Juggling Work from Home Second Jobs

Financial uncertainty is one of the biggest problems facing Americans today. Brought on by the pandemic, many positions are on shaky ground with layoffs, furloughs, reorganizations, and bankruptcies happening every day. As a result, financial stability has never been so important. Whether you’re paying down debt, saving for emergencies, or completing home renovations, work from home second jobs are an excellent way to get ahead.

Unfortunately, just because you decide to take on another job, it doesn’t mean you found more time in your day. For most, time needs to get carved out of an already busy schedule. One way to minimize the disruption is to look for work from home second jobs. This works even better if you are working two remote jobs!

Before You Search – Do Some Planning!

If you have decided to get a work from home second job, do your homework. Take a careful look at your current situation to make sure you can integrate another job without driving yourself crazy. Working two remote jobs is not for the faint of heart. Choosing the right job, working the right hours, and scheduling ahead are key to smoothly integrating your new job into your current lifestyle.

  1. Decide how many hours you can work. Think of this as total work hours or additional work hours to dedicate to the second remote job. Most people can allocate somewhere between four and 15 hours depending on the nature of their primary employment. So, if you’re already working 40+ hours at a stressful job, don’t try to allocate another 15 for a part-time job.
  2. Identify your optimal work hours and days. Go over your current responsibilities and determine when and where you can squeeze in time for your second job. While a second remote job doesn’t create more hours in the day, they do have the advantage of allowing you to sneak in an hour of work here or there.
  3. Make sure to allow time for self-care activities. Don’t sacrifice all of the time you currently use for the things you love. If daily nature walks, a weekly happy hour, or regular spa appointments keep you fueled, keep these activities scheduled. If you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, you will not have the motivation or energy for additional work.
  4. Plan out a draft schedule. Before you proceed, input your proposed schedule into your calendar app or draw it on paper to get a visual. Make sure there are no accidental double-bookings or conflicts. Also, ensure you are blocking off enough time for rest and self-care activities.

Types of Second Jobs

Now that you have done some research, you probably have a better idea of the parameters you are dealing with. Use this information to guide you when considering the type of second job that will work best for you. Everyone’s situation is different, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Targeting the type of work that fits you and your unique circumstances will pay off in the long run. Below are a few different categories of second jobs to explore.

Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

This category refers to part time positions for an established company where you are considered an employee. You know you’re an employee when payroll taxes are taken out of your paycheck and you get a W2 as your annual tax document. Technically, a job is part-time when it is less than 30 hours per week. Although similar to full-time employment, these positions rarely include benefits or bonuses. A few examples of popular part-time work from home jobs include:

  • Customer Service Representative. If you enjoy helping people, then a part-time position in customer service might be perfect for you. While many are telephone-based, you can also find email and chat-based positions as well.
  • Online Tutor or Teacher. These jobs offer a great way to pass on your hard-earned knowledge. Delivered primarily via video conferencing software, part-time positions here can range from teaching English as a second language to helping kids with their science homework.
  • Social Media Manager. If you’re already on social media for hours a day, this is a great way to make your hobby pay. Due to the mobile nature of social media platforms, this is a job that can be done anywhere with a smartphone.
  • Telemedicine Services. If you are a medical service provider, the advances in telemedicine have opened a whole new world of part-time employment. These jobs are great for physicians, psychologists, and nurses, and there are also many opportunities for speech-language pathologists as well.

Side Hustles

While all second jobs are side hustles, not all side hustles are second jobs. This category of work from home second jobs includes entrepreneurial opportunities made available through advances in technology. These jobs will not offer the stability and security of part-time employment, but it does encourage creativity and a way to pursue your passion. While the sky is literally the limit with side hustles, below are a few popular examples:

  • Sell Your Own Products. If you are a crafty sort, there are opportunities to sell products you make yourself online. Platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and Handmade by Amazon make setting up an online shop easy and relatively inexpensive.
  • Dropshipping. An online business that sells products without stocking the items. Purchases made by customers are ordered from a third party and shipped directly to the customer. This means no up-front investment in inventory is necessary. If you can identify a product and set up a simple website, you can be in business.
  • Establish a Blog. A tried and true method for entrepreneurs following their passion to make money online is with a blog. If “traditional” blog formats don’t appeal, other platforms focus on photos and videos including Instagram and YouTube.

