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WAH Side Gigs: Earn Money While You Search for Full-Time Employment

WAH side gigs

The job hunt can be a fiercely competitive process. In today’s work climate employers are working smarter to hire top talent and retain them longer, which may translate to a lengthy search for jobseekers. If you are looking for full-time employment the mental, emotional, and financial strain of the daily job search could be hurting your performance. But there is a way to continue to build your skills while earning income during your job search: work-at-home (WAH) side gigs.

6 Part-Time WAH Side Gigs

Everyone’s heard of the side hustle, but it is usually paraded as a passion that must be balanced against a full-time job, however, if you’re currently looking for work, this is the perfect time to focus on a side hustle that will boost your finances as well as your morale. WAH side gigs are perfect because they still allow you the flexibility to interview for full-time work, craft resumes, and network on a larger scale.

If you are new to remote work, you’ll want to ensure you have all the necessary tools to succeed. Review Telecommuter Gadgets: 6 Tech Must-Haves for Remote Workers to get started. Once you’ve equipped your essential telecommuter toolbelt, you’re ready to begin the job search; but where to start?

You could focus solely on part-time WAH side gigs that align with your full-time aspirations, however, this could limit your options. We suggest making list of your key qualifications and use this as a guide when exploring telecommute job categories. And speaking of telecommute job categories, these are our suggestions for six WAH side gigs to earn extra money while you search for full-time employment:

1. Online Teacher

View All Available Telecommute Teaching Positions

If you have a bachelor’s degree and are comfortable working with children, this job category could be for you. You may not need a teaching degree depending on the position, but be sure to thoroughly read each description.

There are a wide range of online education companies looking for help with teaching and tutoring kids in a range of subjects including English, math, science, and exam prep. Successful candidates will have a great headset, flawless internet connection, and lots of energy. It’s also good to note work hours could vary, as some companies are international. The interview process will likely feature a teaching demo, therefore, you may be asked to create a lecture, curriculum, or other class materials.

Teaching is a great way to work on your presentation skills. You’ll be able to test how engaging your presentations are, especially since children are very honest critics. Watching your students grow and learn will be a rewarding process that can help boost your spirits as you continue to look for something more permanent. And who knows, you could discover a hidden passion for online learning.

2. Virtual Assistant

View All Available Virtual Assistant Positions

Are you adept at handling a high call volumes and managing hectic schedules? Would you delight in the challenge of arranging international travel? If you answered yes, consider a working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

Individuals and businesses often outsource administrative responsibilities and look for telecommuters who can be reliable and independent, as well as play a key role in organizing the daily operations and appointments of executives. You may not need an advanced degree for this position, but previous experience managing schedules is often required. Even if you have never worked remotely, in-person, onsite experience as a receptionist or personal assistant will be accepted by most employers.

There are many valuable skills that can come from personal assistant work. Learning software used to manage schedules, communicating effectively with senior staff, and gaining general knowledge about the particular industry you work within can provide added value to your resume and may even introduce you to a field of work you hadn’t considered. This is also a great way to network. If you excel in this role, the executives you assist could become high-profile recommendations.

3. Blogger

View All Available Online Blogger Positions

If you are constantly reading the latest posts from your favorite online magazine and blogs, you may want to consider writing yourself. Blogging is an excellent way to earn extra money while improving your network and perfecting your writing skills. If you already have a strong voice, can adhere to deadlines, and are a pro at internet research, give blogging a try.

Look for freelance and part-time blogging jobs focused to your areas of expertise; this will help you build your personal brand. Digital content companies like Internet Brands constantly seek experts and hobbyists to write about their passions. Pay will depend on your experience, but may be issued per-word or per-project. After a few months of blogging, you’ll have a portfolio of work that showcases your skills and helps you stand out in future job pursuits.

Blogging also usually requires general social media skills and familiarity. Promoting your posts, engaging with readers, and elevating the visibility of your platform works for both you and your clients. It can also show future employers that you can be an influencer, helping to shape the conversation around their brands and products.

4. Customer Service Rep

View All Available Home-Based Customer Service Positions

One of the oldest and most stable job categories is customer service. No matter how our economy evolves, as long as we buy and sell products there will be a need for people to help support the customers. Even if you have never worked in customer service, you may have the needed skills to be a star performer. There are so many options when it comes to what kind of business, a method of support and working hours that it is likely you will find something that excites you. There are phone and chat options as well as more technical support roles that come under the umbrella of customer service. If you’ve worked in troubleshooting, have a background in finance or experience as a sales rep, your skills could land you a lucrative part-time gig in the customer service field.

Knowing how to approach and resolve customer issues is vital to most businesses. No matter what you go on to do in your career, these skills can help you to think critically about what your customers or clients need and how to quickly and efficiently respond. The fast-paced environment can prepare you to work well under pressure and to anticipate the unexpected.

5. Translator/Transcriptionist

View All Available Telework Translation Positions & Remote Transcriptionist Positions

As our world becomes increasingly global, connecting across language barriers has become crucial to business success. If you are bilingual, you have a great advantage in securing positions in international and multinational companies. Also, your skills could help land you a great part-time job. Translators are in high demand in a variety of industries.

Many companies need individuals who can take raw audio and translate and transcribe it for their use. Additionally, they may need English documents translated into other languages for their international markets. Although not all transcription jobs require translation, those that pay the best may require both skills. If you have the needed qualities you could benefit from high pay, as well as access to some outstanding companies.

Most positions will require you to have knowledge of industry tools such as a foot pedal, transcriptions and translation software and a particular typing speed. Check all requirements of the job before applying. However, some companies look to train newbies and form long-term relationships. This could be an excellent opportunity to break into a new field.

6. Quality Assurance Specialist

View All Available Remote Quality Assurance Positions

If you are a tech-savvy professional with a background in software development, or experience with A/B testing, you should look into remote quality assurance positions. These WAH side gigs offer you the opportunity to work with or lead teams looking to improve user experience, test new applications, and develop innovative ways of creating content for their businesses. Like many tech positions, they may not require a specific degree, as long as you have demonstrable skills.

While exploring full-time career options, working as a part-time quality assurance specialist could help elevate your management skills, provide you will excellent experience in new software, and prepare you to think critically about the customer-facing aspects of software development. Not to mention, high performers could also benefit from great recommendations or future full-time opportunities from fast-growing companies.

Explore Your Options While Searching for a Full-Time Job

There are many benefits to part-time, WAH side gigs—the most important being that you begin to widen your perspective. We must all constantly evolve to stay relevant. The skills you develop today could help you tremendously tomorrow, and not all of them will be developed in a full-time capacity.

Use WAH side gigs as training for your next breakthrough. You may be laser focused on your goals, but this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from some fresh ideas, new connections, and feeling of accomplishment that comes from contributing to a team. This could not only increase your income, but also improve your options by building confidence during a particularly long career transition. Explore WAH side gigs at Virtual Vocations, and you just might discover your newest passion.

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