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The Top Remote Data Entry Jobs

If working from home with a flexible schedule is important to you, then a data entry job may be perfect. Data entry clerks or data entry keyers primarily compile and input text-based and numeric data into software programs. Since the work is usually completed independently using a computer, there are few, if any, requirements for on-site collaboration. Read on to find out if you are cut out for data entry jobs from home and where to find qualified job listings.

Common Responsibilities for Remote Data Entry Jobs

If you are interested in pursuing a data entry position, you may be asked to complete the following types of tasks:

  • Gather, sort, and prioritize information
  • Key or scan data for entry into a wide variety of database programs, including customer relationship management (CRM) databases, human resources information systems, and shipping and receiving programs
  • Review and verify the correctness of information
  • Resolve any deficiencies found by correcting, deleting, or reentering the data following an established set of procedures
  • Purge or update electronic files to eliminate duplicate data
  • Maintain the security and confidentiality of data by ensuring the information is backed up and secure
  • Contribute as a member of a larger team

Job Outlook & Industry Information

Due to continued advances in technology and computer automation, jobs in data entry are declining through 2026. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that 43,300 data entry jobs will be lost, making this occupation one of the biggest losers along with other administrative support positions.

The following industries have the highest levels of employment in data entry positions:

  • Employment Services (18,380 jobs)         
  • Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services (8,000 jobs)         
  • Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services (7,260 jobs)       
  • Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OEWS Designation) (6,600 jobs)       
  • Elementary and Secondary Schools (5,840 jobs)

Wage Information

According to the BLS, the median wages for data entry positions range are $36,920 per year or $17.75 an hour.

The Best Paying Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

If you’re interested in maximizing your earning potential for work from home data entry, there are a few industries that pay top dollar. However, competition is fierce for these positions due to the low number of data entry clerks required. Below are the top-paying industries and the average hourly wages.

  • Electronics and Appliance Stores ($24.14 per hour)
  • Financial Services ($22.87 per hour)
  • Natural Gas Distribution ($22.58 per hour)
  • Postal Service ($22.32 per hour)
  • Aerospace Manufacturing ($20.91 per hour)

Part-Time Remote Data Entry Jobs

Part time online data entry jobs are popular with individuals who cannot commit to a full-time job, such as mothers of young children and other caregivers. This is also a popular choice for students needing help with expenses or anyone looking to make some extra money on the side.

While the majority of data entry positions in the Virtual Vocations database are full time, there are still many available with part time hours. However, because the options are more limited, you may find it easier to obtain a part time position if you have specialized knowledge or skills. For example, skills in healthcare, accounting, or human resources. Having specialized knowledge will also enable you to garner higher wages.

Examples of part time remote data entry positions in the Virtual Vocations jobs database include:

  • Part Time Data Entry Jobs
  • Remote Part Time Accounting Data Entry Jobs
  • Customer Service Part Time Remote Data Entry Jobs
  • Part Time Remote Healthcare Data Entry Jobs

Entry-Level Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are a good place to start if you don’t have a lot of work experience or formal education. Basic job requirements for data entry positions are usually a high-school diploma and an understanding of computers. Training is usually short and on the job. While most data entry positions in the Virtual Vocations database require some experience, there are still a good number of entry level jobs available.

As with part time positions, you will benefit from being willing and able to complete tasks in addition to data entry such as customer service, internet research, marketing, and quality assurance.

Medical Remote Data Entry Jobs

A field closely related to data entry is medical coding or clinical coding. In these positions, individuals review and translate healthcare diagnoses and medical procedures, services, and equipment into standard codes. These codes are then used for medical billing purposes.

As opposed to most data entry positions, medical coding is a growth occupation with 8% growth expected over the next 10 years. Median earnings are also higher at $21.20 per hour. While this is a position where specialized training is required, due to the growing number of available positions, training is frequently on-the-job. To move ahead in the profession, however, you may be expected to earn industry certifications.

Let Virtual Vocations Help You Find the Right Remote Data Entry Jobs

For many, a 9-to-5 office position is neither possible nor desirable. If you’re seeking a remote position that requires minimal education or experience but offers maximum flexibility, then a remote data entry job might be the perfect solution. Despite some of these jobs going away due to automation, there are still many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for part time, entry level, or have more experience, a quick search of the Virtual Vocations jobs database will help you find the perfect position.

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