explores the facts and fiction around telecommuting cover letters for jobseekers looking for work in the new […]

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7 Tips for Writing a Memorable Telecommuting Resumé

Mary Walton, a blogger and proofreader specializing in educational and writing services, outlines seven tips to write a memorable telecommuting resumé. You’ve decided you want to ditch the long drive to work for a telecommute to your home office. It’s a good move. More professionals are choosing to work from home than ever before, but […]

work-at-home resume woes

4 Ways to Address Common Work-at-Home Resume Woes

Angie Nelson, from the blog The Work at Home Wife, offers solutions to address common work-at-home resume woes that telecommute jobseekers may encounter. There’s nothing quite like the fear of writing your resume. Job-hunting is bad enough, but then you need to sell yourself in words before you even get to an interview? And what […]

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How to Tailor Your Resume to a Job Offer and Land Your Dream Job

Natalie Severt, a resume advice writer for Uptowork, shares her tips on how to tailor your resume to a job description each time you apply for a new job. If there’s one thing all recruiters are after, it’s skills. An IT recruiter wants someone who can develop software; a marketing recruiter is on the lookout for people who […]

telecommuting cover letters

Telecommuting Cover Letters: Formats for Success

If you think telecommuting cover letters are passé, think again. While a telecommuting cover letter is arguably the job application element most often absent from a remote job seeker’s employment documents, it represents prime real estate for showcasing hirability. Although cover letters across the board are similar in structure and contain the same basic foundational elements, telecommuting cover […]