Remote Jobs for Veterans: Top 10 Careers for Returning to Civilian Life

remote jobs for veterans

Transitioning from military service to civilian life presents unique obstacles that friends, family, and employers may not realize. One major challenge is gearing up for a new career and applying to civilian jobs. In this article, we provide guidance for military veterans looking for telecommute-friendly careers and outline 10 remote jobs for veterans that match their skills.

Remote Jobs for Veterans: Top 10 Careers for Returning to Civilian Life

Virtual Vocations would like to thank all military members and veterans for their service and dedication. Your commitment supports the cherished freedoms of individuals and families across the United States.

To show our appreciation, we offer some guidance on how to ease into a civilian telecommute career that aligns with your current knowledge, skills, and interests.

As you might imagine, civilian work environments operate differently than military units. For example, many companies promote collaborative communities that lack a strict hierarchy or chain of command. Such companies envision a more open, free-thinking space where employees feel less intimidated to speak up, innovate, and go against the grain. As such, communication may be more relaxed, and protocols may serve more as guidelines than strict rules.

Thus, transitioning to a civilian lifestyle and career can be a mentally taxing paradigm shift. Plus, you may feel like you have to start from rock bottom just to get your foot in the door or start building your resumé. However, you don’t necessarily have to settle for entry-level jobs or roles beneath your expertise.

The key is to analyze the skills you’ve earned through your years of service, assess your professional interests, and uncover the unique character traits that differentiate you from your peers.

Military Traits Remote Companies Crave

Military members exhibit traits and skills desirable to employers in every industry. Your task is to think about your experiences and label your actions and attributes according to common career terminology. Such qualities are often called “soft skills,” as they are more like personal characteristics and ways of thinking than technical abilities. For example, after serving in the military, you undoubtedly gained experience in the following:

  • Problem-solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Decision-making
  • Analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Stamina
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Training

Look at any remote job listing and you will find at least one of these characteristics in the job description. If you need help putting terms to your traits, use our telecommute job database and review descriptions and requirements across different job categories.

You will quickly find that all employers are after the same soft skills such as leadership and communication. In fact, the World Economic Forum released The Future of Jobs report in 2016 and named “futureproof skills,” such as logical reasoning, systems analysis, people management, and training, which employers in all industries increasingly seek.

Additionally, though it is not exactly a skill, there are a lot of remote jobs requiring a security clearance or the ability to successfully obtain one. Employers may be partial to candidates who already have clearance or military experience to simplify the hiring and onboarding process.

Transition Tip: suggests that you consider your speech during your job search and practice translating military jargon into corporate lingo. For example, information technology companies often use the term “sandbox” to describe a testing environment for new applications and software rather than a scorching desert.

Launching Your Job Search: 10 Remote Jobs for Veterans

Not sure where to begin? Here is a list of the top 10 telecommute job categories requiring technical and soft skills that military members typically exhibit. Use this list as an example of the types of jobs you may qualify for as well as a launching pad for your remote job search. If you’re interested in even more telecommute career categories, the Virtual Vocations job board features job postings from more than 40 industries.

Note: The median salaries listed are from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) May 2017 data and do not necessarily reflect initial wages for re-entry into civilian jobs. However, we present median salary information as a baseline for what to expect as you gain work experience and how to set reasonable income goals.

1. Business Operations

Remote business operations occupations involve researching, analyzing, refining, and developing efficient business processes that ultimately help companies increase profit and decrease costs. They seek to align high-level business objectives with daily work tasks to boost productivity, continuously improve, and reduce time, material, and monetary waste.

Key Skills: Planning, budgeting, analysis, efficiency, problem-solving, quality assurance, communication, leadership

Job Title Examples:

  • Telecommute Operations Research Analyst
  • Remote Business Analyst
  • Remote Operations Manager

Median Salary: $100,410 for operations managers; $81,390 for operations research analysts; and $66,390 for business analysts

Job Outlook Through 2026: 9% growth for operations managers; 27% growth for operations research analysts; and 9% growth for business operations specialists

View All Telecommute Business Operations Jobs at Virtual Vocations


2. Computer Systems

Virtual computer systems professionals include administrators, architects, analysts, consultants, and quality assurance specialists. They help companies install, upgrade, and manage their information technology infrastructure, including networks, hardware, software, and cloud-based systems.

Key Skills: Information technology, programming, decision-making, analysis, communication, problem-solving, innovation

Job Title Examples:

  • Telecommute Computer System Network Engineer
  • Remote System Performance Architect
  • Virtual Systems Analyst

Median Salary: $88,270 for computer systems analysts; $84,580 for all computer and information technology occupations

Job Outlook Through 2026: 9% growth for computer systems analysts; 13% growth for all computer and information technology occupations

View All Telecommute Systems Jobs at Virtual Vocations


3. Engineering

Engineers in all specialties can find telecommute roles where they validate plans according to requirements, analyze systems and components, design and develop products and systems, and provide technical support and training. Many telecommute engineering positions require some field travel, but work tasks that do not require on-site assessments or presentations can be performed remotely.

Key Skills: Critical thinking, problem-solving, logic, innovation, communication, organization, attention to detail

Job Title Examples:

  • Telecommute Circuit Engineer
  • Remote Civil Engineer
  • Remote Sensor and Safety Integration Engineer

Median Salary: $79,180

Job Outlook Through 2026: 7% growth

View All Telecommute Engineering Jobs at Virtual Vocations


4. Financial Advising

Remote financial advisors provide individuals and organizational leaders insight into cash flow, budgeting, planning, investing, risk, and financial management. They analyze financial data, review current market trends and rates, and make predictions and recommendations based on their clients’ goals, income, and risk tolerance.