Independent Contracts

This type of work from home second job is similar to a part-time job in that you have an ongoing relationship with your employer. However, it is different in that you are not considered an employee and will have no tax withholding on payments made to you. In addition, contractors have more flexibility regarding when and how long they work. While there is significant overlap with part-time positions, there are a few jobs particularly well suited to independent contractors.

  • Writer. Many companies and publications have ongoing requirements for written copy, whether it’s blog content, resumes, or website copy. The variety of writing positions available is practically endless and a great way to leverage your skills and knowledge to make some extra money.
  • Bookkeeper. A common task outsourced by many businesses are the monthly accounting tasks. This creates a wonderful opportunity for those with experience in this area to pick up an ongoing contract with a small business. Contracts are also available with larger companies during busy periods such as tax season.
  • Delivery/Ride Share Services. While not completed entirely at home, these independent contractor positions allow you to pick up and schedule jobs from the convenience of home using your smart phone. Obviously the most popular in this area include Uber, Lyft, and Postmates, among others.


Freelancers are a subset of independent contractors. Services provided are usually via contract or direct purchase, leaving the freelancer responsible for taxes. The difference is that freelancers tend to work with many clients and the projects tend to be short-term. While some focus on providing business services, many sell their services directly to the public as well.

It should be noted that freelancing may require a significant investment of time and resources to secure a steady stream of viable clients. To help you sell your services, multiple apps have sprung up to help entrepreneurs find clients in nearly every digital industry.

Top Work from Home Second Jobs for Specific Circumstances

Sometimes special circumstances require you to closely target your job options. Whether you are constrained due to your primary job, childcare responsibilities, or suffocating debt, you can still find options to make that extra money.

Best Evening Second Jobs

If the hours spent on your remote second job are limited to evenings and late nights, you can optimize that money-making time. A job requiring you to communicate with individuals in a different time zone is a good place to start. Another option is a position involving a personal business that customers prefer to conduct in the evening such as calls to utilities, insurance companies, and financial services firms. Examples can include:

Best Second Jobs to Pay Off Debt

If your primary concern is paying off debt, you have a lot of freedom regarding your choice of second work from home jobs. Seasonal, contract, and temporary positions are all viable options for extra cash to reduce your loan or credit card balances. A few examples include:

  • Tax preparation services during tax season
  • Customer service during the holiday season
  • Driving for Uber or Lyft on major holidays such as New Year’s Eve

Best Second Jobs for a Single Mom

Being a single parent and holding down a full time job is a challenge. Adding a second job can make things really difficult. This is especially true if your children are young. If you’re in this position, don’t despair! There are plenty of work from home second jobs that provide maximum flexibility along with a paycheck. The positions below allow you work whenever works best for you:

Tips for Staying Sane When Juggling Two Jobs

Regardless of how organized you are or how mentally and physically prepared, adding a second job will impact your lifestyle. How well you adapt and cope with the changes will determine your ability to work the additional hours over time. Below are some simple strategies to help keep you feeling positive and happy:

  • Wake up earlier/stay up later. The extra time must come from somewhere. One of the simplest ways to carve out extra time is to add an hour or two before or after your normal daily activities.
  • Prioritize what’s most important. Don’t forget what’s important and make sure your scheduling decisions reflect your priorities, especially over the longer term.
  • Ditch the unnecessary. Be honest about the activities and relationships that add value to your life. Pare down, at least in the short term, to avoid overstressing your schedule.
  • Don’t ditch the self-care. Taking care of yourself needs to be a top priority when you are working two jobs. If you get worn down and sick, you won’t be able to do either job.
  • Plan ahead. It’s easier to make time for activities and events when you plan well in advance. Making arrangements to accommodate priorities means you don’t stress, and you don’t miss out.
  • Implement quick fixes. Sometimes you can’t have it all and incorporating a few shortcuts can be a real lifesaver. These can include meal delivery service, house cleaning, and hiring a part-time babysitter.

Remember Your Goals

Above all, don’t forget why you’re working two jobs. There was a good reason you started this that probably had something to do with paying off debt or saving for your future. When you get discouraged, visualize where you are going and how you will feel when you get there. Take these good feelings with you to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

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