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Fully Remote Jobs: 14 Ways You Can Truly Work from Anywhere

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The landscape of America’s workforce is changing. With more people than ever working from home, telecommuting full-time has become a reality for those who once deemed it out of reach. Employers have recognized the numerous benefits of telecommuting, including increased productivity, enhanced employee morale, and reduced costs, giving you more opportunities to snag fully remote jobs.

Fully Remote Jobs: 14 Ways You Can Truly Work from Anywhere

Before you quit your office job, remember that not all telecommuting jobs are 100% remote. When you search for a position online, you’ll often see telecommute jobs requiring work travel, on-site meetings, and flex-time that splits your duties between home and a traditional office. Fortunately, there are numerous employers that offer remote jobs with no work travel required. If you’re ready to make the switch to telecommuting, check out this list of fully remote jobs that allow you to work from anywhere.

1. Social Media Manager

If you spend hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, turn your passion into a profitable remote career as a social media manager. This job requires you to design, launch, manage, tweak, and optimize social media profiles to hit key performance indicators (KPIs). By increasing engagement with potential customers and clients, you can enhance business reach to qualified individuals and turn leads into sales. Familiarity with several social media platforms, social media advertising, and a touch of creativity are the hallmarks of successful social media managers.

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2. English Teacher

Across the world, countries have begun to understand the importance of learning a second language, namely English. Used as the predominant language in international business, tourism, trade, entertainment, and more, English is becoming more of a necessity for citizens of non-English-speaking countries to find a job, especially in Asia and other emerging markets.

While you could easily find work abroad teaching English in places such as China and Vietnam, you can also do it from the comfort of your own home. Online tutoring and teaching companies are always looking for native English speakers to act as teachers via video chat. In most instances, you’ll need a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification to gain employment. However, these programs only take about three months to complete, and it doesn’t need to be renewed.

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3. Cybersecurity Specialist

As more businesses store vital information online, they become susceptible to hackers and cyber attacks. In the past year, 47% of businesses reported at least one cyber attack, while 8% of businesses reported five or more attacks. This constant threat has forced businesses of all sizes to search for IT professionals to shore up their cybersecurity team.

Cybersecurity professionals monitor network activity, evaluate potential safety threats, investigate security alerts, and implement cyber safety plans. Because you can complete these tasks remotely, cybersecurity specialist is one of the most in-demand fully remote jobs.

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4. Virtual Travel Agent

Although travel fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines have made it quicker and simpler than ever for adventurers to find the best price on hotels, flights, and car rentals, the era of the travel agent isn’t done quite yet. The setting has just changed to integrate this field into the category of fully remote jobs.

Virtual travel agents put together itineraries, hotel stays, flight plans, and activities for vacations or business trips. Itineraries can include everything from budget-friendly to high-end luxury amenities.

Finding employment through travel companies is often easier than freelancing, as you can take advantage of their connections and discounts from hotel chains, airlines, and other companies. To make this an even more alluring choice, agents can often take advantage of the same discounts when planning their own vacations.

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5. Translator or Interpreter

The emergence of global markets has enabled trade and business opportunities for companies of all sizes. Throughout the United States, businesses have begun to outsource positions abroad, manufacture items overseas, and sell their products in the global marketplace. However, when emerging and established markets don’t use English as their primary language, that’s when a translator or interpreter becomes crucial.

As a translator or interpreter, remote professionals work in customer service, logistics, marketing, copywriting, and other roles. Depending on the scope of the position, they may translate advertising, emails, copy, and other correspondence from English to another language and vice-versa. In addition, translators or interpreters may have to handle phone calls and video chats, or sit in on virtual meetings.

Both employee and freelance positions are available, and with a projected 18% growth rate over the next 10 years, these fully remote jobs will be in heavy supply. To qualify, you’ll need to be fluent in at least one other language. Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are two of the most coveted languages, while Arabic, Japanese, and Danish are among the highest paying.

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6. Graphic Designer or Web Designer

Although many people go to school for graphic or web design, the emergence of online courses and training videos has enabled a new crop of freelancers to enter the industry. The learning curve is still relatively steep, but with perseverance and a keen eye for web-page layouts, logos, and other design, graphic and web design can be lucrative remote working options.

As a web designer, you’ll put together landing pages, blogs, e-commerce sites, and more. Graphic designers put together logos, edit photos and videos, prepare digital files, and create other visual elements. In either position, you’ll require stress management and time management to meet deadlines laid out by clients. However, the creative aspects of both positions allow you to turn your inspiration and talent into a career.

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7. Email Marketer

Email marketing is one of the new forms of digital marketing, providing another way to reach customers and sell products and services. However, email marketing campaigns are inefficient without an eye for design and a talent for copy. Responsible for managing subscriber lists, designing email layouts, and writing some or all of the copy, an email marketer is a vital cog in the marketing machine. While these fully remote jobs are available within a company, many email marketers earn a living on a freelance basis.