Key Skills: Compliance, data analysis, mathematics, accounting, communication, education, risk management, forecasting

Job Title Examples:

  • Remote Financial Services Consultant
  • Virtual Financial Coach
  • Telecommute Personal Financial Advisor

Median Salary: $90,640 for personal financial advisors

Job Outlook Through 2026: 15% growth for personal financial advisors

View All Telecommute Financial Jobs at Virtual Vocations


5. Information Security

Telecommute information security professionals protect data, websites, servers, networks, and other information assets from unauthorized access, theft, and exploitation. They monitor company information systems for breaches, hacks, phishing attempts, and vulnerabilities. They also respond to security threats and coordinate with other teams to prevent risk, restore business operations, and educate employees.

Key Skills: Critical thinking, risk analysis, attention to detail, information systems, decision-making, monitoring

Job Title Examples:

  • Remote Information Security Program Manager
  • Telecommute Information Security Engineer
  • Telecommute Incident Response Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $95,510 for information security analysts

Job Outlook Through 2026: 28% growth for information security analysts

View All Telecommute Information Security Jobs at Virtual Vocations


6. Management

Remote managers lead teams and departments to execute a company’s mission and business objectives. Most companies have three management tiers:

  • First-level managers who directly oversee employee duties and ensure that team members complete their daily and weekly quotas.
  • Mid-level managers who lead departments, coordinate with other department heads, and oversee lower-level managers
  • Top-level managers who provide direction and high-level strategy for the entire organization and serve as public representatives for the company

As you move up the ranks, you typically receive a pay raise, provide higher level strategy and decision-making, and serve as a leader and visionary for the organization. When it comes to remote jobs for veterans, it is difficult to top the longevity of telecommute management careers.

Key Skills: Leadership, communication, strategy, budgeting, performance monitoring, goal setting, problem-solving

Job Title Examples:

  • Remote Big Data Team Manager
  • Telecommute Senior Manager Training Director
  • Remote Marketing Vice President

Median Salary: $102,590 for all management occupations

Job Outlook Through 2026: 8% growth for all management occupations

View All Telecommute Management Jobs at Virtual Vocations


7. Nursing

Telecommute registered nurses can find a range of remote careers that keep their medical knowledge and skills sharp while caring for patients in the comfort of their own homes. Some remote RNs travel to patient homes, clinics, and hospitals throughout the week while others perform telemedical and case management services. The flexibility of the nursing career path makes it a good source of remote jobs for veterans.

Key Skills: Compliance, communication, emergency response, coordination, reporting, composure, accuracy, analysis, critical thinking

Job Title Examples:

  • Remote Registered Nurse Care Coordinator
  • Telecommute Intake Specialist
  • Virtual Telephonic Nurse Case Manager

Median Salary: $70,000

Job Outlook Through 2026: 15% growth

View All Telecommute Nursing Jobs at Virtual Vocations


8. Project Management

Project management differs from other types of management occupations in that projects last for defined periods, where other management roles require on-going commitment. Remote project managers plan, budget, organize, lead, execute, and close projects within a given set of constraints, resources, and timeframe. Some project managers move up to program management in which they oversee a collection of projects and teams.

Key Skills: Adaptability, organization, leadership, budgeting, communication, coordination, reporting, time management

Job Title Examples:

  • Telecommute Project Manager
  • Remote Project Manager
  • Remote Program Manager

Median Salary: $72,011

Job Outlook Through 2026: 2.2 million new jobs annually worldwide

View All Telecommute Project Management Jobs at Virtual Vocations


9. Sales Engineering

Telecommute sales engineers are sales representatives who have extensive technical knowledge of the products and services they distribute. Whether they work in information technology, engineering, energy, aviation, or transportation, they understand and can communicate technical specifications, help clients find solutions to their problems, and recommend improvements or upgrades.

Key Skills: Technical expertise, communication, presentation, problem-solving, organization, relationship-building, networking, responsiveness

Job Title Examples:

  • Telecommute Technology Sales Engineer
  • Remote Industrial Materials Sales Engineer
  • Telecommute Aerospace Sales Engineer

Median Salary: $98,720

Job Outlook Through 2026: 7% growth

View All Telecommute Sales Engineer Jobs at Virtual Vocations


10. Software Development

Virtual software developers create system and application software for devices and cloud-based environments. They work on teams with other developers, engineers, managers, and analysts to gather requirements, expectations, plan and budget projects, test and debug issues, and manages releases.

Key Skills: Programming, information security, communication, problem-solving, attention to detail, troubleshooting, teamwork

Job Title Examples:

  • Telecommute Software Developer
  • Telecommute Security Software Developer
  • Remote Software Applications Developer

Median Salary: $103,560

Job Outlook Through 2026: 24% growth

View All Telecommute Software Developer Jobs at Virtual Vocations


Need Backup During Your Telecommute Job Search?

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For inspiration and additional telecommute job search help as you look for remote jobs for veterans, read through our blog posts and check out our telecommute video tips. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime! The Virtual Vocations team genuinely wants you to succeed, so please keep in touch and reach out whenever you need extra support.


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