Use Virtual Vocations to find and apply for telecommute jobs easily and quickly

In this section, you’ll learn to:

  • Use the basic search functionality to search directly on Virtual Vocations for telecommute jobs
  • Create custom email alerts to save you search time and start applying for jobs quickly
  • Apply for telecommute jobs in a way that will help you stand out to employers

Using the Virtual Vocations search

Watch this video to learn how to use the various basic search features available on Virtual Vocations: (4 min.)

Additional Video Tutorial: How to set up TELECOMMUTE FROM ANYWHERE JOB ALERTS

Create custom email alerts

Get telecommute jobs matching your interests and skills delivered right to your inbox. If you didn’t already create a custom email alert upon registering, do so now to start receiving relevant, telecommute jobs via email. Or, if you’d like to create more than one alert, follow the instructions below.

To create a custom job email alert:

1. Login to your Virtual Vocations account.

2. Perform a job search using keywords, locations and/or filters.

3. Click the blue link to the right of the page that says Get ‘Your Search Term’ job email alerts.


You can also watch this quick video tutorial: how to setup your job email alerts.

To manage your job alerts, simply go to: Profile>Job Email Alerts.

The best way to start using Virtual Vocations is to regularly review the telecommute jobs you receive in your email alerts, and by visiting the site to do a quick search (new jobs are added almost hourly).

Applying for telecommute jobs (and getting the employers attention)

What most telecommute job seekers don’t know:

Your application email is your first impression and doubles as your cover letter.

Some telecommute jobs can receive over 300 applicants in the first 24-48 hours.

Employers spend on average 30 seconds scanning a resume.

What this means for you:

Time is of the essence when it comes to applying for telecommute jobs. Because of their almost always virtual job environment and the fact that they are highly sought after, the sooner you get your resume’ in, the better chance you have at actually having a chance of being seen.

You may be the most qualified person that applied, but if you are number 300 on the list,

you won’t be noticed.

1buttonCreate an effective application email

Create an eye-catching subject line. Do they need someone immediately? Is a certain skill a must-have and you’ve got it? Tell them in the subject line to grab their attention.

Tell them what they want to hear. Take the time read through the full job description, paying special attention to the required skills and education.  Better yet, do some research on the company too. In your email highlight your skills and qualifications that are exact matches of what they are looking for and tell them exactly why you are the one they should hire.

Use spellcheck! You wouldn’t believe how many applicants don’t do a simple spelling and grammar check before they hit the send button. You’ll be light years ahead of lots of applicants if you do this.

2buttonApply to jobs you are qualified for immediately

Don’t procrastinate. One of the biggest mistakes job seekers who are looking for telecommute positions make, is that they procrastinate. For full telecommute positions in entry-level fields such as customer service and sales, employers can receive hundreds of applicants within 24-48 hours of the job opening.

If you are qualified for a more technical role, you will probably have a bit more time, however, it is always best to apply sooner rather than later. We make it simple by screening and sending the jobs to you, just scroll to the bottom of the job and click ‘Apply’!

3buttonTailor your resume to each job you apply for

It may be easier to send out the same resume to every employer, but it won’t give you the results you want. Position your qualifications at the TOP of the resume below your contact information so your employer views right off the skills that match what they are looking for in a candidate.

Rather than getting into the nuts and bolts of creating a resume tailored specifically for telecommuting in here, our team has created some great resources available for you in the Cover Letters & Resumes area on our blog.

Telecommuting Resume Writing – A Complete Guide

7 Resume Formats to Land a Remote Job

Telecommuting Cover Letters: Formats for Success

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for a Remote Job

In addition, as a member you have access to The Telecommuting Handbook, an ebook written by Virtual Vocations’ founder and CEO, Laura Spawn, with a detailed section dedicated to creating a resume just for telecommuting.

4buttonUse organizational tools

We make it easy to mark the job as saved, applied for, and to even make notes if you’d like to research or follow-up on it later. More on using our tools to keep organized in a minute.


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