Although there are no set requirements or qualifications to become an email marketer, several areas of expertise will improve your success and customer reach. These specialties include a background in search engine optimization, copywriting, and graphic design.

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8. Consultant

Traditionally, consultants spent decades in a specific industry, learning all the inner workings from top to bottom. This enabled them to consult other businesses on how to improve profitability, worker productivity, and other business operations.

Today, anyone can become a consultant. You just need to discover your gift or passion. With a seemingly endless number of consultancy options, you’ll find fully remote jobs in human resources, sales, logistics, marketing, and advertising⁠—just to name a few. Before you apply to fully remote jobs in consulting, ensure you have proper certifications and licenses within your field. In addition, you will need a strong network of contacts, organizational skills, and confidence in your expertise.

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9. Accountant or Bookkeeper

Put your love of numbers to work with a job as a remote accountant or bookkeeper. The main difference between the two hinges on education level. Accounting typically requires a four-year degree, while bookkeeping usually only needs a two-year diploma.

Both accountants and bookkeepers are in high demand for fully remote jobs, since small-to-midsize businesses often don’t have an in-house accounting department.

To gain remote employment in this profession, you’ll need experience in the respective field, any necessary certifications such as a CPA (certified public accountant) or CBP (certified public bookkeeper), familiarity with accounting software, and the discipline to double- and triple-check your work.

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10. Data Entry Clerk

If you’re searching for an entry-level position or a side hustle, data entry is an attractive choice. With little experience or higher education necessary to succeed, these fully remote jobs are available to a wide range of jobseekers. To excel in the industry and enjoy improved productivity, you’ll need to have experience with spreadsheets and databases, above-average typing skills, and superb attention to detail. Higher-paying positions may also require previous experience as a data entry clerk.

Flexibility makes data entry a stellar option for those with a young family or a wish to improve their work-life balance. Many data entry jobs work on deadlines, so you can type away whenever you get free time.

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11. Medical Coder

With a job growth rate of 13%, minimal education requirements, and a relatively high salary, medical coding is a lucrative and appealing remote occupation. Because medical records are almost entirely digital and the coder doesn’t need to interact with other healthcare professionals regularly, these are fully remote jobs perfectly suited to the telecommuting work model. 

Medical coders enter codes into a database to indicate diagnoses, procedures, and other medical information. They may also deal with the billing department for patients at a hospital or other health care facility. An associate’s degree is typically required for the position. Earning a certified professional coder (CPC) qualification isn’t necessary, but it may help you find more remote opportunities and negotiate higher pay.

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12. Content Writer

The internet has broadened advertising options for companies around the globe. However, not all companies have a resident wordsmith to craft their voice, tell a story, and sell their product. That’s why content writing has become one of the fastest-growing online professions for fully remote jobs. If you can develop a brand voice, conduct thorough research, and turn jargon into everyday language, content writing is an excellent career choice.

Another attractive facet of content writing is that it doesn’t have many barriers to start. Sure, a background in journalism or creative writing is helpful. But if you put together a solid portfolio of your strongest writing samples, you might gain clients faster than you think.

Like any other creative profession, practice makes perfect. Force yourself to write fresh articles daily or weekly to sharpen your skills and use social media to expand your audience and reach. Networking is also a helpful tool that enables you to find potential clients and partners in the industry.

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13. Customer Service Representative

If you have a background in retail, product support, or technical support, a customer service position is an ideal fit for your experience. Few of these fully remote jobs require college degrees, making customer service accessible to a wider array of applicants.

Traditionally, customer service specialists worked out of a call center. Now, with companies looking to reduce costs on real estate and utilities, you can find fully remote customer service jobs as long as you have a phone and internet connection. Remote customer service also allows hourly flexibility as 24/7 support becomes more popular.

To become a successful customer service specialist, you’ll need a variety of skills. Solid communication abilities, an aptitude for problem-solving, patience, and a pleasant demeanor are all necessary, especially when dealing with an angry or dissatisfied customer. Other qualifications include data-entry skills, basic computer skills, and the ability to work independently.

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14. Virtual Assistant

To cut overhead costs, many companies are shying away from in-office administrative assistants in favor of self-employed virtual assistants. Instead of paying a salary or hiring administrative assistants for 40 hours a week, businesses can change the hours of their virtual assistants to suit their needs and budget. Virtual assistants are tasked with jobs such as social media and calendar management, light data entry, appointment setting, and replying to customers and clients via email or telephone.

Although an administrative assistant can be an entry-level position, employers search for highly experienced individuals as their virtual assistant. This gives companies more time to devote to other aspects of the business. Organizational abilities, communication skills, and an eye for detail are mandatory for this position.

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Find Fully Remote Jobs at Virtual Vocations

Regardless of what field you’re in or what job you want, fully remote jobs are well within reach. With the mix of flexibility, freedom, and rewarding work, you’ll find the work-life balance you’ve always craved. Check out the Virtual Vocations Job Database for fully remote jobs in more than 40 fields to change your career and your life.

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