The Truth About Fake Job References

Fake job reference services are whispered about like dastardly professional parables. They breed suspicion in the minds of hiring managers and they cause job-seekers to question their veracity. Come with us on an investigation of the industry of fake job referencing as we explore the dangers of a service that does a disservice to the work world.

Do Fake Job Reference Services Actually Exist?

This service is no urban legend, folks. Although we cannot confirm the existence of Bloody Mary’s appearance in a mirror, we can attest to the reality of fake job reference services. Websites like Career Excuse, The Reference Store, and Fake Job References have provided their customers with fabricated employee references for years. In the case of Career Excuse, the service has been in operation since 2009.

How Do Fake Job Reference Services Work?

There’s embellishing a resume with the aid of a thesaurus, having a friend with writing talent help, and hiring a professional resume writing service, and then there’s falsifying your references and employment history via a fake reference generator. For a fee, which can include a one-time payment or a monthly subscription, a fake reference service will contrive employer information, including dates of employment, work duties, compensation history, and a reason for termination. Career Excuse will even draft a fake employer website for your hiring manager to peruse.

If your would-be employer would like to make a phone call to verify your references, the fake service will provide you with an equally faux phone number to give to your employer, who will then be routed to an agent that will further delve into your lie-laced employment history. These services are so confident in their ability to trick your employer that most will refund your money if you do not receive a job offer. Too bad this money back guarantee can’t return your integrity.

Why Would Someone Use a Fake Job Reference Service?

Take for example the tagline of the Fake Job References website, “Why let the past deny your future?” Job-seekerswho have been fired or forced out of a job for unfavorable reasons hire a fake job reference service to improve their employment track record by covering up occurrences that may make them less hirable. In tough economic times, candidates will less than extensive employment histories may consult with a fake job reference service to beef up their resume in order to give them the work experience of a more preferable employee.

What are the Dangers of Using a Fake Resume Service?

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Everyone, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.” Use the services of fake reference providers and you will feast sooner than you had anticipated. If your newly acquired employer discovers that you have deceived him with a falsified employment record, you could experience any of these damaging outcomes.

Loss of employment. Sure, this danger may be brought to you by Captain Obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less detrimental to your pocketbook or professionalism.

Impaired professional reputation. Speaking of professionalism – you know, that thing that can no longer be attributed to you – falsifying your references will remove all positive connection to professionalism. Using the services of a fake reference company is to your work reputation what an iceberg was to the Titanic.

Legal ramifications. If losing your job and potentially causing irreversible damage to your professional reputation aren’t enough to dissuade you from using the services of a fake reference provider, consider the illegality. Though disclaimers on the websites of these companies often state that their services are legal, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, Pennsylvania attorney Jonathan Segal isn’t as sure. Segal states that there are numerous legal precedents in which businesses have been held to account for knowingly providing fraudulent professional references for past employees. Do you want to be associated with a practice that could be considered a tort?

In what circumstances would you consider using a fake job reference service to help you get hired?

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