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Remote Payroll Jobs Available Right Now

If you have a head for numbers and are committed to a work from home lifestyle, you may want to consider remote payroll jobs. Individuals in these positions ensure that employees get paid the right amount and on time. Tasks include compiling and posting employee data regarding attendance, hours worked, and wage adjustments.

Because most tasks can be completed both electronically and asynchronously, the job of a payroll clerk is suitable for flexible schedules and remote positions. There are some hybrid and part-time remote payroll jobs available as well. With the right education and experience, entry-level remote payroll jobs are a good first step for a career in accounting or human resources. If this sounds like the perfect job for you, below is an overview of what you need to know to get started in your new career.

Education and Experience Required for Remote Payroll Jobs

While theoretically payroll clerks only need a high school diploma or GED to enter the occupation, in practice, applicants may need a vocational diploma or two- or four-year college degree to be considered. Once hired, most payroll clerks learn job tasks through on-the-job training. Most remote positions will require at least one or two years of experience to illustrate a candidate’s work ethic and grasp of the skills required.

In addition to education and experience, applicants may want to join and obtain a certification from the American Payroll Association to help their resumes stand out. This industry organization offers two levels of certification: Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and, for professionals with extensive experience, a Certified Payroll Professional designation.

Wages & Outlook for Remote Payroll Jobs

The median wage for payroll clerks is $22.89 hourly and $47,610 annually. The industries with the highest levels of employment are accounting service providers, management companies, employment services, K-12 schools, and local government. However, industries that pay the most include mining companies, oil corporations, scientific research services, and software publishers. Top paying states to live in for high-paying positions include D.C., Washington, Alaska, California, and Rhode Island.

While the pay is decent and the role is a good career steppingstone, demand is likely to decrease for payroll clerks. Due to the availability of online tools and payroll automation software, many companies no longer require a dedicated payroll clerk. In these instances, payroll tasks may be rolled into other bookkeeping positions or outsourced altogether. These factors are expected to contribute to a 13% decline in payroll positions between 2020 and 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

However, it is noteworthy that the full effects of the pandemic on payroll operations are yet to be felt. The increase in hybrid and remote roles could slow the decline in demand due to the need for new processes and policies. Live people may need to implement the new requirements and ensure regulatory and tax compliance until the online tools catch up.

Common Remote Payroll Job Titles

While the activities that a payroll clerk engages in as part of their job are very similar, there are a variety of job titles that describe the positions. Below are just a few to look out for in your job search:

Entry-Level Remote Payroll Job Titles

  • Telecommute Payroll Analyst
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Remote Payroll Solutions Processor
  • Entry-Level Payroll Coordinator

Mid-Level Remote Payroll Job Titles

  • Global Payroll Accountant
  • Senior Payroll Specialist
  • Remote Payroll Manager
  • Payroll Operations Director

Companies Hiring for Remote Payroll Jobs

When conducting a job search for remote payroll jobs, most available positions will be in industries that traditionally hire a lot of payroll clerks. For example, an accounting or management services firm, K-12 schools, and local government. Other areas to focus on include industries that are experiencing economic expansion. A few examples of industries currently hiring include technology, financial services, logistics and transportation.

Below are examples of companies that frequently hire remote payroll positions:


TTEC Holdings, Inc.

TTEC Holdings Inc. is a technology company that develops customized customer experience solutions. The company focuses on delivering simple and streamlined solutions. Recently advertised position:

  • Remote Customer Engagement Services Company Payroll Tax Senior Analyst
CCC Intelligent Solutions

CCC Information Services, Inc.

CCC Information Services, Inc. is a technology company that offers solutions for the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries. Recently advertised position:

  • Remote Payroll Analyst
One Call

One Call

One Call is a workers’ compensation healthcare administrator. The company assists with all facets of work injury recovery from appointment management to travel options. Recently advertised position:

  • Remote Payroll Administrator


Blend is a software company offering a digital platform for consumer lending. Users are able to apply for a loan online or with their mobile application. Recently advertised position:

  • Remote Payroll Analyst
KCoe Isom

KCoe Isom, LLP

KCoe Isom, LLP is an accounting firm that specializes in food and agriculture accounting and consulting. Recently advertised position:

  • Remote Payroll Solutions Processor

Acosta, Inc.

Acosta, Inc. is a business solutions provider for consumer brands and retailers specializing in marketing, sales, and commercial solutions. Recently advertised position:

  • Remote Global Payroll Operations Director

Questions People Also Ask About Remote Payroll Jobs

Answers to a few other frequently asked questions include:

What Are Jobs Similar to Payroll Clerks?

There are a wide variety of financial clerk specializations in addition to those who handle payroll. These include:

  • Billing and posting clerks
  • Brokerage clerks
  • Credit authorizers, checkers, and clerks
  • Gambling cage workers
  • Insurance claims and policy processing clerks
  • Loan interviewers
  • New accounts clerks
  • Procurement clerks

Is Payroll a Stressful Job?

Yes, payroll can be a very stressful job. Since payroll is a highly regulated critical business function and mistakes can be very costly for your company, the pressure is on. In addition, your job is necessary for your colleagues to get paid which can add additional anxiety. Throw in deadlines, complicated processes and software, and you have a recipe for stress. A successful payroll specialist will be steady under pressure, able to adapt quickly to changing processes and technologies, and a talented organizer.  

What Is the Difference Between a Payroll Specialist and a Payroll Administrator?

As indicated above, there are many different titles common for payroll clerks. While classification systems vary by company, in general, the difference between a payroll specialist and a payroll administrator is the scope of their role. A payroll administrator will oversee payroll for an entire company, while a specialist may oversee payroll for the department. The difference here has more to do with the size of the company than the experience of the payroll clerk.

What Is Most Difficult About Working in Payroll?

The most difficult tasks undertaken by a payroll clerk are those that involve taxes and government regulations. Calculating withholding taxes can be very complicated, especially with the increase in remote and hybrid workers. Besides, there are plenty of opportunities to make costly mistakes. In addition, classifying employees correctly and calculating accurate overtime costs are also important activities to get right. Mistakes here can not only cost money but can have you running afoul of your local labor laws.


Remote payroll jobs are a great way to start a career in finance or human resources while still enjoying a work from home lifestyle. Although the current outlook for payroll positions could be better, changes in traditional work models and compensation packages may keep payroll specialists relevant for a few more years. With low barriers to entry and the opportunity to make a good wage, a remote payroll job might be the perfect choice for you!

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